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Karen Bishop- Ascension and the Higher Realms
Posted In: Personal Accounts  3/14/07
By: Jim and Karen Bishop

Since 2002, Karen Bishop has ran website containing information about ascension and the higher realms. Karen is also the author of several great books that focus on the human transformation that is currently underway. Karen does an excellent job of connecting with, and spreading the rays of Earth's infinite beauty.

The second paragraph on her front page reads "As we summon more Source energy through our desire to evolve as humans and as a planet, and as the planet and its inhabitants continue to elevate in vibrational frequency through a planetary repositioning in the universe, a convergence is created in perfect alignment, and our natural evolution results. Through a passion and joy of expressing what is occurring at the highest levels, Karen Bishop brings to you through Whats Up On Planet Earth?"

One of the most influential pieces I have found in her pages is "Message From The Star Beings". This sniplet is filled with hope and light, and has the power to bring comfort to the timid. Many choose to focus on the negative effects that will engulf the world in the upcoming years, but Karen is here to remind us that the long term effects will be magnificent.

Message from the star beings

"As we observe your progress on the planet Earth, we watch in awe.

You are so blessed to be experiencing this amazing time through
this amazing process. Your time is finally here. You are being
handed a palette for creation that is up to you. We watch as
you rekindle your memories of what you have known in eons past.
We watch as you re-discover and unlock what has always been
inside of you. We are itching to guide you, to assist you, but
know that this is your New Planet Earth to create. We are at
your disposal at all times. We are a part of your team, as we
are an aspect of you. And we patiently await your creations
of portals that perfectly allow for our regular visitation
as one...the portals where we and you can come and go effortlessly
as we open the union of your world and ours."

Thank you Karen for your continuing efforts to help humanity make the upcoming transformation with love in their hearts.


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