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Scary Ghost Story: Our Haunted Trip
Posted In: Personal Accounts  11/22/04

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About a week ago, my dear husband (DH) visited an old abandoned pioneer's house just down the road from us and came back with wonderful stories of a hand-built stone house with hand-hewn rafters, etc. Abandoned since the early part of the century. It had been "discovered" by rowdy highschoolers who'd scratched their names and graduation dates on the mortared walls in 1918, but since then the house had receded into anonymity (save for a few fairly respectful deer hunters). A story is told that the original owner had shot and killed a would-be horsethief there, and it's still owned by descendants of the original family.

While DH was there, he had a strong, disturbing feeling of being "watched" while in the main room. (shudder) Yesterday, we both went and took our sons. The boys are quite attractive to "spirits" as we've seen from many photos we've taken of them on our place (a small ranch in Texas). I shot 107 photos within a half-hour of arriving (at about 2:30 pm on a bright, hot, sunny Texas afternoon). We explored the house and requested that EVERYONE smile for the camera. Later, I examined the photos. Of the 107, 18 had orbs of some kind. I say "some kind" because the orbs recorded in or near the lean-to additions to the house were diamond-shaped, not elliptical as we've always seen.

Actually, we weren't aware of the existence of diamond-shaped orbs until we saw these and did a little searching on the internet. All the others were elliptical. In the main room where DH had his first "feeling" of being watched, he had suddenly turned to me and said "Behind me, Susan" repeatedly until I "got it" and snapped a picture. Sure enough, there was a single orb directly behind him. Our only equipment was our Sony Mavica - my intention was to snap some photos, then use the .mpg feature to record some sounds. My final photo was to be of some writing on an attic door, but as my 8yo handed me the camera, he said "It went black, mom." Sure enough, the batteries had gone dead. ZAP. Just like that. My 8yo said "But there was 41 minutes left on the batteries!". And so there were, but it was dead dead dead. So no more photos, no evp. DH says that means "they" don't want me to take any more photos. I say it means I'll have to come back!


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