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2/9/14- Syria Oil Pipeline False Flag- Leading To The Anti-Christ  
USA Government will stop at nothing to get their Oil Pipeline through Syria..... Including staging more "False Flags"...
6/22/13- Obama Starts WAR With Catholics  
Obama Says Catholic And Protestant Schools Cause Divide
5/18/13- Upside Down Eagle On Official White House Twitter Account  
The Official White House Twitter Account Has Been Flying Our Nations Eagle Upside Down For The Last Few Days. Lets take a deeper look.
12/13/12- New Book 'Ritual America' Exposes Secret Societies  
America has a history of secret societies known to play an important role in some of the decision-making that has gone (and still goes) on within the United States. Whether organizations contribute to political forces in hopes of having their agenda supported or college groups forming to create strong, influential bonds that last after graduation, secret societies have included the likes of fraternal orders such as the Elks and the Knights of Columbus. This month, a new book titled, "Ritual America" by Adam Parfrey and Craig Heimbichner set out to expose the clandestine organizations that have influenced the United States.
11/12/12- 20 States to Secede - False Flag?  
The reelection of Obama has managed to stir up thousands of U.S. citizens who are petitioning the government to allow them to peacefully secede from the government and create their own. At this moment, the number of states has reached twenty.
11/5/12- Kirk Cobain Disclosed 911 Attacks Right Before His Death!  
Kirk Cobain may have been showing the 911 World Trade Center tower plan well in advance. In his album cover, In Utero, we can mirror his shirt and see the message! We can clearly see 911 with what appears to be a plane flying towards one of the 1's. And to complete it he has 1 EYE!
11/2/12- Peter Santilli blasts Richard Gotlieb, - Bankster Lawyer In The $43 Trillion Abeel Vs. BOA Case  
Pete Santilli Show called attorney Richard Gotlieb, attorney for One West Bank, FSB, PNC in the Abeel Vs Bank Of America case. Peter questioned Richard Gotlieb who filed a motion to sever, trying to have plaintiffs removed except the main lead plaintiff. Pete directly asked "why would you go about to have all plaintiffs removed who have been harmed in this action?
10/30/12- In 2 Months, If You Pirate Copyrighted Content, Your Internet Provider Will Make You Walk The Plank  
Your internet provider has secretly been making huge legal strides in identifying unknown pirates who are downloading illegal copyrighted content using your internet connection. In as little as 2 months, you will soon be getting warning letters to cease and desist, even if you are knowingly or not knowingly downloading copyrighted content. You might even have to go to court to defend yourself. Not only is this a clear violation concerning internet rights, but soon what will be stopping them from collecting private information about you? It seems that internet privacy will soon be a thing of the past.
10/27/12- CNBC Published Eric Holder and Bankers $43 TRILLION Lawsuit and Kids Get MURDERED!!  
BREAKING.... CNBC published the story with he details how Eric Holder, and other scumbag bankers are being accused on racketeering and money laundering. The lawsuit was filed by Spire Law Group, LLP. Within 1 day of the story being published, CNBC senior vice president Kevin Krim found out his children were Murdered! And it looks suspicious...
10/27/12- October Surprise- Hurricane Sandy Conspiracy To Delay Elections  
Hurricane Sandy is eying the east coast and the government is NOT doing anything to deter it off course! We already know USA has the technology to create and control weather, including hurricanes, so why aren't they saving the East Coast from biblical wreckage?
10/26/12- The UN Calls For Worldwide Internet Surveillance To Fight Terrorism  
The United Nations is calling for worldwide internet surveillance to help fight terrorism. They believe that the purpose of this crusade is to stop terrorist "propaganda" from being posted on frequented sites, like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. But does protecting the public against terrorists mean the sacrifice of our internet privacy? You'll be surprised what our elected officials have said.
10/25/12- Homeland Security Searching For "2012 Alien Attack" and More! Video Proof...  
