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10/13/13- Dutchsinse Reports White Dragon Family Plan  
Dutchsinse, a popular Youtube reporter, is reporting that the White Dragon Family attempted to offer him diplomatic immunity from the United Nations and CASH to join their affiliation.
10/12/13- Dr. Bill Weld Is A Fraud- Pic Proof  
Dr. Bill Weld is a FRAUD. Rev Michelle Hopkins is pushing his videos where he is scaring people about microchips in drinking water. BUT Not To Worry because Bill Weld is a FRAUD. See Video Proof..
7/23/13- Beating Anxiety Through Jesus Christ  
This is a response to an email I received regarding anxiety and depression. I wanted to share..

Many have read the bible from cover to cover but still have it all wrong. Most preachers and churches teach words that itching ears want to hear, BUT........
8/2/12- What is Happening in Anaheim?!  
The riots in Anaheim over police brutality is certainly becoming one of the top stories of 2012. But is it? A mainstream media blackout seems to be imposed as the police gear up in tactical gear against the protesters. But why? It seems that someone wants to cover your eyes to the probable future.
7/14/11- My baby saved my life  
This is a true story of my life experience. I did not choose God, but God had chosen me for Him. I was brought up in a pagan surrounding, but God has destined my life to come to Him in a way that I did not even realize it, through my baby girl.
3/2/11- Missing Time  
The year was 1991, November, we were returning from a 10 month stay in Tuscon Arizona, we meaning myself, my two daughters Rebekah, Rachel and my girlfriend Joni. Joni had taken a position as an intensive care nurse at the University of Arizona Medical Center, her second sabbatical after becoming a

