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11/8/13- Kim Kardashian's Instagram Photo Causes a Wave of Illuminati Rumors  
You'd have to be born yesterday if you are Kim Kardashian, and do not know what the Illuminati is...especially when the man you plan on marrying is rumored to belong to the secret society. Kanye West has been denying the rumors for many years now, and Kardashian honestly thinks people will believe that she has no clue whatsoever that it exists or what it is. That was the response that the reality star gave when people started to press her on the meaning behind a very Illuminati-related photo that she recently posted on her Instagram account.
10/20/13- Stenographer Removed from House Floor After Rant About Freemasons and Mocking God  
Perhaps it was the mounting tension associated with the recent government shutdown, but for some reason, something set off a stenographer this past week that led to her rant that involved God and talk of the Freemasons. A spokesman for the Capitol Police reported that the woman was interviewed, and then taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. The outburst simply calls attention to the views of some who are frustrated with and believe that certain influential secret societies are pulling the strings of the government. For some, the stenographer highlighted a few things that others are often afraid to say.
10/10/13- Addressing the Evils of the Music Industry, Music Artists Attempt the Re-Education of Miley Cyrus  
Miley Cyrus continues to be a hot topic of discussion, and has been on a media blitz taking the entertainment world by storm. First, she gave a controversial, whirlwind of a performance at the last MTV Music Awards. Next, she released yet another risqué music video. Most recently, she appeared and drew in high ratings on Saturday Night Live as both the musical guest and host. Depending on who you talk to, Cyrus is either a marketing genius, or just another sad case of a young girl whose become a mind-numbing pawn or 'puppet' of the music industry.
2/23/13- This Month, Anti-Drone Legislation is Spreading like Wildfire  
February has been a pretty busy month for anti-drone legislation, as a handful of cities and states have seen an increase in bills, resolutions and movements against drone technology and aircrafts. It's a clash between those who believe drones violate the public's privacy and those who believe drones increase the public's safety. With the capability to police the masses from high above, approaching an acceptable middle ground could prove quite difficult.
1/21/13- Disney World Moving Full Steam Ahead with RFID Tracking Bracelets  
One of the aspects of New World Order theories is that mass surveillance and the abuse of this surveillance will play an important role in the future of our society. RFID tagging is one of the concepts that have appeared in different modes of tracking the public, and this same technology is now a part of the Walt Disney World experience. The ultra-popular theme park has decided to outfit visitors with RFID tracking bracelets as part of their NextGen initiative referred to as MyMagic+. The bracelets, dubbed 'MagicBands' are meant to help the park implement a plan involving ticketless park entry, ticketless FASTPASS, and touch-to-pay purchases.
11/5/12- Millitary Hurricane Relief Workers BOOTED - Victoria Secret Show and Bieber More Important!  
Hurricane helpers from the military are being BOOTED from sleeping at Manhattan’s Lexington Armory so Victoria Secret can have their Runway Show Featuring Justin Bieber and Rihanna. Instead of lending their generators to the FREEZING Victims of Sandy- The decision to power Victoria Secrets Show TRUMPED The Lives Of NY Citizens!
11/2/12- Worldwide Illuminati Network NOT Real Illuminati- Exposed  
A sub-par website recently popped up with it's Halloween debut press release claiming they are launching a Worldwide New-Age Pagan Network featuring 24 hour Internet TV and radio broadcasts with children programming etc. They even went as far as registering their company as "Illuminati Network LLC" to make them sound official. Some Youtubers along with many non-educated sites are running around blowing the horn, claiming that the "ILLUMINATI" is going public with it's New-Age agenda.. EXPOSED
10/5/12- Scientists Discover A Bacteria That Turns Toxins Into 24-Karat Gold!  
Scientists have discovered a type of bacteria that can turn certain toxic chemicals into 24 karat gold! This is not a dream. But before you start looking for these bacteria to make yourself filthy rich, understand that the process is very time consuming and the bacteria only produce gold flakes, not heavy gold bars. But either way, this is quite fascinating.
10/3/12- Geologists Spend $1 Billion To Reach The Earth's Mantle  
If you seen the movie "The Core" then you remember the epic journey that geologists undertook to reach the earth's core to save the planet. Well this is like the that story except it's real and it's only to the mantle. Geologists hope to discover not only information on how our planet works but also hope to discover information to predict future planetary changes. Hopefully this trip is more educational than apocalyptic.