Homeland Security (DHS) is visiting Unexplainable.Net almost daily and searching for Aliens, Edgar Casey, Coverup of Archeological Artifacts, and much more. Their interest is "EXTREME" as their visits show an astonishing bounce rate of 47%! This makes them almost 2X as interested in the subject matter than the standard surfer. It appears what caught their interest the most was our page on "2012 Hologram Alien Attack Plan". Watch The Video...

10/23/12- Obama's Earpiece Visible During 2012 Final Debate!  
October 22, 2012 Obama and Romney dished it out in the final debate for President. The entire debate was a waste of time in my opinion because both candidates are Meat-Heads who have no intention of representing the people. And as we look close at Obama, we can see he was wearing an earpiece! Obama's truly a puppet of the elite.
10/9/12- FEMA Coffins and Mass Fatality Bill Preparations For The Rapture?  
USA may be preparing for the Rapture and Revelations, as described in the Holy Bible. FEMA Coffins, Mass Fatality Planning Bill, Hoards of Guillotines are only a few pieces of the puzzle that suggests Sh** is about to Hit The Fan!
10/5/12- The Army Says Social Networking Is A Sign Of Radicalism  
The Army says that if you use social networking than you might be a terrorist. Or at least its one of the signs of future terrorism. A new study conducted by the Army has made a list of warning signs in order to stop future catastrophes. But is the use of social networking really mean that your ideals lean toward radicalism. This study just might surprise you.
10/3/12- Best Place To Use Voice Analysis Lie Detector Technology? How About Tonight's Presidential Debate!  
For the first time ever, voice analysis lie detector technology will be used for tonight's Presidential debate! So the American people will see who's more than likely telling the truth and who's more than likely lying through their teeth. This technology has been beneficial in some of the most high profile criminal cases such as the Natalie Holloway case and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s harassment allegations and has had some remarkably accurate results. The company who administers the truth detecting technology will have the results withing 3 hours after the debate. Who will you believe?
10/3/12- JP Morgan Arrest Warrant Issued  
Yesterday- the Associated Press published a piece declaring that the FEDS were going after JP Morgan and Chase. Now we are getting first rumors of an arrest warrant being issued for JPMorgan Chase CEO - Jamie Dimon.
10/1/12- Chinese Hackers Hack White House Military Office Used For Nuclear Commands  
The White House has confirmed today that last month Chinese hackers were able to hack into the White House Military Office that houses the United States nuclear commands. While the attack was thwarted and no serious damage done, the fact that such a cyber attack against our nuclear deterrent was event thought of really brings to light just how vulnerable our national cyber defenses. If such attacks are a regular occurrence like the White House says, who's to say that the next time they hack into our nuclear commands they don't trigger World War III.
9/26/12- WikiLeaks Reveals NATO Attack Plan Against Russia  
WikiLeaks has revealed that the United Nations has developed an attack plan against Russia if necessary. The plan was signed by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and made aware to other NATO diplomats. The plan was kept classified unless Russia was deemed a threat to Baltic states that have recently joined NATO. Does this revelation of a secret plan to invade Russia one step closer to World War III?
9/26/12- Iranian President Ahmadinejad Vows to Eliminate Israel  
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made yet again a threat against the state of Israel that promises that the Jewish nation will be "eliminated" in due time. With so many threats being hurled at Israel during the past couple months, one can not think that a peaceful solution can be found between these two countries. But if peace is not found does that mean the beginning of the end is at hand? Perhaps, in the next coming months, we will eventually find out.
9/23/12- Are We On The Verge of World War III?  
A senior Iranian military commander has warned that an Israeli strike on the Islamic Republic if Iran would trigger World War III. This is the first time such a serious statement has been made public by a top Iranian official. But if such a conflict does arise, will the world seek a peaceful end or will the world choose sides and contribute to the bloodbath?
