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Ark of the Covenant Emerges from Resting Place
Posted In: Religion Articles  12/6/11
By: Chris Capps

The Ark of the Covenant, the legendary relic of a time long ago when people spoke directly with god seeking guidance is said to be housed in a church that is about to undergo reconstruction - and as a result many are clamoring for a chance to see the artifact for the first time.  But will the artifact live up to centuries of expectation inflated ever more by films like The Raiders of the Lost Ark?  Or will the public even get a chance in the first place to view this legendary object?

In the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, we see the ancient artifact locked up in a warehouse alongside thousands of enigmatic boxes suggesting there may be a whole library full of inherently mystical devices in the possession of the government.  In reality, the legendary device was said to belong to a fairly modern church located in the heart of Ethiopia.  And as so many churches worldwide do, this particular one fell into disrepair with a leaky roof.  Fearing that the artifact could be adversely affected, the Chapel of the Tablet is weighing their options, which include allowing the monk who guards it and the Ark itself a temporary leave of absence from its final resting place.  Of course when an artifact as spiritually heavy as the Ark is involved, rumors are certain to follow.

The original Ark of the Covenant is likely to be far duller in appearance than the incredible shimmering gold object depicted in the film.  The object is said to have been made from acacia wood ornately carved with twin angels atop it standing up as if solitary guardians to the secrets that lie within.

Of course there are many interpretations of this legendary artifact, including several from advocates of ancient aliens who suggest it may have been a highly technological device - a sort of interstellar radio.  Other theories have included a number of things including even a nuclear fusion generator encased in a wooden box.  The biblical accounts suggest that inside the box were contained the shards of the tablets of the commandments that were smashed by Moses when he saw his people worshiping a false idol.  Other accounts suggest the Ark contained Aaron's rod, the first scroll of the Torah written by Moses, and a jar containing the mysterious food from the heavens known as manna.

Will this revelation of the Ark prove to be as dramatic as the most popular film containing the artifact - Raiders of the Lost Ark?  Hopefully not, considering the horrific end to the film had everyone looking at the contents of the device quickly succumbing to a horrific death.  But inevitably that ultimate of human traits, curiosity could very well get the better of those moving the artifact and send them looking inside to see what is really contained in the Ark.  What will they find?


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