10/3/12- NASA Wants To Channel Pink Floyd And Go To The Dark Side Of The Moon  
NASA plans to expand its space exploration program to the dark side of the moon reports indicate. Well minus the Pink Floyd reference, NASA is so serious about this endeavor, that they hope to begin construction on the monumental space station on the moon by 2019. On the moon, they plan to build radio telescopes that will be able to hear and see farther than any other telescope in history. Perhaps this space station might discover what Pink Floyd's epic album discovered: our imaginations.
10/1/12- Approaching Comet Set To Outshine The Moon Next Year  
A newly discovered comet is set to come so close to the Earth that scientists believe that it will outshine the moon by the end of next year. While the comet doesn't have a trajectory that have it slamming into the earth, most people will still feel uneasy with the comet coming so close. And if history has shown us, every astrological event will have some people acting stranger than usual. But either way, next year will definitely be a sight for sore eyes.
9/13/12- Ancient Egyptian Amulet Found in Israeli City  
In the ancient city of Jaffa, which is located in Tel Aviv, an Egyptian scarab amulet bearing the cartouche of Amenhotep III has been uncovered. Scarabs were a common symbol during ancient Egyptian times that represented the journey of the sun across the sky, as well as the cycle of life. In this article, you will learn more about this discovery, as well as more on the infamous ruler of ancient Egypt.
9/13/12- Archeology Highlights of September 2012  
In northeastern Vietnam, five hoes made out of stone have been discovered. The Neolithic tools are estimated to date back 4,000 years – constructed out of local stone that had been polished and most likely fitted with wooden handles. In this article, you will learn more about this find, as well as other archeology news that has appeared in September 2012 headlines.
8/18/12- August Headlines – Interesting Discoveries  
The world is filled with creatures that have yet to be discovered. Every year, something new (whether it is a unique insect, fish or rodent) is discovered. In this article, you will learn about some of the interesting discoveries that have been found and reported n August 2012, such as a snake with a rather impressive size.
8/2/12- Welcome to Clive Palmer's Jurassic Park!  
Billionaire Clive Palmer has had some wild ideas. First, hes building the Titanic II and now he's going to clone dinosaurs. Need a travel destination for 2014?
7/24/12- Thousand-Year Old Discoveries in July 2012  
This month, archeologists have uncovered burnt wheat that dates back 3,300 years – found in large jars situated at the excavation sites of the Tel Hatzor National Park in the Upper Galilee. In this article, you will learn more about the ancient discoveries that date back thousands of years ago and are connected to Jerusalem or the Jewish people.
7/14/12- Archeology Headlines – July 2012  
From the discovery of ancient Bulgarian religious archeology to temple artifacts found in Italy, the following headlines in this article have hit the headlines in the news for July 2012.
7/11/12- New Moon Found Around Pluto  
Today, scientists announced that a new moon around Pluto has been discovered – increasing the count of the dwarf planet's known satellites to five. The discovery was made after researchers spotted the moon using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which was responsible for identifying three other satellites of Pluto (the P4, Nix, and Hydra). In this article, you will learn more about the discovery and information regarding the new moon.
7/7/12- 7/6/12 Drake Video Interview: "No Green Light," But UFOs On Several Fronts  
I had an opportunity to speak with the enigmatic Drake (his last name may vary) on Independence Day; a date which he said would be a new Independence Day for the entire world once the military began performing "Mass Arrests" of bankers and politicians who have been doing their best to enclave the world. When those arrests didn't happen as predicted, I asked him why.
6/26/12- Workers Uncover Ancient Road in Greece  
While working in the second-largest city in Greece, a crew building a new subway system uncovered a gem for archeologists to explore. A section of ancient road constructed by the Romans has been revealed during the construction work. Measuring 70 meters or 230 feet long, it offers a glimpse at the main hub of travel that the city used about 2,000 years ago. In this article, you will learn more about this recent discovery.
6/25/12- Interesting June 2012 Headlines  
One will never know what happened to a 16th century hairpin once belonging to French Queen Catherine de Medici. In this article, you will learn more about the hairpin and other interesting headlines to hit the new in June of 2012.
6/9/12- Interesting News Headlines – June 2012  
From spotting unexplainable objects in the sky to uncovering artifacts from the past, the headlines hitting the news in the early part of June 2012 touch upon discoveries in the Middle East, China, and southern Iran.