9/21/12- Deparment of Homeland Security Develops Anti-Terrorism App So YOU Can "Help Protect The State"  
The Department of Homeland Security has developed an anti-terrorism app for both iPhone and Android to turn ordinary citizens into undercover spies. This could be just the beginning as the government encourages the American people to report "suspicious" activities against their fellow neighbor. This type of fear tactic is nothing new considering the fact that Nazi Party encouraged German citizens to report the same suspicious activities and in Eastern Germany after WWII where the Soviets encouraged the same tactic. Will you turn in your fellow neighbor because of suspicious activity?
9/20/12- US Homeland Security Preparing for Riots, Buys Billions of Bullets  
Does the United States government know something that we don't? The Department of Homeland Security has just purchased over a billion rounds of ammunition. But the most troubling aspect of these purchases isn't the quantity of bullets being bought, its the type of ammunition being bought. From sniper rounds to heavy duty hollow point rounds, these types of bullets are meant to kill and suppress opposition. But who's the opposition? It just might be you and I.
9/20/12- Remember, The Federal Reserve Has Its OWN Police Powers  
Few people know that the Federal Reserve has its own police powers. What this means is that they don't follow the rules that the NYPD or any other city police department follows. They can arrest you without cause and even shoot you without hesitation. So, as Occupy Wall Street protesters shout some very derogatory words at the Federal Reserve, they must remember: they aren't dealing with Mayberry police.
9/19/12- NDAA Is Back! Obama Wins Right To Indefinitely Detain ANY American  
This past week, United States Courts ruled that the National Defense Authorization Act was unconstitutional and that the US government had no right in detaining American citizens without due process. Oh, what a difference the weekend makes. Now the courts have decided to reauthorize the NDAA till they can sort out the details. Many speculate that this emergency stay was upheld due to the Islamic riots happening over seas and the government fears that the riots might spill onto American soil. But should we allow the government to ignore our constitutional rights because of the threat of Islamic fundamentalists? That's for you to decide.
9/18/12- WikiLeaks: Osama Bin Laden Body Was Actually Flown to US, Not Buried at Sea  
WikiLeaks has just released new information obtained by the hacker group Anonymous that pulls the plug on the story that terrorist Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea according to Islamic conditions. The info points out that the body was actually transported to Delaware on a CIA plane since technically it was a crime scene. This will surely exasperate the Islamic community.
9/18/12- Did Mitt Romney Just Lose The Election?  
Mitt Romney is in trouble. Actually, you could even say that Mitt Romney just lost the election. Mitt Romney spoke in front of a fundraiser crowd this past May and, via a secret video recording, said some pretty hurtful things about the American people. From characterizing 47% of the American people as freeloaders who don't pay taxes and who don't take responsibility for their own lives to making the assumption that if he was born to Mexican parents he would have a better chance at winning this election. Is this the nail in the coffin for Mitt Romney's campaign or can his campaign be salvaged?
9/17/12- Obama Sources: Iran Attack on Israel Inevitable Before November Election  
Sources inside the Obama administration has stated that an attack by Iran on Israel is inevitable before the November election. An Iran top commander has warned that if Iran is attack that in retaliation "nothing will remain" of Israel and that U.S. bases in the Middle East will also be attacked. Are these just empty threats and information and diplomacy could still be in reach? Or will this coming conflict jump start the end as we know it?
9/17/12- FBI's "Minority Report" Facial Recognition System Being Installed Across US  
The FBI is unrolling its brand new facial recognition system that will be able to identify any person by just a simple glance into the nearest surveillance camera. When the camera has a a adequate shot of your face, the FBI will be able to scan millions of photo databases, DNA records, voice samples, iris scans, and biometrics. This will make it extremely difficult for any individual to go anonymous to the authorities. But will this system be used to catch the bad guys? Or will this system be used to watch just about anyone?
