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Fish Rain From Sky in Australia

By Chris Capps    3/2/10

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From the sky in Lajamanu, Australia, thousands of fish fell from the sky during a freak rainstorm in what appeared to be nothing less than a sign of the apocalypse to some witnesses.  Residents were at least a little perplexed, some even voicing concern over the strange fish, some of which remained alive even after falling to the ground or into barrels or other water containing vessels.  And it isn't the first time this week in Lajamanu.

Several residents, upon first discovering the mysterious nature of the fishy fall, voiced their concern that they may be "losing their marbles" or somehow not really seeing what was actually happening.  After-all, what could possibly be the source of hundreds of fish in the sky?  And why do they keep falling on one town?

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time in history where mysterious precipitation has come from what appears to be a great distance away.  In 1864, for example, in Singapore the town was plagued by a deluge of fish falling from the sky all over the city causing a great deal of damage to property and some limited injury to those present.  In Rhode Island in the year 1900, fish once again fell from the sky all over the place causing many to pause in the street as the mysterious precipitation remained unexplained yet obviously present.  And the phenomenon isn't limited to mere fish either.  In June of 2009 a sudden storm brought with it a hail of frogs which fell on Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan.  And in 1894 jellyfish suddenly rained from the sky over Bath, England.

What could possibly cause such a mysterious phenomena?  Perhaps a clue lies in yet another case, this one happening in 1876 when an unidentified animal was ripped to shreds and subsequently rained from the sky over the course of several minutes.  The creature was assumed to be a cow, but was so finely demolished that locals suspected it to be something else entirely.  Some have said that evaporation, in great volumes could in theory pick up fish or even fish eggs, but this seems incredibly unlikely.  Particularly in the case of a cow or other such large creature.  The only explanation currently is that it's possible that small tornadoes could suck up an area of water as it travels, then pull up the contents of the pond or section of lake or ocean and then, after traveling a long distance, deposit it all in the same place, thus why it will rain animals in one area such as a small town or a village.  This explanation also generally explains the uniformed nature of species and creature types falling from the sky.  The size and shape of the creatures would likely help them remain with the others whereas larger creatures would be dropped off far sooner.

Still, some in Lajamanu are not convinced that this phenomenon has any explanation.  It has, after-all happened twice in the past week with two different rain storms.  Is it possible this could be something else?  The internet has been abuzz with opinion since hours after the event took place, with people suggesting everything from natural phenomena to some sort of plague comparable to those Egypt suffered.  Is it possible there's evidence here of something larger going on?  Or is this story merely a red herring?

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