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Deep Dimensional Life Perspective
Posted In: Personal Accounts  11/21/04


I would like your opinions on this personal theory I found on the web. As for myself, I am still searching and gathering, so right now, I don't have much of an opinion. But some of these concepts have got me thinking. "All people have bodies on different energy levels; the astral body is a form of energy that is made of a higher energy than our physical bodies but occupies the same space. This astral body is a part of our consciousness and it is mainly concerned with our emotional selves. Upon the death of our physical body our body stops taking the form of our physical shape and our consciousness is cleansed of any negativity.

This is the process that some people are scared of and what they may think is judgment time, but it is far from this. This is the time when we are healed, and as anyone who has had healing knows, it is a process of self examination and understanding. It is a purifying of the soul and this is about getting rid of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is a voluntary process that goes at the speed that we choose as we continue our lives in the spirit dimensions - we are counseled and healed. However we can all do this long before we die by forgiving ourselves and others for the mistakes we all make every day - this is healing and this is how we can all have a painless transition upon the death of our physical bodies. Just about all spirits that have incarnated as a person on Earth have been through this cleansing process upon death and these spirits are said to be 'living in the light' (of God). This is the normal state of being of each of us and involves feeling no negative emotions, feeling only love. Ghosts are the souls of people whose physical bodies have died but who have not gone on to be healed in their destined spirit dimension. Ghosts have the same mind as when they lived physically as a person but have not gone through the healing process, so they retain their negative emotions. And this is a fundamental and important difference between spirits that live in the light and those that don't. A ghost retains negative emotions that can be transferred to people and this is why ghosts should be helped to move on - their negative emotions affect people on the Earth when we each have got enough of our own negative emotions to deal with already and the world as a whole could do with a lot less negativity. Ghosts are not living in a real spirit dimension and are often confused about where they are. This is not a pleasant place to be and this is why helping them to move on is called spirit rescue. Not all ghosts retain negative energies, although few people who die have dumped all of their emotional baggage before departing this life.

Some ghosts may seem to have neutral or even positive emotions and in these cases people may feel that the ghost is no problem to them and therefore does not need rescuing, and we have found this to be a common attitude. However in these cases we often find that the ghost is truly a lost spirit - after their physical death they simply got distracted by something (perhaps an overwhelming attachment to a place or a person) and did not follow the guidance (that we all get from our Spirit Guides) and stayed in their astral body form close to the place or person they loved. These are ghosts that normally need only the slightest guidance and reassurance to move on to their destined spiritual dimension where they can be with loved ones from their previous lives on Earth and where they are free to learn and develop in a loving and nurturing environment. Some ghosts may have stayed in their astral bodies because they had a preoccupation with an immediate problem or task that had to be achieved. There are many ghosts that are trying to complete a mission ad infinitum, or until their spirit is rescued. The ways in which a consciousness can manifest are varied and complex and some energies may seem to be ghosts but are in fact not ghosts. There are energies that may take the form of a person but are not a complete consciousness in an astral body and in fact may not be a part of their consciousness at all. People can leave energy impressions on a building or piece of furniture that can appear as a ghost but is not a part of their consciousness. Consciousnesses that are not living in the light may manifest in any way they choose and may even combine with other consciousnesses. People can even create consciousnesses that are independent and can take any form. Many people can consciously project their astral bodies (known as astral projection or remote viewing) and such a projection may appear as a ghost but is not a lost soul, just someone on an excursion. The more we learn about the Universe the more that we realize that almost anything is possible and nothing can be assumed. Some people believe that anything that seems negative or evil should be banished or neutralized while others see them as a necessary part of the balance of the Universe. However we each have the God-given right and capability of living without the interference of any other consciousness or energy and no person should put up with external influences that detract from their liberty, free will and health.


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