9/15/12- Iran President Accuses US of Using Weather Weapons  
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States of using weather weapons to destroy rain clouds from reaching parts of Iran. Iran is currently having its worst drought in 40 years. Since the 1990's, the US government has implicated programs to control the weather, including its very own HAARP program. But could there be some truth in the Iranian's President accusations? Or is this just more mindless propaganda?
9/15/12- Courts Rule Against NDAA- USA News Media Ignores!  
Courts decided NDAA is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! This means USA GOVERNMENT Can No-Longer Detain American Citizens Suspected Of Terrorism- And It Means Americans Are Given Their Right To Fair Trial Back! Funny Tho- ALL AMERICAN MEDIA IS IGNORING THIS... DON'T TELL THE PEOPLE!!!
9/14/12- University of Texas Research Facility that Houses Nuclear Reactor Evacuated After Al Qaeda Bomb Threat  
A University of Texas research facility that houses an active nuclear reactor was evacuated today due to a bomb threat made by a man claiming to be a member of Al Qaeda. There have been bomb threats at universities across the country today and officials are worried that this is either a smokescreen to something more or that one of the threats will be true. It seems that, after the events of last week, people should see more of this in the coming weeks.
9/13/12- Anti-Islam Film Will Bring "Armageddon"  
The recent protests by Muslims over the anti-Islam documentary "Innocence of Muslims" has sparked mass fear around the globe. Most Arab leaders are calling on the United Nations to intervene otherwise they promise that Armageddon will happen. Will this reprehensible film finally unite the billions of Muslims and spark a worldwide Jihad? And will this film finally bring on the end of days?
9/12/12- US Embassy Attack in Libya was "No Doubt" a Coordinated Attack to Celebrate 9/11  
U.S. officials believe that the U.S. embassy attack in Libya was a "well coordinated" attack that was used to celebrate the 11 year anniversary for 9/11. Using the guise of a demonstration protesting an anti-Muslim Documentary, extremists used the crowd to get close and carry out the deadly attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. It seems yet again, that September 11th will have global repercussions.
9/10/12- Government FINALLY Gives in to 9/11 Cancer Link  
It took 11 years for the federal government to finally recognize that the toxic dust exposed during the 9/11 attacks have a connection to over 50 different kinds of cancers. But why did it take so long? With billions of dollars at stake, the federal government just didn't want to pony up the money to help those affected by the events. The consequence from withholding money and aid to rescuers and others affected by the tragedy: over 400 cancerous deaths.
9/10/12- West Nile Virus Outbreaks Could Justify Mass Aerial Toxic Sprayings  
The Center for Disease Control has pointed out that West Nile Virus infections are reaching to a point that the US could be facing the largest outbreak of the virus ever. To counteract the virus, the CDC has stated that aerial spraying of toxins over populated areas might be needed to stop the virus. But these toxins will not only stop the virus in its tracks, it might also cause huge damage to a persons immune system. Is this tactic a real solution to prevent the West Nile Virus or could this just be smoke screen to begin depopulation?
9/9/12- APEC Summit: "The Global Economy is Faltering"  
At the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit Saturday, China and Russia made it clear that the global economic situation is on its last legs if changes aren't made. With the United States economy in crisis, a world economic collapse would most certainly decimate life as we know it. So will changes be made? We will have to see.
9/5/12- Steve Quayle VS. Drake Bailey- Atleast One Is Wrong!  
We know Russian and Chinese Troops are positioned on American Soil ready to move in. We also know that DHS and Social Security Admin have purchased MILLIONS of rounds of HOLLOW POINT Bullets- that are designed to Kill. When we search for WHY- we find 2 possible answers:
9/4/12- Anonymous: FBI Spying On Apple Customers And Here’s The Proof  
The hacker group Anonymous has just released information that the FBI had in their possession over 12 million unique device identifier codes (UDID) associated with Apple products along with detailed information about the owners that own these Apple products. What is the FBI doing with these Apple customers private information? If you own an Apple product, you might be being watched even as you read this.
