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The miracle of fervent prayer
Posted In: Personal Accounts  4/6/05
By: paul schroeder>

 Friday night,at 11 30, i lit a prayer candle prayed  to the spirit world; I asked a beloved, dead baby-nurse of my children, a loving black woman who loved my babies, years ago, while i was at work and who succumbed to breast cancer some fifteen years ago, to help me; i fervently pleaded with Easter Lily Fryer, a life-long devout christian, to send me jesus, the christ , -reminding her that she had known about christ all her life as a christian; i had only recently accepted his spiritual possibility, on faith, only in recent years, by virtue of the power of his name to dispell unseen evil ones; thats another story- That sunday afternoon, was Easter sunday and as the sun set in baffled light through the maple trees, in the late afternoon, a song rang in my head.  Leaving my house, through the back door, I felt strangely compelled to sit on my front steps, something i never do.  That odd song i at first couldnt place echoed in my mind.  A christmas tune?   A christmas song in april?  Four or five feet up in the air, above the front garden, suddenly appeared an undeniable figure of a man, in dazzling light.  It was that christmas carol song; oh, come, all you faithful, repeating, over in my mind.  A mans figure floating in light?  i couldnt shake it, over and over in my mind, and dully aware that it might mean something psychically i frowned into the light puzzled and  was washed by a tidal wave of encompassing warmth; love and peace and serenity overwhelmed me, accompanying this song radiating bliss from this figure of light.  Later, i recalled my previous special request, remembered that it was, indeed, easter sunday, that i had asked easter lily fryer to assist me and had heard the song, about christ, and seen the figure of light and felt a bliss and rapture. observed what i realized later, was the christ-light; Since then i care little for any didactic about jesus the man and hum that song when i need reminding of the miracle sighting i apparently had;
paul schroeder


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