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Alternative kung-fu
Posted In: Self Improvement  11/4/05
By: Spellhawk

A martial artist at creation.

This is to sum it up and to create an understanding, as with several different styles of kung-fu or idea. I am a martial artist of varied skill and made up several ways of combining them, the skills so far known.

jysu = jitsu is the use of martial arts with mysticism, and playing with illusion as anything goes martial arts.
A quote by teacher 'To brute strength identity the force and count it as yours, and that makes it of use.' This includes
shapeshifting as a practical illusion;
Shitsu is using the shit of body or items such as objects and fecal, to get pleasure as with all natural arts of identification. but to some it can make people sick. In shitsu most people might be disinterested by the drug usage. You might smell like shit but the idea is correctional to those around, to bring any thing to get your result thats not of use by others. Sorta like anything goes martial arts but its anything thats usable and objective with no attempt to attain a goal that attacks the person.

But therin is an unnatural skill item manipulation and last ditch cannabalism or other foods from those that died naturally and not by you or us. The truth is that it doesn't measure up by proxy or the main idea, of what martial footsu or the art of powerful kick or fist is as the saying goes from Noreaga (nor'e'aga), with lying purposely to suit the purpose thanks to Jay, or to gain the ability to tell a white lie. To control the rage and confusion is the control of beserkness and the shifting.

lyfsu = lifsu: pursuit of life and manhunting, 'art of life and the art of well living and doing, leave no enemies by gain none if possible a peaceful manner', from Norewega by saying, 'bonzu is the art of life existance and growing plants better and speaking better.';
bonk (from bonchus): 1. Considered in motion the animate/inanimate can work for you, as people are into better skill by a bonk off the bonsu (as bonzu) tree, idea 'the art of bonk', and for fighting they can go beserk states including weird efforts to get well or win. Like off statements to upset or confuse with projection by Jitsu. Purity is used of sensing aura and badness of boldness in others as in for karmatic senses. For the bold are useful of getting us places. In bonk you have to accept by expecting the blow to get somewhere with your blow and expect strange effects read as a charm. Use any fighting skill as anything goes mixed with conventional conversation, thanks to Jay from examples. To create the most use a consensus and it reoccurs a just idea. Thanks to CJ in example.

In bonk, to use the owner as a tool to do as you design is considered manipulation in practice, as manipulation is sometimes construed as a personal character assasination or personal assault from subduance. The most obvious is the most unlooked at and things are suspect if too similiar. Honor or leave alone the Astute. 'Try to bonk into terror by long range at first and up close at last into a beserk state, thanks to Art of manipulation and energy by apearing you can confuse and to make desist you drive the honorable away or give surprise until you know you won't be attacked. You can say what you want and not assaulted for it.' This is the art of considerable manipulation where you can be small and appeased by small things.'
2. In order to begin Kasuma, which is the next step of bonk, is to defend without will or to defend and mostly fight instead, where in confinement your in exchange of will as the extended part of your body to act as an energy carrier, used to empower on a touch and with an idea or something watched as the idea, to mutate and change the body. In thought we are the dream and reality by use of standing trance. But headbutts and feeling by force projected away are okay. In esence, your the message and the messenger is a thing.' Thanks to Master sempiji.

Where wunjo the art of open martial fighting or karate the art of defense and similiar like juditsu the art of
defense and attack 'use ki to hit the brick and crack it, Kasuma is to use your hand or body with a projected
forth moment of chi, as an extension of will in attack and defense in some wierd manner. To create immunity from
weakness by strength from others and strength from a potent ability.

This is to correct for things missing and act a freedom figher psychic or otherwise. I concede the point of making amends with people, so I make new ways to create a better method from use of old and some newly implemented in a perfect blend or new ways from thrill and rumour mixed with the known.'

