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Void mastery
Posted In: Self Improvement  7/1/05
By: skyhawk

Void mastery

Void mastery is the mastery of nothing, to cause the event of desire. The event occurs by the fact void is substance, yet negative in nature and substance is void yet positive in nature, meaning void is nothing and substance is material yet we can create anything from void through focus. There are several things you may do with void that focuses the void ability even more. I did these things but after several minutes to days of trying, did I get result. To use void is to go insane after awhile, but if you do positive actions or have a goal you won't go insane as the goal or activity will force away the insanity. When most are achieved ae methods, then you've learned void kung fu.

These things are:

void philosophy
air walk

Void philosophy by Warwick

Authors note: using this idea below as a philosophy could get you into trouble. Since
it seems that to triumph may bring hazard upon others for this brings no morals. An example of
this is to lead someone astray and then not feel guilty. As anyone has feelings, and thoughts
are sometimes idea to be left alone. So consider void as a negative, the reason behind this is
to percieve and know void as a force, where gaining something is bad or negative except the
usage is positive or a good thing. Where in math a negative times a negative is a positive,
and two with two go together with something applied with each other, added by Samantha. Where
the challenge of this is to be a good mathmatician and adventure where none have been or at
least survive. One, you could save yourself the time and attempt to calculate the distance
between here and there, or how much food you need and how much is left for the duration. So
if you understand this, as in agreement, then your insane because with no moral basis theres
no growth. By readin the philosophy you might become crazy or insane, which I percieve the
mindset of the author. I notice the author is sane at the beginning, but insane at the end.
If you find yourself crazy or insane, and babbling, then slap yourself or do something out of
order, unless you did it on purpose. Bepwar oneam.

The material

The way of void is to make amends for the wrongs by allowing void to absorb your own
wrongs as a temporary measure of allowance. Where the full measure is to own up to the problem
and see the truth for yourself. Allow disbelief of idea and that you can do as needed by
suspension of disbelief. Where void = nothingness = radiation particles = dark matter =
something solid or supportive like a brace. If its not there, then you fail utterly and
achieve nothing where particles hold the object together by a brace. Yet if thiers nothing
then your near perfection as you don't have much to worry on except never say never. Which is
nothing, unless you want to do things by need or to achieve things. So seek nothing unless you
have something to work toward like attend a goal. This says to see things as useful and as your
with useful things, then it, the useful thing, at some point ends its usefulness as an idea.

For to use an item or idea ends the lifespan or moment of the item per use. Only to cause a
new thing with each use. Thus the dangerous point is to believe in nothing, where one could
achieve something without any need, of much and added to this the fact nothing goes to nothing
without much and things could go downhill after. If this happens, then be careful of need that
allows you to carelessly throw things away and with a emotional response, and then thiers
possibility of giving away things for free as charity with a insane motion. When it, the toss,
happens try not to throw away important things where the mood hits you. So in truth, nothingness
is in between you and somewhere, so there in truth is no actual distance except for appearances,
so seek balance to get somewhere as its wise to something for less or to gain more. Then you can
communicate to others.

For to use an item or idea ends the lifespan and moment of the item per use. Only
to cause a new thing or event with each use. Thus the dangerous point is to believe in
nothing, one could achieve something without any need of much because the actual case is
to know the basis of what you see before you can get somewhere, for the fact something goes
to nothing without much in a downhill motion. If this happens, then be careful of need that
allows you to carelessly throw things away but with a emotional response, and then thiers
possibility of giving away things for free. When it, the toss, happens try not to throw away
important things. So in truth, nothingness is in between you and me, so seek balance to get
somewhere and get something for less or to gain more. Thiers the sanguinity effect, I saw the
effort as a person gets something and to gain the item for nothing, your observed and that
person might take it away. To avoid this tell the person how to get it, if not a policymaker.
For the policymaker might make it harder to do.

Due to diverse nature of opposites that attract each other, people tend to seek and
fill the emptiness caused by nothing, so they can get somewhere in life and along with other
beings. Thus if blame happens to me, I think of the idea that I actually own nothing, so I
think nothing of the blame and it disappears. Think compassion comes into play if you seek
compassion and correct for bad views. Just to fill up the void and to see things as you may.
The effort of filling up the void lets yourself gain or lose without guilt, I treat it like
a hand-me down. Osmosis is like this as people absorb directed voice as radiation to glean
information and to use it, for the prospective uses or abuses. Let use of void to disturb
things with chaos, dispersion of energy with a projected thought, and jealousy or other felt
emotion that can cause trouble, let void take form with a decision and feel the void absorb
the trouble, then dissipate by letting go. So to sum this up, nothing goes from nothing to
something and to nothing again. Where nothing is loneliness and insanity or craziness, try
to divert the attention and give a good excuse.

Seek to fill in for missing parts and your trying to be compassionate so your
nothingness disappears, and everything exists for you or others unless the time is right,
and know the item disappears from usage, only to see another form of the right things of a
similiar time and type again except for a small distinguished difference. Everything is just
a pattern of particles in solid form and motion, but can one touch a thought except for the
feel and know of it? If so, then the thought was produced as a product, (changed by smith and
gleason). The nature of a thought is inverse and lawless as you yourself may have thoughts but
as I remember, none can keep us from it, the thought.

