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2010: Looking for a Scream Park or Haunted Hayride?
Posted In: Other Exciting News  10/15/10
By: Yona Williams

Halloween is in less than three weeks and this is the season when a multitude of haunted houses and other frightening events start to appear. If you're looking for scream parks and haunted hayrides in the United States to experience in 2010, try considering some of the events mentioned in this article.

What is a Scream Park?

When you want the most bang for your buck on Halloween, it's in your best interest to seek out a scream park. This type of haunted attraction generally offers a collection of outdoor haunts. Usually, there is one large outdoor location, but there could be a combination of different events and activities, such as haunted hayrides, sideshows, scary trails, corn mazes, and haunted midways. It's common for a scream park to offer a low price for more than one horror attraction.

Some of the best scream parks and haunted events in the United States include:

North Carolina – Spookywoods

In High Point, North Carolina, you will find Spookywoods – a Halloween event that claims to be the largest in the state. With more than 130 live monsters, goblins, zombies, ghouls, and other elaborate animations, it's been rated one of the best by raters, such as Forbes magazine. Spookywoods also has high-tech special effects and other attractions to keep adults and kids entertained throughout the night.

From the Halloween Zip Line Tour to the Buried Alive Simulator, it's not wonder that Spookywoods is a popular haunted stop during the Halloween season. When visiting this haunted extravaganza, it is suggested to car pool. Parking for each car is $5. Admission costs are $25 (Friday and Saturday) and $19(Thursday and Sunday). Group tickets are $17 each. Zip line tours are from $49 to $89.

Cleveland, Ohio – 7 Floors of Hell

Instead of having just one haunted house to scare you, visitors get to enjoy up to seven. Constantly changing, the 7 Floors of Hell is available for a frightening good time from Thursday to Sunday. The Blood Barn is a new attraction for 2010 and is described as involving a farm with an evil virus. Some of the bloodiest and goriest scenes are promised with this attraction. Another all-new attraction for this year is the Gas Chamber. Other sights to see at 7 Floors of Hell include House of Nightmares, Camp Nightmare, and Mental Ward. For $20, you can enjoy three haunts, while $23 gets you into all seven. There is also a speed pass available for $30, which transports you to the front of the line with no waiting.

St Louis, Missouri – Creepyworld and Other Attractions.

In Soulard, you will find The Darkness haunted house where new renovations will offer a revamped season of scares. New scenes have also been added to Creepyworld. One of the attractions to look forward to is Priscilla Dawson, who will surely send you to bed with nightmares. Prepare for a night filled with other monsters. Another attraction in St. Louis to keep in mind is the Lemp Brewery Haunted House. Tickets for all three events cost from $15 to $20 for children and adult admission. Speed passes for $30 are also available if you don’t want to wait in line.


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