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Halloween 2010: Screampark & the Pure Terror Scream Park
Posted In: Other Exciting News  10/19/10
By: Yona Williams

Halloween brings a wide range of attractions and events across the United States. Two of the scariest in the nation include the Screampark in Kentucky and the Pure Terror Scream Park in New York. In this article, you will learn about some of the things that will strike fear in your heart, as well as the cost to enjoy such attractions.

Screampark – Lexington, Kentucky

When paying a visit to Screampark, you will encounter three main attractions: Insanity, Castle of Fear, and the Abyss. With Insanity, the hospital for the insane awaits your entry. Participants will travel through a maze of chainlink, strobe lights and medical corridors. This was one of the most favored of attractions last year. The Castle of Fear will take you through gothic archways, haunted crypts and a graveyard. With the Abyss, the pitch black maze can really play with your mind – and you never know what you will discover in the darkness. Screampark is open on Thursdays and Sundays from 7pm to 10pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm to 1am.

General admission fees for Screampark is $16 for access to all three attractions. With the  V.I.P. ScreamPASS for $25, you can bypass the long lines and enjoy front-of-line access to all three attractions. For $50, purchase the Behind The Scenes ScreamPASS, which comes with an exclusive tour of what happens behind-the scenes at Screampark. The tours start at 5 pm every night and are limited to 10 people per tour. For $25, you may also add the "After Hours Ghost Hunt" to your lineup, where you get up close and personal with a haunted house. Screampark is located in an historic distillery warehouse situated in downtown Lexington. It is said that at least nine spirits call the building their home.

Pure Terror Scream Park – Orange County, New York

If you're in the Hudson Valley region during the Halloween season, the Pure Terror Scream Park is a popular stop for scare seekers. Stretched across more than nine acres of land, Pure Terror is considered one of the scariest attractions in New York. There are four attractions at the Pure Terror Scream Park: the Butcher Shop, Trail of Terror, House of Terror, and Terror in the Dark.

The ground of the Castle is swarming with all sorts monsters and other ghoulish creatures. There are other activities to keep your attention as well, including go-karts and 18 holes of mini golf. Other features include Jester's bar and restaurant, laser tag, arcade, rock wall, and roller skating.

Pure Terror Scream Park is located just eight miles from The Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Center, which is less then 50 miles outside on New York City. The cost to enjoy this Halloween attraction is $20 for all four attractions.


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