3/2/11- What Are The Chances?  
Whenever you experience a coincidence, do you ever wonder what the probability if of that particular event happening? I had an experience recently that made me wonder if there might not be some undercover choreographing going on in our lives.
3/2/11- Holy Cattle Mutilations Batman!  
I would like to share an experience I had back in either the summer of ’94 or ’95. Unfortunately, it has been a while since this happened so the details are kind of fuzzy. I was working part time for a rancher in northern Colorado, doing odd jobs around.
3/2/11- Boise UFOs- More Confirmation..  
Third witness reports having seen the UFO over Boise after seeing photo and story.
3/2/11- UFO entering atmusphere right after midnight 1/1/11?  
I hear a loud BANG. breaking the sound barrier? I look up just in time to see a glowing, flickering redish orange light flying across the sky.
1/22/11- Dream Warfare: US syndicated talk show host's 'Inception'-like encounters  
“This guy would call me on my radio show and say, ‘I visited you in your dreams last night’”, explained US syndicated talk radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller while speaking to this reporter during an interview that aired this week on The Mancow Experience. Mr. Muller was responding to descriptions of AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ secret messages heard in audio recordings of her voice played through a mirror filter during the 15-minute segment. The messages disclosed secret unconscious political intelligence relating a “nightmare” scenario in which she saw former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin receiving news of the representative’s death.
12/21/10- Spooky Ghost Face Picture Submitted  
This was taken on Nov.14th 2010 at about 7;30pm. I was watching a movie and had been thinking about my ex husband and my daughter all day and I was worried. I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be with them. If you also look closely to it you can see pearls in my ear. Except I wasn't wearing any jewelry in my ears.
11/11/10- Blue lights over Plymouth  
I was traveling east bound on 30 when about a mile outside of Plymouth when I noticed a faint blue light out of my peripheral vision above the town. It was about 7:50 Sunday evening, EDT. I have my pilot's license so I'm familiar with standard color lights on aircraft's, and blue is not one of them!
11/30/09- Contact beyond life  
Spiritual Contact Account- A skeptic has a close encounter with a soul passing.
9/25/09- Creature of Dry Fork Canyon  
People see strange things and experience strange happenings every day in this world. Things like seeing UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, trolls, cryptoids, and so on. Gus B. had may of these strange encounters. There is one in particular encounter that happened to Gus and four of his friends. Nothing was stranger than this one in the Utah Wilderness, while they were at a wedding reception. They went to explore the woods and this is Gus's story.
5/20/09- Signs of Life After Death  
I made an accidental discovery in 2002, and have shared it with thousands of people around the world since: Family and Friends who have passed away are still with you, and you can verify it yourself.
5/5/09- Hypnotic Past Life Regressions  
When people find out that I am a hypnotherapist, they often ask if I can help them access their past lives. "Maybe" is what I usually reply. I have been a clinical hypnotherapist for several years now, and have performed past life regressions on numerous occasions. I have even experienced one myself. However I remain on the fence as to whether hypnosis can actually helps us remember a true past life.
4/16/09- Creepy Orbs- Submitted Orb Pic  
An Anonymous Submitter sent in this picture that has two orbs floating around in the kitchen. Take a peek..
9/3/08- Did UFOs Visit Medina, NY's Iroquois Job Corp?  
A crop circle sighting, dreams of a UFO invasion and a latent memory of a hovering disk, hints at possible UFO activity in Medina, NY the summer of 1978.
6/9/08- Ghost In Desert View Book Room  
As My friends and I were taking a break from moving books, we were all sitting down and as I turned my head and looked, two books, one right in front of each other moved from the shelf and were flung across the room. They Hit my Friend Reeda. I was the only one who saw it move.
5/16/08- Shadow People- Dark Figure in New Mexico  
The dark figure was walking causally from my father's room, and was about to head into my stepsister's room. It spotted me, standing there stupefied, and suddenly postured itself for a run. Both of us stood there for a minute, and I could actually tell it was a male figure with no physical characteristics.
4/15/08- Debbie's Orb Pictures  
Debbie sends in her "Orb Pics" taken in her apartment. She says "I have been taking pics of orbs for several years and what happened in my appartment a few nights ago took the cake. I have been experiencing paranormal goings on since I was 16 and I am now 52. Thanks Debbie
3/8/08- The Supernatural Adventures Of Carl Kolchak  
"The Night Stalker" aired on the ABC network on January 11, 1972 and garnered the highest ratings of any Tv movie at that time. The story was about a grizzled has-been crime reporter in a wrinkled suit who just happens to be the patron saint of all Paranormal Investigators. Meet Mr. Carl Kolchak...
3/5/08- My Granny- Ghost Picture  
This picture was taken just before my granny's death.... If you look at it at a glance it looks as just one being.... although at a closer look you'll see an angel whispering in her ear....
3/19/07- No Credible Followers  
I just saw a show on the history channel that was no different from any other UFO episodes that they air. I am not trying to dismiss this case at Aurora I just do not understand why they air shows that have unreliable witnesses and scientists. If this really happened, why is it that I just found out about it?
3/14/07- Karen Bishop- Ascension and the Higher Realms  
Since 2002, Karen Bishop has ran website containing information about ascension and the higher realms. Karen is also the author of several great books that focus on the human transformation that is currently underway. Karen does an excellent job of connecting with, and spreading the rays of Earth's infinite beauty.
