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1/24/15- In The Beginning  
In the beginning was the Sound, and the Sound was with God, and the Sound was God. I tell you truly, when we are born, we enter the world with the sound of God in our ears, even the singing of the vast chorus of the sky, and the holy chant of the stars in their fixed rounds; it is the Holy Stream of Sound that traverses the vault of stars and crosses the endless kingdom of the Heavenly Father.
1/22/15- Mark of The Beast- Bloodshed and Meat  
The Whole World Is Fooled into getting the Mark.. Think about it- what percentage of the World is Vegan?? Truly, the ENTIRE WORLD is definitely fooled, the Whole World are Carnists.. The Whole World Kills for Pleasure.
12/1/14- Mercy – A Feeling Which Everyone Must Adopt In Their Life  
MERCY. I think most of the people are very much familiar about this word. Might be, there is a possibility that many people use this word while talking to others, giving various false examples that they have done many things related to mercy, but in actuality there are only few people who know the true meaning of mercy and who actually follows them.
11/4/14- People Running To The Bible  
Many are sensing the end is fast approaching and they have nowhere to run. They saw the 2012 predictions all fail and now they are starving for answers. Many have dabbled into UFO's, New Age, and Dimensional Ascension but lost hope and fell away from their belief. Where else is there to run but organized religion?
7/25/14- God Sends Visions- Satan Sends Apparitions  
While reading the forgotten Book of Adam and Eve I ran across an interesting instruction from God that was given to Jared. God apparently warned Jared about being led astray by the sons of Cain. Throughout the whole book, Satan uses apparitions to deceive Adam, Cain, Able, Seth, and the descendents of Gods elect.
7/23/14- Mark of the Beast- Eating Dead Flesh!  
There is only one unforgivable sin which leads to death, and this is the same sin that the serpent beguiled Adam and Eve into committing in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of Death, Sin and Death were brought into the world. The Mark of the Beast will be a repeat of the same temptation which will bring death to the people who eat thereof.
7/16/14- Good Fruit Vs. Bad Fruit  
God wrote this message Very Clearly all around us. But men keep distorting it.
7/13/14- The Original Sin- Eating Death  
Sin and Death were brought Into The World By Eating Dead Animal Flesh. God Has Been Leading Us Back To Righteousness But Man's Hearts Have Been Hardened. God Sent Many Prophets To Bring Us This Message But Man Keeps Killing Them And Suppressing This Truth.
3/17/14- HBO Series 'True Detective' Takes a Page from Tale of Real Satanic Church Incident  
HBO is good for developing guilty-pleasure cable television series that have fans clamoring for more, but their latest, which stars heavy-hitters, such as Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, centers on a depressingly sad theme that was inspired by real life events. The writer of 'True Detective' says that the storyline involving two detectives who unravel ritualistic murder crimes, gained inspiration from a real account that dealt with pedophilia, Satanic rituals, and a church that converted to the side of the Devil.
3/16/14- Curious Use of Single Eye Symbolism by Christian Singer tobyMac  
Is this a simple, innocent coincidence…or a music artist teetering on the edge of controversy? And we're not talking about just any musician…it's Christian recording artist and rapper, tobyMac, who has been active in the industry since the late 1980s. Selling more than 10 million albums between the work done with his group and a prosperous solo career (and receiving a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album in 2013), tobyMac has made quite a name for himself. However, when he released his fifth studio album, titled 'Eye on It,' there was some interesting symbolism attached to it.
2/9/14- Syria Oil Pipeline False Flag- Leading To The Anti-Christ  
USA Government will stop at nothing to get their Oil Pipeline through Syria..... Including staging more "False Flags"...
1/29/14- Those Outside The Gates Of New Jerusalem..  
"Inheriting the Kingdom of GOD" is NOT The Same as "Salvation". Salvation and receiving Eternal Life is a FREE GIFT that comes from Faith Alone.. BUT Inheriting The Kingdom Of God (New Jerusalem) comes from Faith that leads to Good Works "Producing Good Fruit".
1/8/14- The Satanic Temple is Making a Lot of People Uncomfortable as they Fight for Amendment Rights  
In the past couple of months, the New-York based Satanic Temple has been drumming up a great deal of publicity for their fight for what they believe is a violation in some of their Amendment Rights. At the center of a heated community battle are the Satanists who are looking for more public ways to express themselves, including during religious-related holidays and celebrations, such as Christmas. With what started with the rejection of the Satanic Temple's interpretation of a Nativity scene during this past holiday season has fueled the group's desire to make a legal point that it's within their right to become a more vocal 'religious' fixture within their communities. Do you know what their latest plans are?
