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Ground Hole a Complete Mystery
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  5/16/11
By: Chris Capps

A mysterious hole opening up in the ground in Bernards, New Jersey has several residents looking not at the sky, but beneath their feet.  The mystery hole opened up last week during the day and scattered it up to 100 feet around the area.  And while the first thought many had while looking at the hole was that it was a crater, still others have quite a different theory.  Is it possible the debris field came from something not going down into the ground, but rather up?

It made no sound, according to state police investigating the residential neighborhood's strange hole.  The dimensions of the anomaly were only ten inches deep, but spread debris around the area in a 100 foot diameter.  If it had been n explosive, the debris would have been intermingled alongside physical and chemical evidence of the device going off under the ground.  No such evidence was gathered during this incident, however.

And while a hole such as this would not ordinarily be big news, the more authorities looked into what could have caused it the more dead ends they ran into.  Jerry Vinski of the Raritan Valley Community College’s planetarium said it could have been made by debris falling from a plane, but when metal detectors were employed to attempt to discover what could have caused it nothing was found either buried beneath the soil or up above the ground.

So if there was nothing in the ground and there was no sign of any chemical coming up, the soil must have been disturbed by something moving very rapidly in the area.  The only explanations the seem logical at this point are both fairly fantastic.  First, there is the possibility that pressurized gas could have been released like a geyser meaning a hot spring could be deeply buried beneath the soil excited by the changing of the season or possibly a series of minor Earthquakes occurring along the East Coast.  Water would not have been detected as a chemical explosion, and would have dried up all the evidence shortly afterward.  If this is the case, then there is the possibility of more explosions resulting in holes in the near future.  The only problem with this explanation is the fact that whatever shot up would have been making little to no sound and then covered itself up once again with debris.

Of course then there is the truly fantastic option.  If a device were able to propel itself into the sky utilizing an unknown means of propulsion, it could have done so and then flown off without anyone on the ground being the wiser and leaving back only its exit as evidence that anything had happened at all.  Small spherical drone style UFOs have indeed been reported in New Jersey in recent history, so is it possible one of these could have been the culprit?  Fantastic perhaps, but it seems we need not simply look at the skies anymore.  The answer may be right underneath our feet.


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