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A Poem About Our Dying Mother Earth
Posted In: Personal Accounts  9/26/05
By: Jessica Leipold


Humanity is reaching its breaking point,

One day human beings will be extinct,

Maybe one day, we'll all stop and think

How man-kind is killing eachother, and mother nature,

Theres got to be a stop to this diease with a natural cure.

But, humans are too self envoloved,

To ever look for the real truth to life's mystery, waiting to be solved.

All we care about is money, technology, and world dominating,

But, it killing our own kind,

And, we don't know it, but, were all doing the murdering.

Who is it? dying before our eyes?

Our planet we live on mother earth, don't you hear her cries?

She's polluted, and her natural beauty is getting more un-natural by the day,

Pretty soon, we're gonna use her all up, then she'll die, I hate to say.

She dosent need humans abuse,

We were put here to use her for good use,

To love, and intertwine,

If we all did this, us, and mother earth, would be just fine.

But, ignore these words, I know my people will do,

Because all we think about is "you, YOU YOU.."

Mother nature is our gift, not our property,

We join together as one, and enjoy what we got,

Not the next expensive thing, that can be bought.So, heres my apology to mother earth,

I'm sorry for polluting your air, oceans, lands, animals, everything that makes earth who she is,

Its the things we have naturally, not the show-bizz.

I'm sorry, I hope I can be forgiven,

Oh, and thank you, for giving us stuck up people a place to live in...


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