1/5/14- Was Beyonce's Placement in Front of Jesus in the 'Last Supper' Painting a Deliberate One?  
In today's society, being famous means that you are fair game for your every move to be criticized, critiqued, and tossed around social media for acceptance or outright bashing. However, as a celebrity that makes money from the acceptance of fans, there is a certain level of expected responsibility that many famous people often overlook. Beyoncé Knowles, of Destiny Child's fame, and who happens to be married to suspected Illuminati member Jay-Z, is learning this the hard way from a couple of incidents that have catapulted her into the disapproving eye of the public.
12/1/13- Catholic Priests Attribute Drug War Violence to Satanic Rituals on the Rise in Mexico  
As the increasing interest in Satanic rituals spreads across the globe, Mexico is one of the locations hardest hit by the influences of Satanic cults and beliefs. Religious leaders in the predominantly Roman Catholic country are alarmed at the rise in exorcisms being performed due to the evil energy sweeping the country, as well as the growing trends surrounding the violent drug war that incorporate Satanic cult rituals.
11/7/13- The Digits '666' Cause Cross Country Runner to Pull Out of Championship Race  
Some call it one of the 'strangest cases' of religious beliefs to involve a student at odds with an extracurricular high school activity, but is it really that hard to understand why a youth would object to running in a race with the number '666' pinned to their body? That's what happened to Codie Thacker, who voluntarily forfeited her place in a regional championship race after her coach drew a bib for the runner with the digits '666.'
10/13/13- Why I Believe The Wednesday Crucifixion  
I believe Jesus Christ was sacrificed on a Wednesday and rose again on our Saturday Night. Most fail to recognize there were 2 Sabbaths' on the week Jesus was crucified. Please review the video below to see exact scripture why I believe this.
10/4/13- Churches Continue to Suffer Attacks by Vandals that Spread Satanic Values  
One of the worst things you can do to a Christian church is deface it with Satanic graffiti or perform symbolic actions that go against the beliefs of the congregation. It doesn't matter if the vandals truly believe in Satanism or worship the Devil, as the evil acts are still deliberate. Those who commit the acts are well aware of the aftermath that they create. In recent news, a Methodist church located in Jackson, Tennessee, had one of these unfortunate experiences where members arrived to find that their sacred place of worship had been broken into, defaced, and their faith disrespected.
8/14/13- Can You See How Pacific Rim Brings an End-of-Times Religious Slant to the Theaters?  
At first glance, the science fiction film, 'Pacific Rim,' which hit movie theaters this summer, seems like the typical good guys fighting the bad guys flick. However, some viewers have responded to and likened the trailers, advertisements, and the movie itself to having a religious 'savior-like' slant related to the End of Times. Whether intentional or not, it's not uncommon for movies to incorporate themes of religion, the apocalypse, or an 'end of the world' struggle. For some, this kind of underlying theme is just to increase the entertainment value, but sometimes, there is a specific message being sent out into the world.
7/29/13- 'The Conjuring' is a Movie that Shines a Light on the Reality of the Devil  
It's nothing like a box-office hit to cast a light on the realities of religion, and of the existence of the Devil. Warner Brothers has succeeded in not only scaring movie-goers, but according to the response spreading across social media platforms – has also caused some to reexamine their faith. What could have been so frightening that would send members of the audience clutching their Bibles upon returning home?
7/7/13- He Man- The Antichrist Deception  
He Man- Masters of The Universe was preparing children to accept the Antichrist
6/21/13- The World is passing away  
We have to be in the world living a normal human life as a testimony to God; but we have to be constantly careful to not be caught up in the world- to be of the world.
6/21/13- The Rapture: connect the pieces  
Believe whatever you want to believe as an interpretation, BUT be aware that an incorrect understanding is put there by Satan to frustrate God's purpose (which is a Body for His Son); and it will also make it very hard for you to grow up in Him to be ready
6/21/13- More than one rapture  
It either is, or it isn't.
6/21/13- A definition of 'rapture'  
Before we all can apprehend the truth of this matter, we must come to an agreement concerning the basic meaning of the word 'rapture'
6/21/13- Mental comprehension, or spiritual revelation?  
What is the difference between dead-letter knowledge which puffs up, and living spiritual nourishment which builds up? How can we recognize and avoid receiving God's word as mere knowledge, and receive it as 'spirit and life' to help us grow?
6/21/13- The Bible being a book of life, not knowledge  
What is the difference between dead-letter knowledge which puffs up, and living spiritual nourishment which builds up? How can we recognize and avoid receiving God's word as mere knowledge, and receive it as 'spirit and life' to help us grow?
