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The Tale of Two Shooters
Posted In: Political Conspiracies  8/6/12
By: David Martinez

A gunman opened fire Sunday morning at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, killing six people and wounding at least three others, including a police officer, before being shot to death, authorities said.  The man suspected of opening fire, was identified by police on Monday as Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old former member of the U.S. Army. 

A U.S. Army spokeswoman stated that Page served from April 1992 until October 1998 as a member of the psychological operations unit.  Page, a Colorado native, received basic training in Fort Sill, Okla., moved to Fort Bliss in Texas and finished at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.  A psychological operations specialist is "primarily responsible for the analysis, development and distribution of intelligence used for information and psychological effect," according to the U.S. Army website.

"We're treating this as a domestic terrorist-type incident," Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said at a press conference.  It was not clear why local police were classifying the shooting as domestic terrorism.

But here is the problem.  A little more than 2 weeks ago, there was a neuroscience student opening fire in front of a packed theater in Aurora, Colorado.  A student who was being treated by a Dr. Lynne Fenton, a University of Colorado psychiatrist was also the chief of physical medicine with the U.S. Air Force in San Antonio, Texas.  Now we have a former psyops specialist with the U.S. Army killing people in a church.  Is there a connection? 

But the story might have gotten a little stranger.  During the Aurora shootings, multiple reports were coming out that there was at least one other shooter.  Also, there were reports that this was a well-coordinated attack that included the use of gas to disorient the victims.  In the Sikh Temple shootings, early reports from witnesses also state that they also saw multiple shooters.  Also, these same reports state of the same premise that this too was a well-coordinated attack that used some form of gas used.  But this has yet to be confirmed. 

Too make matters worse, this has been the year that our 2nd Amendment seems to be under attack.  With every mass shooting that takes place, it becomes clearer to our government, and to the world, that our system to legally obtain firearms is seriously flawed.  One shooter has been classified as being mentally unstable by his psychiatrist and he was able to legally purchase thousands of dollars’ worth of weapons and ammunition.  The other shooter is said to have had links to the white supremacist movement and he was able to legally purchase these firearms.  In all, these were people that shouldn’t have been given any clearance to purchase these weapons.

Either way, it's starting to look like the gun control laws are in serious need of reform.  These two incidents will most likely play an important role in changing our political landscape concerning guns but it will be the law abiding citizen that pays the price.  But whether changing gun control laws is for the best, or for the worst, remains to be seen.


Source:  Yahoo


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