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Why Unexplainable.Net Came To Jesus Christ

By Jim McElwee    10/8/12

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My interest in the paranormal started at a young age. My grandmother and other family members were no strangers to the Ouija Board, and my grandmother used to also read tarot cards. We would have regular "Ghost Meetings", play psychic games, and have a grand ole time. I can recall many haunting and stories  that were told to me by family members, and even some severe haunting that taken place in other relative houses. Everything from Ghost Hunting to EVP's to hidden cameras. I was into Ghosts. I remember even building my own EMF meter from a kit I ordered.

The church was not totally separate from my life. Although my parents were not "religious", I was baptized and in my infant years I made my confirmation at a Presbyterian church on my own free will. My sister and I went to church and youth sessions without the direction from our parents. Although when I look back now- I can say I was not really interested in the subject of religion, but more in it for the social gatherings.

As I grew up, I enjoyed cemeteries, grave stone rubbings, tarot cards, witchcraft books, and all sorts of occult gadgets and games. And it wasn't long until I started getting hooked into the UFO / Alien studiese. After my brief 2 years in college I moved in with my girlfriend (current wife now) and I decided to start a Paranormal site "Unexplainable.Net". Over the years the site was molded with advancing technology and I continued to explore the occult topics including Ghosts, Spirits, UFO,s etc. I was determined to make the site very large.

As the site grew- my research continued. I literally spent a decade researching almost ALL the government projects, time travel, alien encounters, witch covenants, and theories. From Project Bluebook, to Montauk Project, to Philadelphia Experiment, to Billy Meier, to Aleister Crowley's Golden Dawn, I was well versed in the new-age subjects. I remember learning about the Golden dawn and practicing the banishing of the pentagram rituals even before I was in college- around 1995 time era. There are probably very few UFO and Paranormal subjects I haven't studies in depth.

I read about the Mayan 12/21/2012 date back in the year 2002. I even wrote an article on 2012 back in 2003 which can still be found on www.unexplainable.net somewhere. And this 2012 studying quickly brought me to start believing humans were undergoing an ascension process. I already knew without doubt that the supernatural was indeed real and there are forces greater that I could ever imagine, so my mind was open and ready to absorb anything that was thrown at me.

I was quickly lead down the trail of self-godliness. I was fully immersed with the "Awakening" and truly hoped and thought Earth was going through a vibrational shift and that humans were on the verge of being upgraded. I listened to all the great speakers, David Wilcock, Jordan Maxwell, Carl Calleman, David Icke, and many others. The subjects zipped by covering areas like the Andromeda Council, Zeta Reticuli Aliens, Pleiadians , Ancient Aliens, and so many more I can not even begin to cover them all in this article. I read numerous books by authors like "Drunvalo Melchizedek" who spoke about the conscious grids, the collective consciousness, the ancients, geometry in nature, and many other, what seemed to be, beautiful subjects.  There were so many far fetching theories being tossed around and all these authors had 1 thing in common.  None agreed on the underlying points and everyone had their own spin on the subjects.  The only thing they did agree on was that JESUS is not the way and that WE are the creators and will become GOD.

When I was listening to these intelligent speakers mentioned above- I slowly came to realize that almost ALL OF THEM used quotes from the BIBLE as their proof and backups.  But they ALL refused to accept JESUS as the savior. David Icke told us that he had an experience with Jesus on the cross and David Icke felt his pain and Jesus did not die- he actually lived through the crucifixion. David Wilcock tells us that if we put Ghandi, Mohammad, Jesus, and all other avatars around a round-table they will all hash it out and agree that the teachings are ALL THE SAME.. Jordan Maxwell spends his life connecting god to Sun Worship and takes the bible out of context time and time again.

When I looked a little deeper into these people and great speakers, I realized ALL of them were getting their information from "Channeling Spirits or Aliens".  David Wilcock channels the Egyptian RA who helped bury the ancient records, David Icke and Jordan Maxwell both channel different entities for info, along with each and every one of them.  I am sure there are exceptions and some who made their theories up for themselves- but it was slowly becoming apparent that these theories of life were coming from the dark forces.

This revelation, that all the famous "New-Age" speakers were being guided by demonic channeling, quickly led me to the Bible.  And within the pages of the BIBLE is where I finally came to truth. It's the truth that has been right under my nose the entire time. Jesus is indeed Lord! You see- even in the first days Lucifer was promoting the lie to Adam and Eve that we can become Gods by sinning. And to this day he is still telling us that lie.

The bible tells us about these demons and Jesus tells us how we can cast down these demons, and Jesus is the only one who is guiding us to the father. When I first realized this I was twisted inside because I have led a life of sin and rejected the thought of Jesus. My own ego could not let me accept that I am subject to the rules of another and that I am not and never will be as powerful as the one true God.

I am not yet well versed with biblical passages- but I have been reading the bible daily since my revelation. So the conclusion of this article will attempt to explain some of the points of the Bible that I never understood before.

God is PERFECT, therefore God created a PERFECT SYSTEM. Some ask then why is there pain and judgment? The answer is quite simply, A perfect system requires perfect judgment. If we were ALL Gods and all were destined to become ONE as other theories suggest, there would be no consequence for living evil. A perfect system CAN NOT treat Evil as equal to Good. And since Heaven is a perfect place- it can only be inhabited by those without sin. BUT this brings us to a problem because were ALL sinners so NONE of us can go to heaven in this perfect system. BUT God had another plan.

GOD knew he must keep the system perfect and he loved us so much that he created the PERFECT SUBSTITUTION for our sin. He gave us a redeemer for our sin by sacrificing his son Jesus Christ to forgive our sins. Jesus led a life WITHOUT SIN. He lived the PERFECT LIFE and his life was TAKEN AWAY so we all have eternal life. This in all completes the "Perfect System".

The Holy Bible answers all questions. Many will argue that the Bible contradicts itself- BUT there are NO CONTRADICTION IN THE BIBLE. The only contradictions are contradictions in translation. The bible tells us EXACTLY what will transpire and explains each main event in detail. The bible has ALWAYS BEEN HISTORICALLY CORRECT and the Bible is more than 25% prophecy! The bible contains about 2500 prophecies in which about 2000 already came to pass with precise accuracy. And you can bet your socks the remaining 500 prophecies will be unfolding just as the bible says in these remaining days. Everything in the bible HAS or WILL come to pass.

The Old Testament was given with promise of the redeemer to come. Sure enough Jesus came as promised and fulfilled his fathers prophecy perfectly and now we have the New Testament. The Old Testament is the New Concealed and the New Testament is the Old Revealed! Knowing this we can realize without doubt that we are indeed in the end times and time is running short to accept JESUS as our savior.

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