6/18/13- The Satanic Logo History of Cheap Monday Clothing Company  
Over the years, society has become more open to wearing clothing that displays symbols that support questionable imagery or highlight blatant imagery associated with Satanism or the Illuminati. The apparel industry is no stranger to designs that represent Satan or make a mockery of religion. Still going strong, Swedish clothing company Cheap Monday has been around for nearly 10 years, and has an interesting history with such symbolism.
6/8/13- Why the Iraq War?  
It was also predictable that the 4th largest army in the world (Iraq under Saddam Hussein) would be removed from being in the path of the 200,000,000 horseman of the ‘kings from the rising of the sun’, who cross the Euphrates.
6/8/13- Extraterrestrial Life  
Who can say that God is not everywhere else in the universe where He has created habitable planets raising up intelligent life by the same processes and for the same Divine Purpose that He has done so here on Earth? This is why we have not heard from these other civilizations.
6/8/13- Comets and Biblical Catastrophes  
The direct correlation between biblical catastrophic events and natural terrestrial effects is readily substantiated, but what is the indicated causal mechanism for these catastrophic events?
6/8/13- Bible Prophecy  
By no means do these verses mean that Christians should ignore the outward indications of Christ's Second Coming. Although such knowledge is unnecessary to a believer's growth, such awareness can well be a valuable tool in helping others, particularly non﷓believers. All of God's word is valuable for our instruction, and Christ Himself gave most of the verses describing the outward signs of the Lord’s return to us. Thus, such knowledge is not to be ignored by us, but is to be used wisely, and in the proper perspective.
6/8/13- The Rapture  
The coï·“reigning with Christ during the millennial kingdom, which is a 1,000ï·“year wedding feast, is a reward to those believers who go on to be overcomers- those who allow Christ to overcome their selfï·“life and thus transform their souls into His image. All believers will be the new Jerusalem (the wife of Christ) in eternity, but only the overcomers will be the bride of Christ during the millennium.
6/8/13- The antichrist  
Who indeed is like the beast? No one before or after will be like him. The Antichrist will embody all of the desirable natural human attributes. He will be highly intelligent, tremendously charismatic, and probably very handsome physically. He will have the body of one man and the soul of another, and the spirit in him will be Satan himself. In this way, Satan, a spiritual being, will be able to fully express himself in physical form on the earth but with none of the consequent limitations of power necessitated by taking on a physical existence, as occurred with the fallen angels in Genesis Chapter Six.
6/8/13- Christianity the Religious System  
In this section I must implore you, the reader, to set aside your natural concepts. I must re-emphasize that such concepts will lead you to consider good as always being from God, causing you to be fooled by Satan's master work. If you want to see things from the spiritual point of view the reality behind the outward appearance you must lay aside personal opinion in order to have an open mind, especially in the subject that we will now consider. All that I ask is that your evaluation of what I have to say be objective, rational, and honest. It is not my intention to criticize any individuals or to question their sincerity that is between them and the Lord but it is necessary that I expose certain categories of people, so if the shoe fits so be it.
6/8/13- The Jewish Religion  
We usually think of the Ten Commandments as being a set of rules that God gave us to live by. Yet, in the New Testament, we find out that man is not capable of fulfilling the requirements of the law. What then was the real purpose of the Ten Commandments? We see in the above verse that they are referred to as the tables of testimony. A testimony of what? The Ten Commandments were mainly given as a testimony as to what kind of God God is, to the Israelites.
6/7/13- Why Fallen Angels assumed Human Bodies  
"The seed of the woman shall bruise your head". Satan knows the portent of this prophecy better than humans. Satan knew that this would mean that God would incarnate Himself as a man, in order to destroy the devil by crucifying the fallen flesh. Satan thought He was not only ruining man, but could use man's God-created powers against God. But God, being omniscient, used man's body as a trap to contain Satan in order to destroy him. What could Satan do to try to prevent this? Only by sending some of the subordinate rebellious angels under him to assume human bodies to have intercourse with human females in order to completely pollute the genetic bloodline on the side of human genealogy leading to the incarnation of Christ. This corrupted Noah's generation and necessitated the purifying by the flood.
6/6/13- The World's Religions  
What can be said with respect to the religions of the world is this: Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius and all other such religious figures are still buried in the grave; but Jesus Christ alone is risen from the dead!

