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Five ways towards positive thinking
Posted In: Self Improvement  11/27/07
By: Asif Raza

“If I can conceive it and believe it, I can achieve it. It's not my aptitude but my attitude that will determine my altitude—with a little intestinal fortitude!”
Jesse Jackson- U.S. clergyman, civil rights leader, and politician.

Positive thinking is to focus on good thoughts rather than bad one. It is beneficial and producing constructive results. It leads to live active and highly determined life where self-esteem is crucial. It encourages young people to conduct moral behavior. It indicates growth, response and motivation in individuals. Here are 5 ways for positive thinking.

1.    Note down three things daily that went good and sound
It is very influential approach and it proves to your first hand positive mantle strength. It has a significant effect in treating stress, depression and anxiety. As it acts like psychotherapy, it improves the energy level, physical health and relieves from pain and exhaustion.
2.    Recognize your potency weekly and use them in artistic ways in further activities
This approach also significantly boosts your social sense and makes you feel more engaged at work of welfare and well being of others. It is estimated that an average person uses only 37% of his possible strength in his daily work routine, while a ‘highly engaged individuals’ uses 70 % of his potential in one week. So by recognizing your potential
3.    Visualize and write down your finest promising self in a time decade
This is a confidence and motivation building exercise that leads a person to think about his life dreams, high aims and increases his upbeat attitude, enhances hid self-regulation and confidence. It is because of the fact that psychologists believe that optimism is a good shield against gloominess and disappointment. It is further associated with good physical health and longer life.

4.    Put down a gratitude letter to your dear one.
If you are grateful to someone by his kind conduct and attitude or any favour among your parents, friends, teachers or any one you are interacting with, please do write to them for gratefulness or appreciation. You post that letter of thankfulness by your own self and read it aloud if possible.
5.    Perform charity and social work regularly.
Be generous, big hearted and engage yourself in social welfare activities. It will make your life more pleasurable and congenial. Always behave with positive Image and try to make a habit of ‘caring others’. It is very important gesture. You should avoid social evils and promote human values.


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