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2/4/14- Demon Picture In Hospital Bed Debunked  
A picture is going viral across the internet with a description of a demon standing on a patients bed before she died. Although there is no doubt that demons and paranormal entities exist, we must use logic and discernment when viewing stories like this.
10/12/13- Dr. Bill Weld Is A Fraud- Pic Proof  
Dr. Bill Weld is a FRAUD. Rev Michelle Hopkins is pushing his videos where he is scaring people about microchips in drinking water. BUT Not To Worry because Bill Weld is a FRAUD. See Video Proof..
8/2/12- What is Happening in Anaheim?!  
The riots in Anaheim over police brutality is certainly becoming one of the top stories of 2012. But is it? A mainstream media blackout seems to be imposed as the police gear up in tactical gear against the protesters. But why? It seems that someone wants to cover your eyes to the probable future.
3/9/11- Paranormal Revelations: Communication with Jackie of the RMS Queen Mary  
This article discusses the author's impressions, feelings and possible paranormal evidence regarding the RMS Queen Mary's ghost child, Jackie. With EVP Recordings!
12/21/10- Spooky Ghost Face Picture Submitted  
This was taken on Nov.14th 2010 at about 7;30pm. I was watching a movie and had been thinking about my ex husband and my daughter all day and I was worried. I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be with them. If you also look closely to it you can see pearls in my ear. Except I wasn't wearing any jewelry in my ears.
4/16/09- Creepy Orbs- Submitted Orb Pic  
An Anonymous Submitter sent in this picture that has two orbs floating around in the kitchen. Take a peek..
3/25/09- Google Street Views Snap Alien Picture in NJ  
Google cameras snapped a picture that may portray an alien. This fuzzy picture was taken in Berkeley Heights, NJ. The picture shows an unidentified figure behind a bush and a strange beam of light.
3/21/09- Photo of Light Beams and Possible Spiritual Entities  
I took the photo at the House of Cenote in Tulum on December 31st at about 2Pm in a northeast direction. It was taken at an ancient religious ceremonial grounds behind the house. The house has a tomb in it's center.
3/18/09- UFOS Over Mt. St. Helens  
There have been several reports recently about UFOS over Mount St. Helens. The most recent report comes from an anonymous photographer who claims he saw this UFO over Victoria Park last month.
8/22/08- Devils Tower UFO Picture  
Thought this was an advertising gimmick or something going on but a few seconds later it was gone. Date on pic, taken at about 2:00 pm.
8/6/08- More Montauk Monster Pictures **UPDATE**  
As most of us know, recently an unknown creature washed up on the shore of Montauk Beach is NY. The story can be found all over the web, and is making a large piece of the population think twice before deciding whats real. Enjoy the pictures..
7/14/08- Picture of a Ghost in the Window  
I was taking this picture for my acting portfolio but tripped as the camera timer was going I fell. In the window a ghost's face can be seen, but I was home alone.
6/5/08- The Two Types Of Aliens Known in 1954  
In 1954, a document was published outlining the procedures and goals of the recovery, cleansing of the area, taking inventory, and disposal of a crash site materials. Referring to UFOs and Aliens, this document included some great information including descriptions of the aliens that were recovered from various crash sites prior to that time. In this article, we are going to cross reference the descriptions given in 1954 with various alien pictures circulating the internet today.
5/31/08- Angel on the Water  
This incredible photograph was captured using a 35mm disposable underwater camera, (Fuji 27 exp.) We are Ron and Linda Martinez, Husband and Wife of 23 years. We discovered this amazing image when we returned home from a vacation in Cancun Mexico.

4/15/08- Debbie's Orb Pictures  
Debbie sends in her "Orb Pics" taken in her apartment. She says "I have been taking pics of orbs for several years and what happened in my appartment a few nights ago took the cake. I have been experiencing paranormal goings on since I was 16 and I am now 52. Thanks Debbie
4/15/08- Chemtrails or Contrails??  
These photographs were taken just yesterday afternoon, in the sky above my back yard. Let me explain first of all the differences in the two words, CONTRAILS and CHEMTRAILS. A contrail is the plume of white that follows behind a commercial airliner, is usually quite short, and disappears as the airliner progresses across the sky.
3/5/08- My Granny- Ghost Picture  
This picture was taken just before my granny's death.... If you look at it at a glance it looks as just one being.... although at a closer look you'll see an angel whispering in her ear....
2/23/08- The World's Most Famous Ghost Photo  
The house was the first of its kind in England and for 300 years it has been regarded as one of the most splendid of the great houses of Norfolk. It also happens to be haunted, providing the setting for possibly the most famous ghost photo of all time.
3/28/07- Cassini Captures Saturn's Strange Hexagon  
NASA's oribter Cassini captures a mysterious hexagon shape above Saturn's North Pole. The anomalous shape is twice the width of the Earth, and is surrounded by swirling clouds
1/15/07- Alien Fossil Pictures Updated from Eric Kaesberg  
Eric Kaesberg is the man who claims to have found an Alien Artifact Graveyard. Unexplainable.Net has received several updates from Eric, and published many pictures of his "Alien Head Rocks". Here are an additional 20 pictures.

