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Sky Fish Video

By Nick Corey/Jasper Haunts Research    3/20/09

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Submitters Comments: "Nick Corey of Jasper Haunts Research of the Paranormal captured this strange light rod phenomena at Peace Church Cemetery on 3/16/09. After seeing shadow people and hearing strange sounds coming from the woods. Right before this video was captured we heard a strange scratching sound. The rod shows up 5 minutes into the video being taped".  Read Unexplainable.Net's Comments below.


Unexplainable.Net's Evaluation: I recently recorded a show on the History Channel which was based on these "Rods" that have been caught on film. Although they were interesting and looked like they could be real, the show demonstrated side by side comparisons of two different cameras which took the exact same video.

On one camera, which records at a slower frame rate, caught a "Rod" that resembled the fish in this video. The other camera had a fast frame rate and recorded the exact same object at the same time.  The fast camers clearly pinpointed that the object that passed by was a bug.

Although this video is interesting, I would be hesitant on claiming it was a "Real Paranormal Moment." It was probably a bug or a moth.

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