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Hidden Mysteries of Ancient Monuments - I
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  5/28/15

It is a known fact that the pyramids of Egypt line up with the constellation of Orion. And now there’s increasing evidence being provided that the Sphinx, earlier thought to be no more than 6,000 years old, is actually more than 12,000 years old.

The prime evidence that points to the ancient origins of the Sphinx are the unmistakable signs of water erosion, a result of heavy rainfall.

And the deserts of Egypt have not seen flooding for thousands of years. Moreover, around 12,500 years ago, during the Spring Equinox, the Sphinx pointed to the constellation of Leo. Today, it points to the constellation of Taurus.

This is because of the shift in the earth’s rotational axis. And, what does the Sphinx look like? A lion. What does that tell us? That this large monolithic structure is far older than we think it is.

The ancient temples of Angkor Wat, the Stonehenge, the Easter Island statues, the pyramids of Central America…did our ancestors have the technology to create these marvels that in some cases so accurately depict celestial phenomenon.

Even with all the technology available with us today, we may not be able to recreate these masterpieces. And the ancients created those structures before the discovery of the wheel. How?

This strongly suggests that they received external help…help from a civilization more advanced than ours. If so, why did they do it? Maybe, they did it to help a less developed society than their own. Or were they using the earth as a base during their intergalactic travels? There’s another interesting theory.

These monuments serve to hold secrets of our civilization, of where we come from, and these will be revealed to us as we grow as humans, as a race, as a people.

Research shows that the areas and sites of these constructions have very high levels of electromagnetic energy. And when these spots where the earth’s magnetic field has a high concentration are connected, they form a grid. What does the grid do? How does it help the inhabitants of this planet?

When marked out on a map, these sites of ancient structures stand out as nodal points in a grid. It’s as if energy from these nodal points flows to all other parts of this huge grid. What is the nature of this energy? We know this is electromagnetic in nature. But what purpose does it serve?

These questions are not new. As far back as the 4th century B.C, Plato, the great Greek philosopher had suggested that the Earth be looked upon as a grid. What gave him the idea? He said that the structure of the Earth could be mapped to 12 pentagons having 20 vertices on the surface.

How is it possible that the ancients knew of the Earth’s electromagnetic energy and constructed these mega structures at points where this energy is present in greater amounts? Is there a higher energy directing us? Or, is there a secret code to this Earth that the ancients knew but is now lost to us.


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