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We Are As Gods
Posted In: Self Improvement  12/6/06
By: Jeffry R .Palmer

The spiritual self knows that it is part of a universal energy ecosystem. It is attached to the physical self but has no real boundaries. The spiritual or energetic self is capable of traveling through time, space and dimensions or alternate planes of existence. The physical self is bound to the present, it is bound to the limitations of its origin and it cannot travel as the spiritual self does, without resistance from the constraints insisted on by the laws of physics.

Our thoughts are both spiritual and physical in nature. In much the same way that light is both particle and energy; thought has a duality of existence. In the physical form, thought is represented by the mechanism of electro-chemical reactions and synaptic, neural network communications within the brain. In the spiritual sense, thought can be considered unbound by the physical shell of the human body. This is the philosophical element to any discussion about the nature of thought. Thought is internal yet it affects the outer world. Thought is immaterial yet it causes physical reactions and responses. Thought provides an invisible bridge between physical and spiritual realities.

Recently, researchers at John Hopkins University have been studying the speed of thought, or rather the speed at which one is able to comprehend a thing. Test subjects were asked to identify images of several objects while being monitored at various parts of the brain by electrodes. The researchers found that the average time of comprehension was 300 hundred thousandths of a second. In this way the physical aspect of thought can be measured, at least in terms of speed. Is it possible to measure the speed of an idea or a memory? Is it possible to measure the worth or value of any one particular thought?

There is a branch of genetic science which deals with thought known as intelligence genetics. Intelligence genetics examines how much and by what manners our mental abilities and capacities are affected by our genes. Genetic researchers have discovered that parents with high intelligence quotients tend to have children with high intelligence quotients, whilst parents with low IQ’s tend to have children with low IQ’s. Has this type of research proven that we are slaves to our DNA? No, in fact, intelligence may be more dependent on a child’s environment than genetic inheritance, specifically the quality and quantity of education that he or she receives. Being raised in an intellectual home with intelligent parents logically tends to increase a child’s intelligence level.

Research into speeds of comprehension and intelligence do not offer much insight into the true nature of thought. They cannot supply any adequate explanation for the spiritual aspect of thinking; they cannot explain dreams or memories, in many of their models such things should not exist. We have surpassed the limitations imposed by genetic encoding. We exist. But we are not solely physical beings. We have spiritual selves. We have the capacity to plan and build, to create and imagine, to defy biological limitations and physical restraints. We have the power to destroy the world or to save it. The energy of our thoughts flow through us and affects the world. Compared to the other life on our small planet, we are as gods. What will we do with our power?

Jeffry R. Palmer is the well known author of several books dealing with the subjects of metaphysics, paranormal phenomena and psychic development. His articles and columns have been featured in several popular international magazines. His accurate and detailed psychic predictions, including Hurricane Katrina and the Indonesian tsunami have captured the attention of an international audience.

Personal psychic readings by Mr. Palmer are available through the web site. These psychic readings are kept in strict confidence, cover all aspects of life, are extremely accurate and detailed and are very simple to purchase. Mr. Palmer even offers a 100% money back guarantee to clients if they aren't completely satisfied with their readings.


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