5/22/12- A Surprise – Ancient Jewelry Found in Israel  
You never know what surprises the ancient world will throw at you when you're an archeologist or researcher studying the past. Who would have thought that cleaning a ceramic vessel excavated from a Canaanite residential area in Israel would produce a treasure trove of jewelry? Wrapped in textiles, researchers happened upon a collection of ring, earrings, and beads made from carnelian. In this article, you will learn more about the recent discovery.
4/27/12- Archeology Headlines April 2012  
In April of 2012, there have been an array of headlines related to archeology finds and discoveries. In this article, you will learn more about recent discoveries in 2012, such as a shipwreck dating back to the 3rd century to the discovery of the oldest known animal mounds.
4/14/12- David Wilcock - Liens Filed Against ALL Federal Reserve Banks!  
Apparently liens have been filed against the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. Last Night David Wilcocks Site "Divine Cosmos" published their latest piece- Basically telling us the process is under way and that critical steps that need to be completed before the arrests are being completed.
4/3/12- Well-Preserved Frozen Young Mammoth Found  
Underneath the ice in Siberia, the well-preserved remains of a young mammoth were awaiting to be discovered. Researchers believe that he had been killed by lions, but was then butchered by humans at least 10,000 years ago. In this article, you will learn more about this discovery and why it is so important to scientists.
3/31/12- Rare Wooden Statue of Pharaoh Found  
Last summer, a rare wooden statue of a pharaoh was uncovered in Abydos. It is believed to represent Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh that did not leave behind many depictions. Her successor destroyed or defaced a great deal of representations of the ruler. In this article, you will learn more about this discovery and what it means to the archeologists who found it.
3/30/12- Technology Advancements for Archeologists – March 2012  
From ancient remains to lost cities filled with old architecture, advancements in technology allow scientists and archeologists to study their subjects more efficiently. In this article, you will learn more about CT scanners and light detection technology, which has been used in recent archeology projects.
2/18/12- The Rebirth of a 30,000 Year Old Flower  
Thanks to a squirrel from the Ice Age, researchers have uncovered a stash of fruit and seeds in his burrow that contained a puzzle piece to the past. An exciting recent headline has revealed that it is possible to coming close to bringing back to life natural items that lived thousands of years ago. In this article, you will learn more about how scientists recreated a flower that existed more than 30,000 years ago.
11/15/11- Ancient Rock Art in Egypt  
The advancements in technology have allowed archeologists to uncover hidden jewels of information that would have never seen the light of day otherwise. From ancient artifacts to physical records of history, researchers are constantly learning more about the humans that lived in the past. In this article, you will encounter some of the latest discoveries that have been taking place in Egypt.
10/21/11- Archeology News – October 2011  
In October of 2011, archeologists in different parts of the world have announced the discovery of ancient burial sites. This article highlights the recent finds of a Lycian tomb complex and a Viking burial site.
8/5/11- Spacecraft Launched to Explore Jupiter  
In an attempt to keep an eye on Jupiter, NASA has launched a robotic explorer named Juno pm a five-year mission. The robot spacecraft is powered by the sun and will travel 1.7 billion miles to the most massive and ancient planet in the Solar System. In this article, you will learn more about the spacecraft and the intentions of NASA.
7/20/11- Archeology News in July 2011  
After staying hidden for 2,000 years, a tiny golden bell was uncovered from an ancient sewer located beneath the Old City of Jerusalem. In this article, you will also learn about new theories emerging about ancient Egyptian weapons.
6/23/11- Archeology Headlines of June 2011  
With the help of a tiny camera, archeologists hope to learn more about an inaccessible ancient Mayan tomb discovered in 1999. In this article, you will find out the details regarding the tomb, a rare shipwreck, and exciting Thracian discoveries.
6/23/11- Interesting Headlines of May/June 2011  
From bringing back lost space memorabilia to unlocking the mysteries of early man, plenty of headlines have hit the news. In this article, you will learn information that has appeared in May and June of 2011 – about space history and ancient fossils regarding humans.
6/4/11- Completed Translation of Ancient World Dictionary  
It took 90 years, but the completion of an ancient world dictionary has finally taken place. What started with a small assembly of scholars and a few index cards has morphed into a lifelong project that originated in 1921 at the University of Chicago. In this article, you will learn what happened during that time to achieve the final product and what was learned along the way.
6/4/11- Ancient Fish Tank in Roman Shipwreck?  
