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Holy Cattle Mutilations Batman!
Posted In: Personal Accounts  3/2/11
By: Todd Wilson

I would like to share an experience I had back in either the summer of ’94 or ’95. Unfortunately, it has been a while since this happened so the details are kind of fuzzy. I was working part time for a rancher in northern Colorado, doing odd jobs around his property. One afternoon I was out back mowing down the weeds in his horse pasture. As I was mowing I noticed a dead cow laying on the ground in the pasture of the property adjacent to where I was. I got off the tractor and climbed over the fence to get a closer look. I had found was basically a mutilated cow. It was younger, not fully grown, and was lying on the ground under a tree. It didn’t appear to have been there very long; there was no rotting smell and no blood on the ground. The carcass hadn’t started to decay so my best guess is that it was only a day or two old. It fit the classic example of a mutilated cow. The eyes and tongue appeared to have been cut out, the anal region was cored out, and there were small circular holes on the underbelly that looked like they were burnt off. There was a long cut down the abdomen and the guts had been removed. And if I remember correctly one of the ears was missing.

At that time in my life I had been doing some research on cattle mutilations in Colorado so you can imagine my excitement when I actually happened to find one! I notified the wife of my employer, she in turned called her neighbor who owned the cow. I led her to where the cow was located and she took a couple of pictures with her camera. We discussed what I had found and I shared with her what I had already been researching about cattle mutilations. As far as I know, the owner of the cow removed the carcass and never notified any authorities.

To this day I can’t definitively say who or what was responsible for mutilating that cow. There are many theories that try to explain these mutilations including natural predators, cults, our own government, and lastly extraterrestrial involvement. I would like to share with you my opinion on these theories.

Let’s start with the natural predator theory. I am by no means an expert in the fields of animal biology or predatory behaviors. However, I can honestly say that what I saw did not look natural in any way. If predators had gotten to this cow and started to eat away why was there no blood? Why would the tongue have been removed in what appeared to be in a surgical manner? Why was the anal region hollowed out? It just seems to be that if the cause was related to predators this would have looked more barbaric.

I really don’t put much thought into the cult theory basically because I don’t believe people involved with a cult would be able to pull off such a feat without getting caught. Also, how would they be able to remove parts of the cow without getting blood everywhere, unless they performed the massacre in a different location and brought the cow back. Again, this would make for too many opportunities to be noticed.

Now the theory that our government is performing these experiment makes a little more sense, however, I find one major flaw to the idea. If you have ever researched this phenomenon you will know that a lot of these mutilations happen in remote places. If some group within our government was abducting cattle and taking them somewhere to perform top secret experiments why on earth would they bring the cows back to where they got them? Wouldn’t returning to the scene of the crime just open up more possibilities to being discovered? Wouldn’t it just be easier to discard the dismembered bodies by incinerating them? I mean if they are removing the cows to do experiments at a remote location why not just dispose of them in the same manner.

Lastly, that leaves us with the theory that aliens did it. To me this seems to be the most logical explanation out of the others. Of course, belief in this theory requires a belief that aliens are visiting earth. If aliens really are visiting earth and wanted to know more about environmental impacts on life could they find this out by what is going on with cattle mutilations? If there was some sort of genetic findings they were after could they find this out through cows? I guess there is no certain answer to explain all the cattle mutilations, in the end we are stuck with our own opinions.


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