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Dreams, always about UFO's, Exploring woods or sharks
Posted In: Personal Accounts  3/24/06
By: Kyle Killian

   I will explain 3 dreams I have. First is dreams of UFO's or goverment technology that flys. In my last dream I was contacted by a man saying I had something special and we needed to train me on it. I then am on a roof or on an apartment ledge or a mountain side something. The man says watch, this is what we have cerated. Its dark and the stars are out. I see to boomerange shaped splanes fly with great arieal percision close to the ground trun side ways and shoot up into the sky extreamly fast. It was like he was showing me what these crafts could do. I wake up. I have had another dream of a antigravity yellow colored craft landing in a parking lot. Every one else around is running...goverment vehicles show up but I just stand their and watch even tho every one else feels in panic. I always have dreams of UFO's performing stunts or formations in the crystal clear night sky. Im not ever affraid of them either. Im amazed by them in my dreams.

      Another dream I have ALL the time is exploring woods. I am usualy neer with some one any more in my dreams. I sometimes find pot plants in these woods but usaly Im just exploring and walking deeper into these odd overgrow woods until I think I reach something Im looking for. Maybe im about to meet a person in the woods but then I wake up.I have no feelings in this dream either.

   My last dream is of the ocean. I have been havign alot of dreams about sharks. My first shark dream was me in the ocean in sunset floating on my back, when all of a sudden a huge fin sticks out of the water and I swim so fast to chroe with panic. my dreams latley of sharks ahve been on sunny days and im in the ocean. I had a dream last night that I was on a yacht. I think there were people on it but they were so minute in my dream I didnt interact witha ny of them. Only rememebr seeign people on their for a breif second. Anyways, I fell off the yacht some how and landed in the ocean surrounded by sharks. I had no fear tho. I some how made it back onto the yacht by floating on something too it. The weird thing is I never have emotions raelly anymore in my dreams. its like im in the just ahving them to experince them. It was almost like I felt how a shark feels and had no fear of them.

     Just for the record, erlier this year I had a dream of a giant wave crashing onto a road on the edge of the ocean. I some how ran to woods.

   People are ususaly never even a minute part of my dreams. Soemtimes people will be in my dreams but I hardly remember what they were doing. I never dream of places were alot of people would usualy be, like a mall or a city or a party. My dreams are soo deep it seems like, that they have me thinking why someone would dream something like that. I feel like theres something Im suppose to get or figure out but I just havent gotten it yet or understood it yet.


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