Statements to release the effort by pressure or stress is very useful, like considered martial statements in law, but practiced enough you don't have to say them as they can be auto training,, so feel free to make your own but I prequalified several:
'aya' as 'be released',
'ayba' as a 'be biased, or burdened',
'b-ong' is 'fear that is true by real effect'.
'b-op' or 'mater ke' for 'open minded' or 'mastering' anything.
'boch-it' for bonchitius is to cast a scene of death not on failure but on success.
'cotee' forces people to pee sometimes after a few minutes.
'haiya!' as 'a downward release',
'ha-ja' is hon-jon for 'backward release' or 'backward motion' or 'fear of motion' cause a reverse effort.
'lil-slu' is 'lil slugger' its to change the mind set of the person to accept defeat, as to be defeated including
death of failing the test at hand to make point of senselessness, basically the task at hand is pass or fail and any doubt gets a vision considered night bearance in a nightmare that equals a test of sanity and balance. If death, then the person dies anonymously or alone several times by mental scene as he/she dies.
The true nightmare is the person does it to himself and saying 'you do it to yourself' might save the person if your willing to give up on attacking yourself, but honor or being alone in a strong sense of the word will doom you if your bullish. As it can go to the physical world as its born by energy until you give up on defeating yourself. This was gotten by a Anime program with mention of lil-slugger. Theres another idea thats to use a night scene to cause destruction and is similiar named with the same result as a lil-slugger/lil-death.
'pseudo-chop' or 'pseudo-kick' as a pseudo chop and kick that effects as you do the actual cop or kick. As it causes from a distance a hit to the object, or person from the energy of your ki or chi.
'seop' or ' dee-segga' is 'death force' and 'death act of suicide' by any act.
'og-nal' for 'queer' or 'make strange and mutable' to be spoken to.
3. Wong is the considerace of possible outcomes in as a vision and to use the result of the best sight, this is also a weyr, to bear the fact of what happens and by use of what is a good outcome is bearing the same result as the Wong, you get somewhere. Its the next stage of the Bonk, to be able to stand and deliver with a body that seems slender but spiritually fat and indulge by intent to absorb anything that comes your way. On sight your assumed wealthy and respected as if you were fat. But the person who sees you will follow anything said with reconsiderance to the subject. To be a true leader without the fat and stay understood even if insane. Crazyness can be accounted for by trying the technique in the first place. To
do it right use the above mentioned, as with power stricken don't use power driven and recoup what is lost. So effortless is this that you can suggest easily and never need a fight except with visions. Basically feel the fat go to the spirit and when you hold in the stomach (Fo' no slouching), when you eat it could get better as the spirit takes the extra weight and gives the infinite energy capacity as fat = stored energy.

There won't be any notices as noise to alert yourself if it works, except to gain muscle as weight or fat if no exercise. If spiritually obese, you could be moving slower unless your spiritually slim from living. The study the phenomenon as a pseudo diet, to get the idea of no body weight gain or your not drinking enough water or watered down stuff. Base your conception on the cool and not ever angry but unprovokable nice person. The spirit is an inversed negative of the inphys (physical body), so if you send your weight to the show of force and the spirit sends its weight, as a source of energy then you've doubled the outcome but lost weight of body. Spirits can look thin but absorb excess, and drive the weight down as the person moves with necessity. even mentally its like a hundred pound weight thats dragging you down but your thin in appearance.

This will allow a bullet shot and you won't feel it or a normal pain and it disappears with some fat loss. I thinks the spirit blunts the blow, but the body eats up some weight to reject the damage. 'They aren't sorry kimosabe.' from the old west. 'To understand is a beginning but to doctrine then you've learned. Count this as expersience (experience as a expertise), where you use others bias to get places with wisdom. Where a genious is to be using your own idea with other mixed in bias.' To be beginning with nothing and then to write it down gets your understanding, as I think you have to research it, then you need practice to get the idea in worth or work (balance from perdition or premonition) is through expersiece, For a genious level is to undegradation as to use others idea with your own is to use bias mixed in with your own thanks to Rev. John Fischer who quoted 'Psalm 108, To bear pas quo superstition is to look thin with spirit being fat.'
4. The focus of this is hu'jai'la as kujali or Foo, art of effect with focused force to motion and to create
energy from nothing that fools the senses. More from googling the.underground on search terms.
5. To program with thought: beautiful is in service by bold, ritju or ritual is bold, worship and seem/ing
is for real, hang is to meet and horrid is avoidable, to bear is to risk anything from forbearance, Honor
is to break from the bad or similiar ceasing assault.

hutsu = hurtsu by lavender dur'wong is a train of thought to pain endurance training, while training or torturing
others. It trains into yourself a reaction of hurtful behaviour to crooks and disruptives or to automatically id
the crooks and get them out of there, now the art of directive speach is to focus the mind on 'the force as is
identified as my own.'

