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Power balance
Posted In: Self Improvement  7/23/05
By: Skyhawk

Here is the idea as put forward by the book "The web of Life" by Fritjof Capra for human power balance and it describes the power balances that people are doing nowadays from the middle ages. With the additional motions of people and how science was made. There are hundreds of ideas on biology to most other sciences including cybernetics. The represented idea came from unrepresented people yet they arent noticed even if thier idea are. This means the government representatives and writers are using the ideas of unseen people that they serve by being officials and the unseen people sometimes get overlooked enough to cause disgruntlement. When disgruntlement shows itself, they give credit to them for thier achievement by payment of favor yet this does only to restart the cycle.

For when the cycle restarts then people either get a new chance to give the information or simply refuse because when asked, they werent given credit or they go by pride. Out of pride there is few choices, but not help out or break down and reconsider. What most people find today is the persitency of refusal and the reaction of stealing from peoples reaction to others responses that causes pain. This is what most scientists do sometimes as they "borrow" the material for developement of thier ideas and give credit later. Through solipsism or over-assertion of the self; nor less, leading to humans being treated as mere objects groups.

What the book really teaches is sytems thinking, in which "the whole doesn't make up the parts." Meaning most things are made up of more than what is apparent ae the social structure and what our roles are in it. This is an example for the male dominated society compared to todays time and what we live in. Such as domination through power exerted over others. With this thinking, any agreement needs a disagreement, for without a conflict there would be no reason to agree. The agreements are to be partison and separate without notice of others unless they agree to talk to each other by meeting. Unless the agreement was to disagree and argue thus there would be no peace. The other way of thinking is a "network" value system where there are shared values and cooperation with equal oppurtunities through a deep ecology. In this deep ecology all living things are bound together om network of independencies that make up a "one mind" and where everything is alive and is a part of the whole. This is seen in science and biology with relation to all living things and symbology ae ying yang and the general forces of dark/light.

This indicates that dark isn't evil and light isn't good albeit the truth of the alternative system. Where good rules over evil through dominance and consideration whereas evil usurps good through subtle manipulation, reason and brutality. This indicates dark is a virtual evil and light is a virtual good in a version of good/evil that actually does no harm and is built off general efficiency. Fritjof exchanges the ideas of evil and good with dark and light. Described below are the idea of dark and light with evil and good. The things of note are the similiarities between the two groups. The pictures below are the resemblance to light/dark and good/evil. Light/dark in this case is balance, cooperation, values, I think ying/yang is good/evil, perfection, power and competition for "the seeds of another are in each other".

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