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2012 Great Polar Shift, Time of Revelation, Humans Ascend, Theory
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  2/15/04

I have been fascinated with the great time shift that is scheduled to occur Dec 21 2012. As Theory Says, Between 2004 and 2012, the Earth will make it's shift into the 4th dimension and shortly after to the 5th dimension. Is this another bogus theory, or is it real?

I have been examining this theory piece by piece and I am desperately seeking more information.. Let me go over my knowledge of the Situation as I know now..
Mayan Calendar

Let's start with the Mayan People. Well before Christ in the beginning of mans existence, the Mayan Civilization brought much knowledge to this world. With there complex Math equations, to the most accurate calendar in existence..
The Mayan people Made a calendar that is the world's most accurate calendar ever. Just like our calendar 30 days/12 months the Mayan uses the numbers 20/13. So-far no inaccuracies have been found in the Mayan calendar.. The Tzolkin Calendar left by the Mayans Started recording time in 3,114 BC and the Calendar Ends in 2,012AD. The Mayan Tzolkin Calendar is a Cycle of almost precisely 5,125 days
Keep in mind that the Mayans were thousands of years Before Christ. In the stages of primitive Man. But yet They were able to exactly pinpoint (to the day) the two Venus Transits and when humanity will change forever.
All types of info can be found in google.
It has been Proven By NASA That these calculations were exactly correct. See this page published By NASA This EXTREMELY RARE Alignment will indeed happen in 2012.
Earths Hum
Scientists also know the Frequency Hum in the Earth is Rising. Our Earth Hum was a constant 7.8 Cycle frequency. we used that 7 cycle format for almost all communications since it is the Baseline. In the Past few years, the Earth's Hum is Changing. The Frequency is rising and has been recorded past 11 cycle format. Right now the Earth Raised about 4 solid cycles in frequency measurements.
Earths Poles Flipping
Scientists believe this raise in Frequency goes directly hand and hand with the Poles getting ready to flip. That's right, Earths Magnetic Properties are changing. The North Side Will Soon Point South, and South Will point North. The Earth Will Flip 120 degrees. Think I'm Crazy? Read what the respected Denver Post Published.,1413,36%257E11676%257E1825410,00.html Scientists around the world are aware of this situation. You can find this information in University Websites, Lecture Notes, and Throughout Books and Publications all over. Nasa Publishes about Polar Flipping occurring in Stars, planets, and Solar bodies. Evidence even shows us that Earths Poles have flipped in the past. The last great pole flip occurred intimately 780,000 years ago. This is also a known Fact and BBC News Offers my backup
So-far We Covered the Change of frequency Vibrations given off by the Earth, The Great Polar Flip, The Super Rare Earth Venus Alignment, and The Extremely Accurate Mayan Calendar. Now I am going to go cover how they all fit.
Brain Frequency And Sine Waves
We know that Change in frequency affect the brains reception guidelines. In other words, If you use a frequency brain stimulation machine doctors can enhance, change, and alter a persons senses. If two frequencies are transmitted with a small gap between them, Like 400Hz and 410Hz The brain will even out the difference naturally make the brain produce a 3rd tone. This 3rd tone made by your brain is a pure Sine wave. The sine-wave will be a 10 Hz tone. Experimenting through the whole range of alpha and theta waves ( from 5 - 12 Hz) it was found that a combination of frequencies consistently caused a complete shift in consciousness. So when the Earths Frequencies finish their change, our senses and brain thought pattern will be seriously deformed. Our electrical body pulses that control every move your body makes, will adjust itself to the Earth.
1. The Earth will Complete its 5,200 year Mayan Cycle on Dec 21st 2012.
2. The Great Planetary Alignment (Venus transit) will occur in 2012.
3. The Earth's Poles are due to flip and the Earth is showing signs of the flip approaching
Other References and Supporting Information
The Mayan Calendar Predicts A great change in humanity. We will ether the 4th Dimension than quickly ascend to the 5th dimension. The Government is aware of the situation and can-not control it. They have tried through Brain Washing with the Buzz saw project and Even time travel with the Montauk project to prevent this occurrence.
This site had full interviews with Al Bielek and other witnesses and workers who were involved in the Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk Project.
Drunvalo Melchizedek Is a great teacher that teaches about this occurrence and offers lecture and courses of study. Plenty of info available on him here .
Well I can go on and on about this Amazing Theory.. I want to open this up for conversation..


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