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20 States to Secede - False Flag?
Posted In: Political Conspiracies  11/12/12
By: Edward

The first petition created was by Michael E. Slidell for the state of Louisiana. These states must reach 25,000 signatures for the Obama administration to consider their request to secede. Some of the states are very close already. Here is a list of the 20 states petitioning, along with how many signatures each state has at the time of this writing. A few states have two petitions:

1. Texas, Signatures:  18,012
2. Louisiana, Signatures:  13,426
3. Florida, Signatures:  4,987
4. Alabama, Signatures:   5,156
5. North Carolina, Signatures:  4,623
6. Kentucky, Signatures:  3,929
7. Mississippi, Signatures:  3,849;
8. Indiana, Signatures:   3,876;
9. North Dakota, Signatures:  2,998
10. Montana, Signatures:  3,378
11. Colorado, Signatures:  3,746
12. Oregon, Signatures:  3,230
13. New Jersey, Signatures:  2,960
14. New York, Signatures:  3,425
15. South Carolina, Signatures:  3,193, 2,087
16. Arkansas, Signatures:  1,537
17. Georgia, Signatures:  3,912, 2,604
18. Missouri, Signatures:  2,085, 2,781
19. Tennessee Signatures:  3,656
20. Michigan Signatures:  3,230

The speed that these petitions are gaining signatures is remarkable and a clear sign that the American people are displeased with their government and are beginning to wake up. However, some believe this could be yet another false flag movement by the elites. Ultimately, these elites do want to see the American economy crumble. By letting the United States divide, it could result in an economical crash as well as another Civil War. Not to mention turning the population against each other, instead of against the true culprits of our problem.

Although, seceding from the union might seem like a good idea and a way to restructure our damaged society, if it results in war it could be a great step for the elites to see their dream of a one world order. If America divides against itself in a civil war, martial law could be declared. From there, we could see UN troops coming in to ‘keep the peace’ and enforce the law. A divide and civil war in the United States is a perfect opportunity for the globalists to disassemble our constitution and strip the American people of what little rights they have left.

This of course is all speculation, but a good point to think about nonetheless. If these petitions are truly legit, and not a false flag, it could be a great opportunity to show these globalists just what Americans think about them. So long as the United States avoids another civil war, that would cost the country nearly everything, the people could restructure the government and put the banks out of power for good.


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