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Symbols of Christianity: Colors and Numbers
Posted In: Religion Articles  11/23/11
By: Yona Williams

Many religions view the significance of various colors differently. With Christianity, color symbolism is mostly used to represent a variety of banners, vestments and other religious details. Although symbolic colors rarely appear in the Bible, the colors still appear in Christian works of art. In this article, you will learn about the significance of different colors and numbers associated with the religion.

Colors in Christianity

Red is the color of blood, which makes it the liturgical color for the commemoration of martyred saints. Since it is also the same color as fire, the hue is associated with being the liturgical color for Pentecost.

Being the same color as light, yellow is associated with divinity. In some circles, the color is not seen as a representation of pure white light and has been used to symbolize ruin and corruption.

The abundance of the spring season comes to life with various shades of green, which represents the color of growth and plants. Green is used to represent the success of life over death. Within some circles, green is the liturgical color for the Trinity season. Others use the color during Epiphany.

The color symbolic of heaven is blue, which is the color of the sky. Others see it as being a representation of the truth. The color is also becoming increasingly embraced as a liturgical color for Advent.

Often known as the color of royalty, purple is seen as the shade that represents penitence and mourning. For the seasons of Advent and Lent, you will also see purple.

Spiritual death and degradation is often represented by the color brown.

Since gray is the color of ash, it sometimes plays a role in representing repentance, and can be seen used during Lent.

Symbols of purity, innocence and holiness are often expressed using the color white. During the Christmas and Easter seasons, white serves as the liturgical color for these important Christian holidays.

Black is the symbolic color of death and is used as the liturgical color for Good Friday. Others see the color was representing sin, which is associated with death.

Numbers in the Bible

Unity is expressed with the number one, which refers to both the unity of God, as well as unity of members of the Church. The number three represents the Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The number four is used to represent a handful of things – from the Four Evangelists (authors of the Gospels), the four corners of the earth, or the four seasons.

Five is associated with the number of wounds that Christ suffered on the cross (which included his hands, feet, and side). Because of this, the number is used to represent sacrifice.


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