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Why You Close Your Eyes When You Kiss

By pravda.ru    7/5/04

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Scientists found out why a couple kisses with eyes shut


Why do people close their eyes when they kiss? One scientist from Singapore who had been determined to answer the question, finally proposed his hypothesis on such account on Saturday. Apparently, people behave the way they do due to three reasons.

First of all, people shut their eyelids when kissing in order to avoid getting overwhelmed emotionally. Secondly, they do so in order to avoid seeing amorphous facial features of their partner up close.

"The answer depends how one approaches this issue," says professor Min from the National institute of education, reports Straits Times. "The entire process of kissing triggers sensory overload," notes he. "Shutting our eyes, helps us reduce the emotional load."

There is also another viewpoint in regards to the issue. In the course of a kiss, you get to see blur, non 3D facial features; this can be quite repulsive," says the professor. That is why we instinctively prefer to have our eyes shut while kissing, reports MIGnews.com.

The third reason, which isn't characteristic of everyone, is modesty. "Some assume that people tend to close their eyes while kissing to put their partner at ease, so that he/she will not feel uncomfortable."



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