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7/14/13- MythBusters Denied RFID Study By Elite- VIDEO  
Mythbusters was told by Big Banks and other leaders that they were NOT to air the episode on RFID chips..
7/7/12- 7/6/12 Drake Video Interview: "No Green Light," But UFOs On Several Fronts  
I had an opportunity to speak with the enigmatic Drake (his last name may vary) on Independence Day; a date which he said would be a new Independence Day for the entire world once the military began performing "Mass Arrests" of bankers and politicians who have been doing their best to enclave the world. When those arrests didn't happen as predicted, I asked him why.
4/19/12- USA Navy Blowing Up WW2 Bunkers Near Spratly Islands  
There is a Philippine / Russian Standoff Near Spratly Islands As USA Blasts Closed WW2 Bunkers Looking For Gold In The Same Area. The Tribes Of The Spratly Islands Report 8 USA Ships.
4/17/12- The OITC Website In 2008  
Ben Fulford's mass arrests claim points to the OITC. Here is a wayback shot of what the OITC looked like back then. Then in 2009 the site changed from a respected site to a crap shoot. WOW Gotta READ
4/17/12- Keenan Case Against Office Of International Treasury Control Verified! UNOITC  
Apparently Keenan's case is REAL... I emailed a personal contact with the original Keenan court case letter and asked them to see if it was real. My contact came back with a REAL COURT DOCKET. I verified it myself and have the latest docket as of today!
4/1/12- Mass Arrests Of Global Bankers Imminent  
According to Benjamin Fulford and other less-known sources, mass arrests of the illuminati banking cartel will take place very soon. These arrests are part of a master plan that involves rolling out a new financial system and bring the power back to the people. According to details released, the Rockafeller / Rothchild banking regime has been given until the end of March to leave power or face arrest. As this window closes, there is a count of over 1000 bankers worldwide who resigned in response to the threat.
10/13/10- Oct. 13th 2010 UFO's Over NY, Ohio, Malaysia, Russia and More- Videos  
Last month we told you about the Ex Norad Official's (Stanley Fulham) UFO prediction and today, to many's disbelief, a HUGE UFO display happened. Not only over New York, but possibly around the globe.
8/2/10- EXAMINER: UFO and nocturnal lights recorded on video while camping near Vancouver  
A new video reveals how a UFO traveled silently over the treetops by the parking lot of a campground near Vancouver, BC in July, 2010. The video also shows how campground forests were alive with nocturnal lights during a remarkable summer evening.
9/22/09- Baby Alien Found Near Military Base  
I came across a video that seemed very interesting. The video was of a baby alien in a box. It looked like it was placed in ice.
5/7/09- NASA Still Encounters UFOs In Space- Video  
Recent NASA video clips tell the tale that UFOs are still following our man-made space shuttles as they embark into the vast depths of space. We all know that NASA claims they do not investigate UFOs, but it is clear indeed that NASA and their crewmen certainly do encounter UFO activity while they are in space.
4/28/09- NASA Coversup Pyramids On the Moon  
An image from the Apollo 17 moon mission clearly shows what appears to be a pyramid on the surface of the moon which resembles the pyramid's found in Egypt. NASA claims that this photo is an overexposed frame with no relevance. But with initial exposure correction, and high contrast noise reduction it is clear that an unnatural structure stands on the moons surface.
4/22/09- Brazil UFO Video Looks Like A Flying Octopus  
A UFO video from Brazil recently surfaced which shows what clearly looks like an unidentified flying object. The strange thing is, it is Brazilian UFO resembles an octopus but with many more appendages.
3/31/09- Mars Pictures Display Unusual Anomalies- Video  
am sure some can be explained away.. But there are a few that are very unusual.. I never set out to look for forms in rocks or shadows, nor eroded figures in sand.. I tried to do things from a perspective of things that do not fit into their surroundings, just as an archeologist does when doing field research..
3/20/09- Sky Fish Video  
Nick Corey of Jasper Haunts Research of the Paranormal captured this strange light rod phenomena at Peace Church Cemetery on 3/16/09. After seeing shadow people and hearing strange sounds coming from the woods. Right before this video was captured we heard a strange scratching sound. The rod shows up 5 minutes into the video being taped.
