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Dinosaurs in the News 1 – November 2010
Posted In: Other Exciting News  11/29/10
By: Yona Williams

Dinosaurs have always been a source of intrigue for humans, who are constantly in search of more clues that unlock the behavior of these prehistoric beasts. In this article, you will learn about some of the most recent finds that have been revealed to the public in the news in November of 2010.

Fossilized Dinosaur Egg Exhibit

There is a dinosaur-related exhibit taking place in Ohio that is making its world premiere. The main attraction of the display is a fossilized nest of dino eggs left behind by an unknown species. The Cincinnati Museum Center is honored to host the exhibit, which will provide a glimpse at fossils uncovered by Chinese paleontologists who were digging in the north-central region of the country. Patrons will have a chance to view a rib measuring more than 9-feet long from a species belonging to the titanosaur family. Paleontologists feel that the rib originated from an animal that most likely measured nearly 100 feet long with a weight between 32 and 87 tons.

Museum officials announced that some of the bones in the exhibit dated back 89 million to 100 million years ago. The bones are representative of two different species. The fossils are the latest finds in China and quite significant, as they allowed paleontologists to identify two new species of titanosaur. The fossils are now the property of the Henan museum, which allowed the dinosaur exhibition company, Dinosaurs Unearthed Corp (based in Canada), to arrange an exhibit partnership with the museum and the Henan Geological Museum.

Research has also revealed interesting information about the region where the bones were found. Villagers of the area had been digging up bones for years because they believed that they were the remains of dragons. The bones were then grinded up and used as an ingredient for medicine that treated medical concerns, such as epilepsy and dysentery.

Two New Dinosaur Species Named

Utah's fossil roster just got a little longer. Paleontologists recently added two more dinosaur species to the list of prehistoric beasts that once resided in the region. The new species (Hippodraco – horse-dragon and Iguanacolossus – colossal iguana) belong to the iguanodonts group, which were herbivore dinosaurs with beaks as a characteristic feature. The dinosaurs lived during the Cretaceous Period, which was more than 100 million years ago.

Although the public is now hearing more about the dinosaur discoveries, the two fossil remains were actually uncovered in early 2005 at separate locations in Eastern Utah. The remains were excavated, analyzed and named within five years – a time frame that seems long, but is actually shorter when compared to other excavations. A paleontologist from Utah exclaimed that the majority of discoveries actually take 10 years or more to be named and published. Completing two different species in five years is an exceptional feat.


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