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Paranormal Communication Reveals Wicked Alien Species
Posted In: Personal Accounts  9/14/05

Dear scientists:
At about 2 pm on August 15th day of 2001, I was frightened by a sudden communication. From then on, I knew that there had been another wisdom species in the earth, but they are wicked. I did not report the thing at once because I was usually on a controlled state, which make me not clear-headed and I can not act according to my own consciousness. Their own superiorities are not only unseen, but also untouched. Because when they hurt me, I c
ouldn¡¯t touch them. But over the last three years, I discovered a breakthrough to research into them. They always play with my computer when I use my computer. So there are usually a lot of breakdowns. The external show of a breakdown is like so. My two computer screens always appear black screen. This kind of black screen has something to do with electric circuit. We, the man¡¯s being even has an opportunity to research into them. They can a
ffect signals between two hardwares on BIOS. So can we be contrary to use the quality of the signal to test the quality of stealth killers. I think they are electric property in quality. Firstly, scientists should trust what I said. Everything is true. Once I had died, people would not know their accurate whereabouts. What a big loss for the unknown domain.
Let me analyze how to research into them.
First, please trust their existence.
Second, since they can affect computer programs. Can we be contrary to use the that to test their quality so as to discover them. Certainly, the electricity I pointed out is processed.
Third, I said that I know their accurate whereabouts.
Fourth, Sometimes they made me in pain, but what made wonder is that clothes on me did not separate to cut down my pain. The result was also the same as after I tried to hide my whole body with clothes in a quilt. It was still in pain at the point I felt paint first. What made me wonder more was that on the above of my body, I could not see any hurt phenomenon. Besides that, they can make me feel paint inside my body. For example, inside my
 head, lung and so on. Afterwards, I know from them that I discovered their own property that is the same as the gamma-rays the man¡¯s being has discovered. It means that they have a property of transmission, which can ran through a thing but not destroy the above to directly affect interior of a matter and not be effected by a shaped material¡¯s separating. This is one of the kind of unseen killers¡¯ properties.
Chinese address: Xicheng Miliangku NO25
              Beijing, 100009
              P R of China


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