2/6/07- Ghost in my house!  
The other day I was having a shave and in the mirror when I noticed a faded figure behind me, wich seemed to be watching me. I turned immediatley to see if this was real. To my horror it was all to real and the figure laughed and floated it seemed towards me....
2/5/07- A Moment With Helen Shaver  
An interview with the actress that played Dr. Rachel Corrigan in the popular television series "Poltergeist: The Legacy"
10/10/06- About Yona Williams  
Yona Williams, a native of New York, currently resides in Michigan, where she eats, drinks and dreams of writing and art.
8/7/06- Aesthetic Necessity  
The constant sound of dripping water fills the empty air with geometric waves that coalesce into a vision. It is an amazing vision, absolutely stunning in its clarity and meaning. It plays with it’s freedom of expression by transposing into different shades of color, expanding and contracting into unimaginable forms, carrying with it the echo of the drop left behind
7/9/06- Reports of a Secret Miliatry Base in Centreville,VA  
Centreville,VA Common knowns as Washington Dulles area. Around earlie 1990s,a Site near Capital Expo center, there were rumors of a building being built, saying to be a CIA building, but government said its not but corperation name Rockwell
4/5/06- Saint Louis UFO Sighting  
in 1997 i and three other family members witnessed a real ufo sighting. there was a fire in an abandoned building across the street from us.we saw the whole thing through our front door. minutes went by. all of a sudden we saw a disc shaped object appear over the abandoned building.
3/24/06- Dreams, always about UFO's, Exploring woods or sharks  
I always have the same dreams. Been going on for the past year or so. The UFO one is something I want to understand.
3/21/06- Spooks R Us  
We have lived in this farmhouse since 1997 and have been subjected to an incredible variety of phenomena that we have not been able to explain. Fortunately, although disconcerting, it is not frightening!
2/15/06- Sylvanic 2005 Expidition  
Up until now the chronicles of sylvanic I have previously published where based on other peoples experiences. This chronicle is of my own experiences... U could be apart of the next experience...
1/23/06- I went to Texas  
I saw the chainsaw man, I want to Texas and I saw him, I went to that town, I'm too scared to even think about how terrible it was.
1/10/06- Wesley's Photgraph Taken In The Woods  
Picture Submission: Authoe writes "This is a time i saw a alien or something fly past me as I took a picture of my woods"
9/26/05- A Poem About Our Dying Mother Earth  
A nice poem written by Jessica Leipold that deals with the depressing way which humans are killing the Earth. she is sending her deepest sorrow for Mother Earth for the abuse Humans have inflicted upon her.
9/14/05- Paranormal Communication Reveals Wicked Alien Species  
At about 2 pm on August 15th day of 2001, I was frightened by a sudden communication. From then on, I knew that there had been another wisdom species in the earth, but they are wicked. I did not report the thing at once because I was usually on a controlled state
9/14/05- A Call To Prove Alien Abductions  
The seminal event was the Hill Abduction. Barney Hill was a postal employee and that fact may point to why that incident happened. (See the Hill Abduction page at VisionAndPsychosis.Net.) It may be possible to prove the cause of these events
9/2/05- Vague and vivid snippets  
Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for me; a confirmed atheist until I saw aliens float me out of my body, in my bed, at night. Then, I knew they were interested in an essence I never suspected I had; a soul
6/10/05- Cryptozoologist Corey Holden Is Looking For "Bear-Cat"  
My name is Corey Holden and I live in Keosauqua, (pop 1,000) along the banks of the scenic Des Moines River, in Southeast Iowa. I’ve been into cryptozoology for many years and spend a great deal of my time searching for unknown creatures. I believe Van Buren County (Bear Creek) to be haunted by mysterious black panthers, mystery maned cats, demon dogs?? and wolves, Bigfoot, or the Missouri momo. Phantom kangaroos and UFOs have also been reported. My sightings include a large black panther, Bigfoot or momo, and a large unknown, very short legged weasel, also two UFOs.
5/7/05- A lasting marriage  
My parents gave me this advice about marriage. They have been married since the 1960s and are still happily married to each other. In marriage, when an argument is about to blow up, remember that takes 2 hands to clap. When one party is angry, the other should be understanding and not argue back.
4/27/05- How "The Second Coming" Enlightened a Woman, Giving her "Revelations".  
It is my belief that any film writer in the world would surely miss out the opportunity of creating the biographical and factually based film of a lifetime, by passing up this brilliant facet on the face of human evolution.
4/26/05- Russian Sky Diver Survived Tragedy, But Dies In The Rescue  
Not Actual Pic

A helicopter has recently crashed in the Russian city of Vologda, near a local hospital. The chopper fell down on the ground only 30 meters far from the 12-storied building of the hospital. Gripped with awe, patients and doctors of the hospital could ...
4/11/05- Iraq Soldier Hangs Himself Instead Of Going Back to War  

(Story From December)Curtis Greene was angry about the war and frustrated with Lisset for not understanding what it had been like there. They argued, so fiercely that twice the police had to break it up.
4/6/05- The miracle of fervent prayer  
Friday night,at 11 30, i lit a prayer candle prayed to the spirit world; I asked a beloved, dead baby-nurse of my children, a loving black woman who loved my babies, years ago
3/30/05- Billy's Lost  
It made the most horrible screeching wail, the sound of a lost soul, or a creature of the dark regions looking for prey. Echoes of this fearsome cry reverberated and seemed to grow in intensity
3/2/05- After Death Experience Changed His Outlook  

"I became a lucky person. My ailments disappeared; I became professionally successful too. However, I realized that such things were not incidental," Kravchenko said.
12/9/04- Haunted Playground  
Haunted Playground

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