1/3/07- Submitted Picture of a UFO on the Moon  
This picture was submitted entitled "UFO On The Moon". The picture deplicts a moon buggy, astronauts, and an object flying in the horizon. I can not guarantee the authenticity of the picture.
12/6/06- Submitted Pictures Deemed Not Ghostly  
These two pictures were submitted. One shows an Orb above a person, and the other shows a red light on the lower left. I personally do not think either picture is anything spectacular.
7/11/06- Submitted Picture: "Real Ghost" Or Not?  
This Picture was submitted to Unexplainable.Net with the title "real ghost". You Decide~
11/11/05- Submitted Orb Pictures  

These orbs where at a freinds home. The pics were taken in the year 2004. We were there to throw a birthday party and took these pics. In one of the pics you can see an orb going around the bookshalf wall.
10/12/05- Giant Sea Creature Remains Found Following The Tsunami  

An Indian news source released a video of a Giant sea creature's remains that were apparently drudged up from the massive Tsunami last year. We have no other credible information besides what the video discusses. This skeletal carcass is reported to be over 150 feet long. If this is indeed true, Scientists will have a field day trying to classify such a creature.
9/12/05- Kennedy Space Center Picture Galleries  

Exclusive Picture Gallery Of The Kennedy Space Center. Pictures Feature REAL Space Rockets and Shuttles, The Authentic Command Center For the 1968 Apollo Mission, Shuttle Engines, And So Much More. Enjoy this Exclusive Gallery
9/12/05- Hurricane Ophelia Blood Red Sky At Sea  

As we were cruising back from the Bahamas, we were forced to pass Hurricane Ophelia, which is still brewing in the Atlantic, and she revealed Blood Red Clouds during sunset with extreme geometrical lightning patterns. Enjoy the Beauty in this FEATURE PICTURE GALLERY, and look for the Electrical Orbs.
8/6/05- Eric Kaesberg Alien Head Rocks, Pictures, and Possible Proof  

While photographing he stone I call caliente girl to my amazement it appeared the eyes of this once living creature wanted me to know its presence
5/1/05- Connecticut Chemtrail Pictures  

While at work, driving around Connecticut, I noticed this region is heavily sprayed with chemicals from passing planes. Sometimes they make crosses, sometimes they fly side by side, and sometimes they are alone in the sky. Whatever they are doing, they are leaving their mark in the sky, and creating blankets of thin atmosphere cloud coverings throughout the days. Each picture below is thumb-nailed, so click them to enlarge.
3/24/05- Jupiter's Poles Crowned with Light  

Like giant rings of luminescent luster, Jupiter's poles are often crowned with the , a possible cause
3/10/05- The Moon Of The Milky Way  

A satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) is a wonder of the southern sky, a mere 210,000 light-years distant in the constellation Tucana.
2/4/05- Gasses On Saturn Form Spectacular Patterns (Picture)  

Lanes of cold gas in Saturn's mostly hydrogen atmosphere brush past each other, often creating spectacular patterns like those seen here. The whirling shapes near the bottom of this view suggest turbulent interactions between latitudinal regions
2/4/05- Saturn's moon Rhea seen in natural color Picture  

The trailing hemisphere of Saturn's moon Rhea seen here in natural color, displays bright, wispy terrain that is similar in appearance to that of Dione, another one of Saturn's moon. At this distance however, the exact nature of these wispy features remains tantalizingly out of the reach of Cassini's cameras
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Yugoslavia 1974  
UFO pictures from Belotia, Yugoslavia in 1974
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Wisconsin 1978  
UFO pictures in Colfax, Wisconsin in 1978
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Uruguay 1977  
UFO pictures from Floradad, Uruguay in 1977
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Utah 1972  
UFO pictures from Salt Lake City, Utah in 1972
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Texas 1951  
UFO pictures from Lubbock, Texas in 1951
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Switzerland 1975  
UFO picture from Saas-Fe, Switzerland in 1975
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Saskatchewan 1974  
UFO pictures from Saskatchewan in 1974
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From South Africa 1956  
UFO pictures from Rosetta/Natal, South Africa in 1956
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Romania 1968  
UFO picture from Clug, Romania in 1968
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Peru 1967  
UFO pictures from Yungay, Peru in 1967
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From North Dakota 1967  
UFO Pictures From North Dakota 1967
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Oregon 1950  
UFO pictures from McMinnville, Oregon in 1950
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From New Mexico  
UFO picture from White Sands, New Mexico in 1998
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From New York 1927  
UFO Pictures From New York 1927
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From New Hampshire 1966  
UFO Pictures From New Hampshire 1966
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Nevada 1978  
UFO Pictures From Nevada 1978
12/5/04- UFO Pictures From Missouri 1978  
UFO Pictures From Missouri 1978

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