Archeologists are constantly uncovering artifacts and clues to ancient life that is surprising. Recently, an investigation of an ancient Roman shipwreck has revealed that it may have been outfitted with an unexpected feature. In this article, you will learn what it is and what scientists think about it.
5/27/11- Robot Explores the Ancient Pyramids  
Robotics has certainly come a long way – allowing researchers and archeologists to unlock greater mysteries they never thought possible. This is proven in the recent attempts to explore the contents behind a pharaonic mausoleum that dates back 4,500 years. A robot explorer has been sent through the Great Pyramid of Giza and the first images transmitted back contain impressive details about the ancient Egyptian past.
5/20/11- Archeology News: May 2011  
Thanks to a lot of rain, an aboriginal burial site has been uncovered earlier this year, and the site looks to date back more than 25,000 years ago. In this article, you will learn more about this headline and another tidbit of news, such as the oldest mine in America that has gained attention in May 2011.
4/26/11- Ancient Remains in Iowa  
It's not every day that ancient remains emerge in the United States, but in January 2011, sewer construction workers made a rare discovery in Des Moines, Iowa. A human body from the past was uncovered and archeologists believe that the remains could date as far back as 7,000 years. In this article, you will learn more about the findings.
4/14/11- Archeology News 2011 – Ancient Tomb Excavations  
Ancient tomb excavations take place all over the world – offering a glimpse into the past. Archeologists are able to learn a great deal from the tomb goodies and preserved bodies left behind by royalty, warriors, and ancient people. In this article, you will learn about the recent findings in China and Vietnam.
3/31/11- Ancient Tablet Found in Greece  
This March, a new study has revealed that the oldest-known decipherable text in Europe has been found in Greece. The way the 3,500-year-old clay tablet was discovered is discussed in this article, as well as the significance of such a find.
3/12/11- Theft of Ancient Artifacts  
Ancient artifacts are fascinating objects that not unlock clues to the past, but are also quite valuable on the open market. Archeologists come in contact with many different specimens and are trusted to preserve and catalog. However, earlier this month, a professor has admitted to giving in to the temptation of stealing artifacts from New Mexico. In this article, you will learn about the objects in question and what may happen as a result.
3/5/11- Archeology Finds of March 2011  
Discoveries of the past are made every month – spanning across the globe. Some artifacts date back thousands upon thousands of years, while other shed light on a particular century as it pertains to a specific culture. In this article, you will encounter interesting archeology finds that have been reported in March of 2011 that involve artifacts associated with the United States and Japan.
2/27/11- February 2011 Archeology Headlines  
From ancient Greek archeological sites to more clues that unlock the mysteries of early humans, the month of February in 2011 was full of interesting headlines to hit the news. In this article, you will also encounter information regarding thousand-year monuments and historically appealing gravesite goods.
1/31/11- Mexican Archaeologists Reveal Information on Sarcophagus  
It has been more than 1,300 years since the mortal remains of Mayan ruler K’inich Janaab’ Pakal was placed into a crypt at the Temple of the Inscriptions. His final resting place of the ancient city of Palenque has been studied by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), which has recently concluded the proper placement of a stone slab that covers the sarcophagus.
1/23/11- Archeology Headlines of January 2011  
In 2010, researchers have been busy in the Aegean region of Turkey where hundreds of gold artifacts have been found in 16 different excavations. The majority of the pieces were sent to the Izmir Archaeology Museum, and offered a good glimpse at the social and economic life of ancient inhabitants. In this article, you will also learn more archeology headlines that have been in the recent news.
12/31/10- Investigating a Forest of Legend  
The New Year will hopefully offer new information regarding what is known as Sherwood Forest's 'Thing' – an ancient monument that archeologists believe is closer to being better understood. In this article, you will learn what the site means in cultural history and what archeologists hope to learn.
12/27/10- Interesting Headlines in the News: December 2010  
When tracing the history of man, archeologists are constantly searching for the earliest evidence connected to modern man. This month, Israeli archaeologists revealed that they have come upon the latest in proof concerning the issue. It was also revealed that a new species of dinosaur has been found in South Korea.
11/29/10- Dinosaurs in the News 2 – November 2010  
The most infamous of tyrannosaurus rex specimens is nicknamed Sue because she represents the closest thing to a complete skeleton. However, recent headlines in the news have placed Sue in the middle of a legal battle over intellectual property. In this article, you will learn why this special dinosaur is in the news, as well as find information on a new prehistoric crocodile species.

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