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Haunted Playground
Posted In: Personal Accounts  12/9/04

swings.jpg writes:
I have my niece and nephew for three weeks...and last night my mother and I decided to take the kids to the lake. They like to play there every summer. There's a huge play gym...with swings..slides, the works. We stayed there for awhile during the day..and got we went across the street and ate..when we got finished it was dark. The kids wanted to go back to the gym set and play night we agreed and of course I had to play with them. Mom set in the car. About 30 minutes or so into playing, mom laid down on the horn for us to get in the car. When we got in, she told me to look at the swing set....I looked over and all of the swings were swinging...they'd stop, then start again. Not extremely high...but high looked like they were being pushed or someone was sitting on them pushing back and forth with their feet. There was NO wind at all...NO ONE had touched the swings...

we were the only people around...the place was deserted. There was no reason the swings should have been moving.
Also...the night lights were going on and off. I noticed this while playing with the kids but never really paid any attention to it. I figured maybe it was a short or something. 

But when I got in the car, it wasn't like that. They'd go off...all the way blinking or anything...they'd be gone...then they'd come back someone was turning a switch on and off.
We high tailed it out of back to town and one of the kids forgot their shoes at the park...Oh BOY...we almost left the things we went back for them...didn't stop to see if the swings were still going...I jumped out the car, made a mad dash for the shoes and got out of there again..
I know this is probably a mild story compared to most shared here...but I was just curious as to whether this sort of thing was ever witnessed by anyone else?
The lake (Lake Wappapello...probably mispelled) is a man made lake in Southeast Missouri.
Thanks in advance for any help or explanations,


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