9/4/12- Federal Reserve Audit Reveals $16 Trillion Used to Bail Out Foreign Entities Without Taxpayer Knowledge  
An audit of the Federal Reserve has revealed that over $16 trillion of American taxpayer money has been used to bail out foreign corporations, banks, and governments with absolutely no interest. And to add insult to injury, the money loaned to these financial entities has not even been payed back. The bank that we entrusted with our financial future has used our money so carelessly that the American economy is on the verge of collapse. So while European fat cats and Arab sheiks live in luxury, its going to be us, the American people, footing the bill.
9/3/12- The Apple iPhone Will Soon Decide When You Can and Cannot Use Your Camera  
Apple has just been granted a patent that will soon allow the camera on the phone to be disable in certain locations at any time. What kind of areas is up to debate since any location at any time can be designated a no photography area. This means if you want to take some pictures or video at a protest or if your witnessing something that you should not be witnessing the camera on your phone will just shut off. One must wonder if other cellphone makers will soon follow suit.
9/3/12- The War In The Middle East Is About To Begin  
With tensions escalating in the Middle East between Iran and Israel, people in the region are getting ready for all out war. Iranian and Israel governments are preparing not only their troops but also their people for what just might be the inevitable. But if a war breaks out between these two Middle Eastern countries, what does that mean for the rest of the world? It just might mean World War III.
8/31/12- Stock Market Crash Within Weeks  
European investors and bankers have been recently told to expect a financial collapse in the coming weeks. But what does that mean for us across the pond. If anything, it means that our market is about to bottom out sometime in October.
8/24/12- Iran Moving Full Steam Ahead with Nuclear Program  
Iran nuclear program is moving full steam ahead despite the international community objections. Israel has made in known that if they continue with their productions, they will soon launch military airstrikes against Iranian nuclear sites. Iran has said if this happens, they will not hesitate to respond. Is World War III upon us? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
8/22/12- Think Twice Before Posting Your Status Update Because The Federal Government and Facebook are BFF's  
Do you like posting updates and saying whatever you want on Facebook? Guess what, the 1st Amendment doesn't apply to you then. What you say can be used against you and it happened to former US Marine Brandon Raub. Facebook has been assisting authorities with investigations and using your updates and "likes" to see what you may or not be up too. So you might want to think twice the next time you decide to tell the world where you are, what your doing, or how your feeling.
8/22/12- Law Enforcements New Undercover Agent: Your Smartphone  
Think that turning your GPS off or taking a picture of your significant other with your smartphone is totally for your own privacy? Think again. Law enforcement not only have the authority to turn your GPS on whenever they want, they can also get information from any smartphone photo you take which is automatically geotagged with your exact coordinates anywhere on the earth. There isn't nothing like the illusion of privacy.
8/22/12- Federal Authority’s Explanation About Hollow Point Bullet Purchases Raises More Questions Than Answers  
The federal government has recently released an explanation regarding their mass purchases of hollow point bullets. They state that they are to used to train future security agents. But an expert says that that doesn't hold any water because there are more inexpensive safer bullets for training law enforcement. So what do they want these deadlier bullets for?
8/18/12- The Russians are Coming?!  
TruNews host Rick Wiles has revealed that a nefarious plot is at hand or in fact has been at hand all summer. Through trusted credible sources he says that an invasion is only months away and that World War III is about to begin.
8/17/12- Report: Russian Submarine Patroling Gulf of Mexico  
The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that a Russian nuclear submarine has been cruising around the Gulf of Mexico undetected by US officials for over a month. Is this an attempt to establish that Russia is still a major world military power or is this an attempt to commit an act of war?
8/17/12- Iranian President: "The Tumour of Israel Will Soon Be Destroyed"  
The President of Iran has issued his Quds Day address condemning the state of Israel and declaring them a "cancerous tumour" that will soon be excised. With the world watching Iran's every move, the tension in the Middle East might be broken by a nuclear holocaust.

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