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Signs of Life After Death
Posted In: Personal Accounts  5/20/09
By: Phil G.

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My Mother passed away 5 years ago, since then my son & daughter in law have purchased her house. They have been trying for a child for several years. This week they have started remodeling rooms in the home. When they woke up yesterday they found what they believe are baby footprints in the spackle dust on the floor. Do you believe this is a sign from my mother not to give up?

Hi Susan, So you mum thinks it's about time, eh? I trust she had a sense of humour. This is how I deal with things like this. My reaction is always to be open-minded, and think, 'yes' it's a sign’, but to go a step further and verify it. On it's own, it could be nothing. When I first started getting things through from my own Mum, it was easy to dismiss it. Then it was easier to accept it was her. It was much harder to verify it really was, until I stumbled upon the idea of asking for something to verify it - without specifying a 'sign' or having a pre-conceived idea of what 'sign' to expect.  

I think it is so easy to dismiss things that can be a sign, because it seems unlikely, unexpected, or may make us appear ‘silly’. I’ve received hundreds of emails from people who genuinely thought they got a sign from passed loved ones, but had almost talked themselves out of it by the time they’ve contacted me.  

One that springs to mind was a father who ‘imagined’ his son had come to him in a dream, and although he couldn’t pin-point it, he had a ‘feeling’ that his son was with him. My reply included a specific reference of an event that happens when watching TV (there was nothing wrong with the TV, but the volume would unexpected go up, and he couldn’t turn it down for a few minutes) – that was his ‘proof’ that his son was indeed around him. Once he had some confirmation, he related many stories of things that had happened that he thought was proof, but he wasn’t game to share it with anyone, including his wife. What a wonderful experience it was for him to share all this with his wife, who was so grateful to know her son was still around.  


I don’t want anyone to cling to false hopes. That’s why I always ask for ‘proof’. I share it on my web site, and in my books and guides. Do take a moment to look over the material, be open to the possibility of contact, accept the ‘signs’ as from them, then look for confirmation that it’s real. Once you do this a few times, it becomes easy, quick and you will be left in no doubt that the contact is real. Take care. Phil G.


If you would like further information, visit my web site, or look over the 'weekly wrap of answers'


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