6/10/08- San Jose UFOs Caught On Video  
On June 9th, 2008 at least 2 UFOs were seen over San Jose, California. Bob Lochridge, a local resident who recorded the objects, said they streaked across the skies. "They appeared to be triangular pieces of metal," he said. "They were up very, very high. I couldn't see them without the camera."
3/12/08- Video Captures Creepy Gnome Stalking Streets of Argentina Town  
Last October two workers on a railway line in Buenos Aires reported seeing a "strange and tiny figure". They claim the figure appeared at night, threw stones at them then ran away leaving a 'vapor trail' that burned the grass. Now its back!
2/26/08- UFO Video- Canadian Craft Lands In Field  
In West Carlton, Canada in the year 1991, a craft touched down in a farm field. An anonymous source took video and sent in a copy along with other information to the authorities, and the tape was examined by a former NASA man,the Canadian Police, and other experts.
2/18/08- Free Energy- A Deadly Topic- Video  
This video covers many cases where the Government stepped in and put an end to Free Energy devices and plans. Free Energy poses great threat to the elitist funding through the 7 Sisters Oil Controllers and the Governments will stop at nothing to halt the flow of Free Energy information.
2/12/08- Ron Paul Calls For A March In Washington- Video  
As we all know by now, presidential hopeful Ron Paul's days in the presidential race are numbered. But the revolution was strong, and left an impact on today's society. Ron Paul is now calling for a unified march in Washington as a "Last Stand".
12/7/07- Chemtrails In PA Video  
This video was taken 12/7/07 in Perkasie, PA which shows Chemtrails being sprayed.
8/11/07- UFO Video Filmed In Haiti - Must See  
The most shocking close up video I have ever seen! UFO's were filmed in Haiti which show close ups of the craft. Several UFO's are visible in this Video.
7/6/07- Ghost Video-Lady in White Investigation  
An investigation in Houston of a haunted house, see the investigator enter the room, and a shape rise immediately from the floor, into a full human shape in a white gown. History of the home shows a young woman commited suicide there.
3/28/07- UFO Video- Is This UFO Bending Time?  
This is an interesting UFO video that clearly shows a UFO hovering above a building. Suddenly the bottom part of the UFO emits lights, and vanishes. Did this UFO just bend time?
3/27/07- Spinning UFO Disk In Bulgaria Video  
This video showed up on Youtube which Shows a UFO in Bulgaria. The video clearly shows a hovering disc than flys away super fast at the end. When you look close, you can see the disc is actually spinning or rotating
3/6/07- Probable Hoax- Neil Armstrong Films Structures on the Moon  
A new video was released showing ancient structures that were on the Moon. The Famous Neil Armstrong is said to have filmed this video. Unlike old stories, this video actually shows astronauts around structures and in pretty intense. BUT 1 filming mistake could prove this video to be a hoax
2/6/07- Video- Buzz Aldrins UFO Sighting During Apollo 11 Mission  
It has been said that during the Apollo 11 mission, Buzz Aldrin saw and reported UFO's in space. The story has never been confirmed or acknowledged by creditable sources, but now you can hear it from Buzz's Mouth! Video Format
1/15/07- Alien Moon Bases - Video Depicts NASA Coverup  
This video clip shows excellent footage and explanations of lunar bases which were found on the moon. According to the dialog and movie, there is no doubt that alien bases exist on the moon, and NASA has known about them for decades.
1/4/07- Meteor Breakup Filmed Over Denver  
A Meteor was filmed by ABC 7 News that shows a spectacular scene of lights. For a split second you can see two different streaks traveling in different directions crossing each other. Truely an amazing video.
8/5/06- UFO Video - UFO Moving Across Open Field In Daylight  
UFO Video - Watch this rare piece of 39 second video clip caught through the camera of a famous crop-circle researcher. A small ball with metallic glow hovered and moved across the open fields.
