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Contact beyond life
Posted In: Personal Accounts  11/30/09
By: A. Beck

First, let me say, I am a Skeptic. I do not normally believe in these stories but it happened to me.

It was actually not that long ago when I had a Friend, a very difficult Friend, always argumentative and difficult... but I stuck with him because he was honorable, decent and a good man. difficult,.... yes, but, as as was later to find out , dying of a terminal illness. Be it as it was, everyone heard about his sickness as he told everyone and he was very bitter and angry about it. My Mistake was that I stopped listening, as I got annoyed with his tale of woe, pushed in my face to no end and acting like it was my fault.

One day ,while I was walking in a deserted parking lot I suddenly got a slap on my shoulder,so hard that I thought my skin would be blue and black for days and a voice, belonging to my friend yelled my name, in a way that sounded like a man drowning, or a man dying. It really sounded like someone on his last breath and desperately trying to make contact. When I turned around (my shoulder still hurting) there was no one there. not a soul and I was alone in the parking lot. Two weeks later a friend of mine told me that my friend died on this day, approximately at this hour. Well, I don't know what to make of it, but I have my thoughts.


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