To put forth and get results is the secondary idea, but you get the focus with desire to do as needed. This follows a code of conduct, 'puyico' punitiive code to be puny but hold a large dynamite punch. To control rage to be undestructive, But the last effort counts if not with fire, remember this 'to put out greek fire and oily chemical use baking soda or smother it with a wet cloth but not flowing water except for the area around the flame, as small packages come in large explosive packages." quote by E-ihmahl.

A specialty is to use deadly pressure points with heart to cause heart damage, outward pain force, eye pulling or putting the eye out and very similiar with skilled practicioners; pursu is the negative emotional artform of hurtsu, as the art of pursuits but with truth "not many care unless its spoken of expertly" by Norewega, for 'why mention it if you didn't care to look.'

Any art is done magical or otherwise but the more mundane art the better, Shapeshifting is an art of shape forming in/on yourself also followed in jitsu as in hurtsu and pursu.

Nenjetsu = Shensu, To contribute with an idea to achieve concent toward a goal and make allow freeing a person of personal problems, by tricks to find out and considerance of the time that thier in meeting and enjoyment. The motto is the same 'To show respect and choose correctly with litte or no mistakes, make allowane for mistakes by corrective actions. For to really go overboard can get you killed, trial to not go overboard and make light of the moment.' Thier motto is to do things by themselves for others and tempt fate. Trying to help and making peple laugh is an example. Endure the moment to get better results. Feel poisons are to cure like gingivitus by Peninsulin or kill by disrupting the body by personal means like Concillus to cause colin cancer. or carcinogens to create bad lungs with patricide, as perfectionism and bad deals can make for hazard but personal identity doesn't matter. Use idea and purpose set by others or to balance the situation with disturbing concepts or things and repute of chastised with peace of mind to both parties. (c) Joshua Leap altered by permission.

Now we got the tenents down, we start by practicing poison resistance, and usage of concepts made from others with our own intention i dependance of the situation and how we feel. Looking and observing to get details and usage of good spying to get the best idea. Place items that report to you from recordings sent and understood as something else. Use persona reposts to get attention of the right people and get support. Prevent theft if possible but if some steal then steal from them.Then attain a frienship. Fix as you see fit and as is necessary, use punishments on enemies and make it a good thing (happy thing) for a deed of choice. The idea (ka) or kill all who use against you or your friend that shouldn't be in usage. You have been observed by dervance so be good. Use the game of life as an example of how to treat people, choose the best option of a choice and see a game of the event that allows for a spoken idea. To show respect and get your desire by achieving the right choice, to play the persona that is chosen.

Revise to fix the moment and triumph over evil and misincorporated thoughts. Be at appeased peace with yourself or be appeased to allow good thoughts. As you get a good effect or grandstanding of the area on any thought. Try to use insights and give them away as a consolation prize and as the best idea, but don't openly use them unless in writing with some idea of whom you gave it to. Get retribution as to large slights but dismiss the small ones with a laugh and this also gets rid of enchantments. Due note: the Shensu artist is likely to cause disbelief/belief and gain friends just by just by some idea of who you gave it to with attempting it. Otherwise its to create problems by attracting them, the affesive or offensive types through defense of another 'attempt'. Usually from those that attack your friend that don't care that you did it but they lost a 'target' and get angered. Don't attempt and don't do it as it gets anger. So please use forbearance of thier personal zone and attempt things not against thier beliefs, and not allocated to your goal or alterior motives. Albeit this is a seeming double identity idea of character assasination, don't go with the belief.' To belive in an attempt of invasion of personal zones and have fun at it gets a reprimand of sorts not looked for including all sorts of destructions. All to the general belief of personal privacy and character assasination or know its arson";

