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Vague and vivid snippets
Posted In: Personal Accounts  9/2/05
By: paul schroeder

post abduction experien

Alien abduction Comments by Paul Schroder
Alien Abduction comments : The noonday devils
Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for me; a confirmed atheist until I saw aliens float me out of my body, in my bed, at night. Then, I knew they were interested in an essence I never suspected I had; a soul .I had neatly placed god on the same shelf with the tooth fairy until evil ones, unseen ones tormented me; it is impossible to be tortured by the devil and not believe in god. Science and medicine do not distinguish between psychiatric and spiritual problems; I have had to within myself. My faith has grown with each bizarre experience, spiritually. Even when ones soul is not tampered with by interdimensionals, at night, your astral body travels to realms from angelic to demonic, a spirit world of myriad vibrational levels and the pictures you see on the backs of your eyelids, while you REM, are not dreams but visits, souvenirs of a greater reality. Like a goldfish who never suspects a greater world beyond the ponds surface, the limited awareness of humankind floats beneath the surface of a greater reality; groping, mouth agape in total ignorance.  After studying all major religions, out of body experiences, near death experiences, hauntings, psychics and memories of previous lifetimes through regressive hypnosis techniques, I have indeed deduced that we are not people having spiritual experiences, it seems, but spirits having human experiences. We can, indeed appeal for help from the dimension we come and go from; heaven.

My glimpses into my last lifetime; glimpses afforded me directly by the entities who trouble me, either imposed, as lies, or retrieved, as truth, tell me that we were inside precisely the SAME, in nuance and predilection and different, on the outside. That may be the reason we still have the same unresolved issues; we evolve so slowly, it may be a curse to continue, painfully, over and over and over just to make a little headway towards our spiritual goals. Those soul needs are acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

But, here, in the flesh, those very spiritual feelings make it easier to become parasitized by these intruding, nighttime bedroom harassers who are the occupants of ufos ,and the demons they have access to, and who stay with us from lifetime to lifetime; like the Dali Lama they find us again, early in childhood.  Our spiritual powers that interest and addict them are the very powers we can use to thwart further attacks, but like spraying for cockroach infestation it must be effective, as well as be regular, in application.

They infect our auras with themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with us to avoid the death they fear and steal the spiritual recycling we have but for the most part, as a race of entities, are dully unaware of and its amazing implications. A loving god gives us many lifetimes to refine evolve our souls and we choose the lessons but these joyriding grey aliens and the demons they throw into the equation to muddle the picture and to punish one for resisting, are discorporate, incarnate souls stuck to our energies who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion

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