8/4/06- UFO Video - UFO Near Swiss Alps  
Ufo Video - Watch out this 11 seconds video clip of 1975. The UFO flying in the clear sky with the beautiful backdrop of Swiss Alps mountain.
8/3/06- UFO Video - Bright, Reflective UFO In London Sky  
UFO Video - Here is an interesting 13 second video clip. Watch how the UFO silently hovered beside a group of dense clouds, before the object finally disappeared into the cloud.
8/3/06- UFO Video - UFO Through The Eyes Of An Astronaut  
UFO Video - Watch this 6 second video clip. This clip was taken by astronaut John W. Young from Apollo 16 moon-voyage. The clip clearly shows a UFO, which appears with extreme clarity.
7/28/06- UFO Video - A Special Shot From Space  
UFO Video - Watch this 31 second UFO movie clip. This is a special shot taken from space.
7/28/06- UFO Video - An UFO Seen From Jet  
UFO Video - Watch out this 8 second movie clip. An UFO caught in camera from the cockpit of a jetplane.
7/27/06- UFO Video - Three UFO Approaching Toward Some Target  
Three UFO Approaching
UFO Video - Enjoy this 2 second movie clip. You can find three UFO approaching on some target fast.
7/26/06- UFO Video - Wonderful UFO In Space  
Wonderful UFO
UFO Video - Watch out this 5 second movie clip! An wonderful UFO caught in the space so close!
7/24/06- UFO Video - UFO Soaring High Through Cloud  
Soaring High
UFO Video - Here is an 4 second interesting clip. Watch this UFO soaring high through the cloud.
7/23/06- UFO Video - UFO Sailing Like A Ship  
Blue UFO
UFO Video - Watch out this 37 second video clip. An UFO sailing like a plasma ship in the night sky!
7/21/06- UFO Video - Colorful UFO Passing By  
Colorful UFO
UFO Video - This 37 second clip shows an colorful UFO passing closely by earth.
7/21/06- UFO Video - UFO Smoothly Moving On Space  
Moving On Space

UFO Video - Watch out this 6 second video clip. An UFO moving on space smoothly, maintaining almost an equal distance from earth.
7/20/06- UFO Video - High Speed UFO Passing By A Star  
High Speed UFO
UFO Video - Watch out this 22 second movie clip. You can see the UFO (the top light) lights up from a still position, then zooms off past the star (lower light) at high speed, just like a hot rod!
7/19/06- UFO Video - UFO Splitting Itself in the Night Sky  
Splitting UFO

UFO Video - Watch out this 1 minute 24 second video clip. An UFO splitting itself into two-three while moving in the night sky!
11/16/05- UFO Video - UFO Attacking on Earthly Target  
UFO Video - Watch out this 10 second video clip. An UFO approaching fast as it's attacking on some earthly target!
11/14/05- UFO Video - A Pair of UFO Moving Away in High Speed  
In this 28 second video clip you can watch two people observing UFO in the sky of England. In the final stage of this clip it become clear that there are two UFOs flying in group and moving far away from earth fastly.
10/31/05- Scary Halloween Ghost Movie  
Here's a little SCARY Halloween Treat! Watch this movie, and listen closely.. You can hear vivid Ghost Noises, and You May Even See The Ghost Which Appears On Film!! Happy Halloween!
10/31/05- Unexplainable Video- Man Walks Through Glass  
This 3+ minute video shows what looks like a Magic Trick of a man walking through a glass window.
11/26/04- UFO Video - As Shown in German TV Channel  
UFO Video - Enjoy this 20 second movie clip recorded from a German TV Channel. It shows an UFO flying in high speed over the night sky of Peru.
11/24/04- UFO Video - UFO Hovering Around  
Here is a 8 second feast for your eyes. Observe this closely shooted video clip of an UFO. It's hovering around the sky on the backdrop of trees.
11/19/04- UFO Video - Above the Street Lamp  
UFO Video - Observe this 29 second movie clip. It shows an UFO moving significantly above the perspective of a street lamp.
11/17/04- UFO Video - An UFO Flying in the Evening Sky  
This short video clip of 4 second shows an UFO flying in the evening sky. Nice shot.

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