6/6/13- The source of religion  
The source of all religion is the natural self of man: the expression of the fallen nature of the flesh exercising dominion over the soul. As evidenced by these verses and by the history of all the religions of the world, the result of this source is always division and confusion. God is not the author of confusion. Who is?
6/6/13- Ghosts, Demons, and the Legend of Atlantis  
This being the case, we should expect to find evidence of a racial myth, a legend, with the following characteristics:

1. The legend is persistent, despite there being no cultural or archaeological evidence whatsoever to support it.
2. This legendary race lived on a continentï·“islandï·“city that was situated in the Atlantic Ocean and was destroyed by a violent, cataclysmic disaster, which caused a rapid, complete inundation by the ocean due to its sinking.

Do we find evidence of such a persistent legend in the literature of our race?

But to this day the tradition, as revived by Plato, has not died....
An incomplete catalogue of the literature on Atlantis in 1926 included 1,700 titles. 99

Has anyone reading this not heard of the legend of Atlantis?

6/6/13- What is God's Eternal Purpose?  
Granted the existence and reality of God, let us consider the following extremely relevant question: What would an omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent being, knowing, having, and being capable of anything and everything, possibly want? The only possible thing that such a being would want would be an entity, perfectly complementary to Him, that was His of its own choice, and not out of necessity.

6/6/13- Extrapolating knowledge to make some determinations regarding eternal matters  
Given the vastness of the universe and the consequent profusion of life, what must the ultimate consummation of the process of evolution be?
It is my contention that the inevitable and ultimate result of evolution is this: that somewhere, sooner or later, an entity would be evolved through either natural or artificial means which would no longer be subject to time.

What are the implications of such a conclusion?

Such an entity would in all practicality be:

1. Omnipotent and
2. Omniscient and
3. Omnipresent.
6/6/13- Logical correlation of the physical & spiritual universes  
If a “spiritual universe” exists, there likewise must also exist laws or principles common to both such a “spiritual universe” and to the physical universe, in order for us to be able to perceive any manifestation of such a “spiritual universe.”
4/1/13- The Sad Trend of Mocking Religion through Clothing Designs  
When it comes to the subject of crosses, there is a lot of religious debate as to whether or not worshipping the idol is a bad thing or a good thing. One side believes that it makes a mockery of Jesus' sacrifice, while others believe it serves as a reminder of who they worship and what their faith. Regardless of your stance on the cross, it is a symbol that evokes thoughts of Jesus. In the clothing company world however, it is often a symbol that is frivolously tossed around and made a mockery of.
3/20/13- Coincidence or Subliminal Message – the Portrayal of the Devil Looking Quite Similar to President Obama  
Subliminal or hidden messages come in many different forms, and the most damaging, influential and widespread of the lot are the kind that are inserted into mediums of something quite popular that draws the attention of the masses. Every once in a while, there is a movie, TV show, or in this case, a miniseries that rocks the nation. The premiere of the 'The Bible' miniseries on the History channel recently attracted the largest audience of the year following a long campaign to promote the show to Christian audiences…and it's already drumming up controversy.
2/27/13- Is There a Dark Secret Behind the Resignation of Pope Benedict?  
Secret societies involve all sorts of different concepts and beliefs that cross the boundaries of politics, the wellbeing of the public, and religion. Rumor has it that the abrupt resignation of Pope Benedict comes after the increasing emergence of information regarding gay secret societies within the Vatican. Reports have surfaced and in the middle of it all – a suspected all-gay conclave that supposedly participates in so-called organized sex orgies and associates with male prostitutes.
2/11/13- Ratzinger Out- AntiChrist IN  
Pope Benedict XVI, (Joseph Ratzinger) is calling it quits, which brings the eerie "Prophecy Of The Popes" into the foreground. If you are unfamiliar with the "The Prophecies of Malachy" (aslo known as Prophecy Of The Popes) it may be advantageous to understand the historical validation of the astounding list of only 112 phrases.
1/14/13- Satanists to Rally in Favor of Florida Governor Rick Scott  
Politicians should take heed…you need to be careful about some of the bills and amendments you lend your John Hancock to, because you may find yourself in the same position as Florida Governor Rick Scott. On January 25, members of the Florida-based Satanic Temple will meet on the steps of the Governor's office to show their support for the Governor. Why? Because the group that worships the Dark Lord of Hell has found a way to legitimately bring their beliefs into the school system. Scott seems to have unsuspectingly interpreted the separation of Church and State in such a way – that it could open a door for the local Satanists to enjoy certain freedoms within in public schools.
12/10/12- Why is CERN Running 'God Particle' Tests on Mayan End-of-the-World Date?  
As if scientists tinkering with protons in order to uncover the supposed "God Particle" (the Higgs Boson) isn't hard enough to swallow, then the latest batch of tests of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) may send shivers down your back. The experiments of the organization could possibly provide information regarding unexplained phenomenon and events. However, some believe that the experiments could possibly trigger the end of the world. What's more disturbing is the date that CERN has chosen to launch the next phase of their project – December 21, 2012.
10/27/12- 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 being fulfilled- The Day Of The Lord Is At Our Door  
Prophecy is coming to pass, we know the day of the lord isn't far off now. We are told in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 that when "Peace and Safety" is stressed, the day of the lord is around the corner. And we are at that point!

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