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Sacred Spaces in Salzburg, Austria II
Posted In: Religion Articles  2/3/12
By: Yona Williams

Serving as the fourth largest city of Austria, Salzburg is home to a handful of sacred spaces that is religiously important to the people of the region. In this article, you will learn more about some of the places about the city that can shed light on the religious history of the Austria.

Salzburg Cathedral

The Baroque architecture is highly regarded at Salzburg Cathedral, where it serves as home for a 4,000-pipe organ. The baptism of Mozart also took place at this site. Since 774, this attraction has been known as a Christian church. The original architecture of the cathedral was replaced by a late-Romanesque style that was constructed in 1181 to 1200.

In 1598, the Romanesque cathedral suffered a fire and in that time, Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich took it upon himself to call for the demolishing of the rest of the church. This way, he could make way for a grand new cathedral that would serve as a statement. He wished that the new cathedral would solidify the city's commitment to the Catholic cause during the time of the Reformation.

But, the project was never completed – Dietrich was overthrown and the cathedral that you see today was commissioned by Archbishop Markus Sittikus Count Hohenems. The design was left to Italian architect, Santino Solari. Archbishop Paris Count Lodron consecrated the church in 1628.

When planning a visit to Salzburg Cathedral, the plaza is said to deliver an artistic treat – it is often described as being one of the most beautiful urban settings in the city. At the center, a statue of the Virgin Mary is found in what is called as the Virgin's Column. This attraction dates back to 1771. If you favor Renaissance architecture, you will encounter a great deal of spectacular buildings to note. Take the time to absorb the marble façade of the Salzburg Cathedral. Other highlights of the cathedral include:

•    The bronze doors that represent Faith, Hope, and Love
•    Large green-roofed dome
•    Impressive Baroque murals
•    The Dom Museum with the collections of the archbishops
•    The modern crypt that provides a glimpse of the old Romanesque cathedral

St. Michael's Church

It's not hard to pass over St. Michael's Church (also known as Michaelskirche) – the pink-colored church positioned in a heavily visited part of Residenzplatz and Waagplatz. While the small church doesn’t seem like much, it is an important site of the region – it is the oldest church in Salzburg. The first time that the church was mentioned in records was in 813 – appearing in official documents. For centuries, the building was used as the main parish church of Salzburg. Right next to it, the deceased were laid to rest in the town cemetery. When the larger-sized Franziskanerkirche was chosen as the new parish church, St. Michael's Church faded into the background. It was no longer as important. To this day, people still use this site as a place of worship.


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