Shiensu: The Kung-fu style is to do until you get the skill by improvement on any one effort thanks to Anonymous. To cease actions is a good thing when something goes too far and prevents discrepancy. To cause concent and bequeeth me to double your effort by practice with others or self-practice by yourself (c) Joshua Leap. Thiers no such thing as a perfect match unless its belived (believed) by you and the temerity makes people, that lead true heroes likely to make a dent in the world. Hero worship is quite likely and causes a dent of another type. To find a godlike/demigodlike person and to deal with them by use the effort that they do and compliment them with a word gift of similiar. But not of hospital types with an ill person as they are likely to kill each other. Quote by Anonymous 'Thats exactly what danny does! Albeit large, he's very civil and a cruel trickster.' To put a light in your eye and make us leaders of ourselves thanks to Jenny. To be believed by perception, is percieve by belief and can get misperceptions. This is the way to create an easy life by use of compliments to others and seem to agree. Yet you can get anything you wish through a will of your own. Things you look at aren't to good by compliance so use a third person view for your own perspective, Upstage is to correct and make it your own idea, when sometimes in front of the original person. The point is to use civility and a legacy by kung-fu to make or create an improvement, by tenacious practice and effort to achieve a more efficient concept.

Try hands on accomplishment to get away from life in an overcompensation to get married of a logical relation for consolence or to get effort doubled, from the true meaning of life that you decide on to get anywhere you want. I use to be better by consistent practice and drinks that are of many sorts. To work for a living and hope for a better life of personal freedom and disaster by achievement from bad idea not backed up or a second opinion but avoid smut if possible. This is to create a perfect identity and better personal life. To not care for things of concent and look to getting more of life unless necessary, like life from walking down a road and you meet with a purgusias (perfectionist and purger of information) or incidentalist and unless you have a desire in mind, have considerate idea in mind. This allows informing and giving the best idea away from others insight or best object by others concent for use by others as if borrowed. You retain the right to create what you want but you own the idea and object. To create a conceit (conciet) from dicking the idea into perfect blend for the benefit of the idea and don't doubt unless its expected. Know it before you see it or fall by blind hope. This is created by Josh and BJ and altered with permission by Jenny whom was wrote in (wrop), I was using hers and mine idea by what she did and how I reacted (c) Bill.

'To shift idea use a considerance and with your reaction is the junction of your position, allowing the thoughts of what occurred with occurrance to shift you home.' Quote by Norewega. It follows this rule, To react to a situation is to shift your mental place and if circumstances are bad enough. With enough fear or you don't agree with it, then your body shifts yourself and you are where want to be, and this is aided by walking through a doorframe or gridtravel. The attempt of circumvention is to do it to someone else. 'Where I am is where I am, so where I was don't be to dumb for heretics as they can attempt a destructive action on your attempt. Lay things out (not human or to kill) as to make an easy and immediate plan of action. When they realize your in the know they might kill you or run when they can't.' quote by Galen from examples.

To contract and deliver or consider another way is to get your own way and freely. Operate with a hope or emotion and desist by that which can get dismissal of contract, 'be quiet about it' as to don't deinterest others by leaving out things with coaxing, if anything don't deliberate and assume you can't be hurt. Instead use a impress by presense or pretense and facts approach. So the trick is to make it too difficult and yet trap the people who did it, into your planned debt or demise to kill them off, or to larot by trapping into thier own debilitation by looked for demise set for you. They didn't do it if they are too good or didn't do the deed as if tricked into it. If this doesn't work then state what you want of those who transpire illegally, to be understood as another form or to speak to a set place that they pass through and tell the area concience to transform them.

Two consolates or people with afflictions of original idea (comspecs), with circumstances that provide on call division to unsolved mysteries for insults and idea consensus. Make for uncut medium or uncalled for consistency, identified by open minded business in considered transaction by training. Be on your own till the moment of consistence (concerpts). For a moment on congratulations, try as a moment in movement might be to be consoled by movement of concern or cancelled debt (councel). By use of the Shiensu is to coax monsters, to not be monsters from falsely accrued desire and by being deliberate you get nowhere 'by progress' unless the other nearby is allowing. So according to this there is three chances, to win through, do not trial, or to be slain at the heart construed to win at all, by giving in to ecstacy (sweet moment by feel) and lose it all by horror or deadpan where you stand. To give a chance to succeed and try to make ends meet, and not fail unless necessary. Your words in the end will save you.


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