In narcissism, which is void philosophy at the core that can bring on larceny as a
state of mind, people are useless to others except to themselves until the need or desire
is felt, to bring results and to prove themselves out. This can cause in psychological terms,
suicide unless the pain is dealt with in some manner. Otherwise they exist for themselves and
others second but we're just here, for without need theres no life and no pain and no gain
except for nothing but void. So when designing something, and you don't want peoples
destructive interference through pain and jealousy. Try not to be obvious as its possible for
disruption. Narcissists and other similiar ilk are tempted by the idea of fame and notoriety,
larceny is also a plotted crime for the good feeling of it or for the better end of the person.
The action, as it can also happen from this, the philosophy of void, and without pain because
void tends to be absorbative and brings a calmness to the spirit as if its possible that
void controlled the persons fate. To disrupt as they seem to think they rule the area with
disruptive destruction. The claimant is to have been possesed but the person allows the
void or controls with nothing.

To control or work with others, think your unimportant and then others come to
importance first, because the fact is I see more people pissed at work because they try
to undermine others. Beware where the effort of doing things for gain is part of the illusion
of life and life is not forfeit, but unreal until you make a difference. In this case if unreal,
its not going to happen. When this is truth, think of a hostage situation and if your hands
are steady, try to kill the attackee to save the hostage or talk the hostager, out of holding
the hostage with promises and guilt. This act will bring to a person a sanity and life real
for youreself, it did for me and I now consider reality instead of the false reality of life
except to manipulate it for others in a game of chance. Like russian roulet and one bullet. To
make a safe area, try for getting a police patrol and safeguard the area. For none I know,
except a few in pain would attempt an alleged illegal action and get hurt for it. With possible
seclusion you can get rid of the pain and motion peace and then there won't be crime. But when
there is no controlling or confronting force, then most won't attempt unless its for values.
This, thier intent, is because of bad pain from lack of privledges and resources along with
an inner balance. Like things that get thier interest and yet one can dodg


Focus is what you achieve in void mastery, to achieve any event. To begin, use belief of nothing to get something by believing that nothingness will support you. State the word "cosmio" for control of void near a lit candle. Then by using your imagination you may cause any event, to occur and make happen that you feel is right. Focus on the idea to make happen and feel it occur while feeling hard within, then it should make itself known to you by giving you a vision or the event plays itself out as in an act in front of you while you attempt ae prescience. State aloud the desire you feel or write it down in some manner for better results. When you get an impression while using void, you find its like you must achieve it for its like hypnotism. An example, is that you imagine a scenario of a fight from a book that will have happened sometime after you saw it mentally or imagine peace in an area where there is none and that peace may happen by circumstance. Do be aware of where you are and when you change things, watchful people who see auras can detect it.


Communication by void is the act of focus or thought on or of a person, then state or think your message. Let go your focus to end the message, yet don't rethink of the person or they will hear your thoughts again. If that voice is heard they could get irritated and seek or destroy to stop the nuisance. This process makes the process clearer as a clear phone communication except its any distance without the phone, and even in loud noises will it be with clarity.


Illusions are the effect of focusing with an image of you, or others to effect multiple you images. These can be real till you want them not there, and as many as you need wherever you desire. To do this right, imagine or think on yourself standing right where you, want and make yourself do things by instinct percieved images to detail what is going on, and impulse the body for bodily control. Whence done you will be aware of what, your body images do per amount of focus the images take a small bit of focus the more images, the more focus and more distracted you get. If too many then te void master will be very weak.


Shadowform will allow the person to become a shade, so you can walk through walls or other things including the shadow road that goes anyroad. This tends to drive a person insane in the process of conversion. Yet to convert you must stab yourself through the heart thinking on shadowform and state out loud "shadowform", to make it happen the void will allow if you believe. To get back to normal, think of yourself and say or think "ashes to ashes, dust to life." In shadow form there is the prospect to do anything, of desire while you are shadow including taking your normal form again not having to eat. The form allows you to practice endlessly work without tire, till you run out of energy then you sleep to regain.

Air walk

Air walking is the way of walking on air like a airy stairstep, except void gives the air solidity thus you effortlessly soar like your flying. With this you can touch the cieling. To do this, think air is a support then walk on the air or think where you want to go, and step up to where you wanna go on air steps. This takes so many days of practice, and so many attemps to master as you need yet watching someone else do it allows you to figure the technique out quicker.


Creation is the will to create things, from the void itself. This is simple yet will find the easiest use by acting as if the object is there, yet believing its thier all the same. Continue to believe the object exists till it appears fully in some manner. This also is called a summoning, for the idea of it. The object is there yet won't be seen, till you want it seen and appears like an illusion. So feed it your energy and it will be more realistic and become seen and real. A human body may make three objects a day, till it needs rest or the body dies by shrivelling or old age.


The shift is the ability of the body to shift any place, by void, To do this first part see where you are going, by photo or being there at least once. Feel the emptiness to fill you and think on the place, will yourself to be where you want or desire. Then imagine yourself go forward through a tunnel, till you feel you reached the end then you should disappear. Focus on the area to be where you want to go, then it should happen easier. Say "bt" (bet) if you can't do it, or to make it easier. To get back say "bring me back to where I came".

To use doorways for the same effects, is to find your way by focusing where you want to go then go through a doorway. Feel the void fill you with emptiness, and think where you wanna go as you walk through the open door. As you go through your body will feel a shift or not, If so then you will be thier inphysically or physically, thus its by impulse you make the body thier do things and yet the body can do things on its own. Vision that you see whats going on, to interact. Alternatively, you may feel your other body go places while observing and see with his eyes. Yet if your thier by body in physical self, then you will not be needing to control the other self. The same word "bt" (bet) still applies to make it easier. To get back say "bring me back to where I came" and you will cease to exist as to where you went.

The second part of shift is to shift objects, by filling with void and hold the object. See the object and feel the object, form in another place, see the object appearing where you want it to be. Say "bt" (bet), to help the object disappear. Once gone the objects gone, so don't send things you don't intend or it could be misinterpreted.


Martial arts class


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