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2/4/14- Demon Picture In Hospital Bed Debunked  
A picture is going viral across the internet with a description of a demon standing on a patients bed before she died. Although there is no doubt that demons and paranormal entities exist, we must use logic and discernment when viewing stories like this.
7/14/13- MythBusters Denied RFID Study By Elite- VIDEO  
Mythbusters was told by Big Banks and other leaders that they were NOT to air the episode on RFID chips..
10/27/12- CNBC Published Eric Holder and Bankers $43 TRILLION Lawsuit and Kids Get MURDERED!!  
BREAKING.... CNBC published the story with he details how Eric Holder, and other scumbag bankers are being accused on racketeering and money laundering. The lawsuit was filed by Spire Law Group, LLP. Within 1 day of the story being published, CNBC senior vice president Kevin Krim found out his children were Murdered! And it looks suspicious...
10/27/12- October Surprise- Hurricane Sandy Conspiracy To Delay Elections  
Hurricane Sandy is eying the east coast and the government is NOT doing anything to deter it off course! We already know USA has the technology to create and control weather, including hurricanes, so why aren't they saving the East Coast from biblical wreckage?
10/5/12- Scientists Discover A Bacteria That Turns Toxins Into 24-Karat Gold!  
Scientists have discovered a type of bacteria that can turn certain toxic chemicals into 24 karat gold! This is not a dream. But before you start looking for these bacteria to make yourself filthy rich, understand that the process is very time consuming and the bacteria only produce gold flakes, not heavy gold bars. But either way, this is quite fascinating.
10/5/12- 5,000 Year Old Vimana Flying Machine Discovered In Afghanistan  
Reports are coming out that an ancient flying machine called a "vimana" has been discovered entrapped in a "time well" in Afghanistan. The most disturbing part of this news is that the American soldiers who discovered it suddenly disappeared when removing it. Could these machines be the remarkable flying ships described an ancient India folklore? And could there be a connection to something even extraterrestrial?
10/2/12- Paranoid Man Kills Entire Family Over Fear Of Obama Reelection  
Albert Peterson, a Washington DC defense contractor, has murdered his entire family over the fear that President Obama might be reelected. As neighbor testimonies tell the story of paranoid man on the edge of insanity, people can not overlook the fact that both he and his wife were prominent defense contractors for the US government and had access to very sensitive information concerning our Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement communities. Is their more to this story? Or is this just another tragic murder committed by a paranoidal man?
9/30/12- Earthquake Expert: Something Is Seriously Wrong  
A leading earthquake expert has gone on record to say that something is seriously wrong with earth. He says that in the past 48 hours their has just been too many strong earthquakes and that he believes that the earth is dangerously close to cracking up. Is the earth's crust breaking apart like what was depicted in the apocalyptic movie 2012? With so many earthquakes that has happened this year, this story might be more fact than fiction.
9/29/12- Alien Mummy Found In Egypt  
Has extraterrestrial mummified remains been found in Egypt? Egyptian sources says yes as the archaeology world is left with more questions than answers. Many seem to believe that the alien creature might of been an advisor to the pharaoh given that such care was taken in burying and preserving the extraterrestrial. But while getting a confirmation out of the Egyptian government seems to be impossible, if this discovery is true, some questions will finally be answered.
9/28/12- Dinosaurs Named After their Heads I  
Just like anything in the world, some dinosaurs were named after the shape of their head or features they may have had, such the number of horns on display. For example, the Ornatotholus was given its name because it had an elaborate-looking dome. In this article, you will encounter some of the dinosaurs that had distinct heads – enough to influence their naming.
9/18/12- WikiLeaks: Osama Bin Laden Body Was Actually Flown to US, Not Buried at Sea  
WikiLeaks has just released new information obtained by the hacker group Anonymous that pulls the plug on the story that terrorist Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea according to Islamic conditions. The info points out that the body was actually transported to Delaware on a CIA plane since technically it was a crime scene. This will surely exasperate the Islamic community.
9/15/12- "Zombie" Attacks Woman and Gnaws On Her Head  
A naked bloody man drove his car off the road, tried to break into multiple homes, jumped out the second story window of one of them, then tackled a woman and started to gnaw on her head like an animal. Whether if drugs played a part in this altercation is yet to be seen, but in the past 6 months there have been numerous reports of individuals losing their minds and acting like zombies. Is there truth in this madness? Could the notion of zombies be not so far fetched after all?
9/12/12- The Smell of Sulfur Suffocating Southern California  
The smell of sulfur is in the air in Southern California and people might think they know where its coming from but what they can't explain is why the rotten smell is reaching places over a 100 miles away. Officials are citing a mass die off of fish in the Salton Sea as the culprit but an explanation of why the stench is so widespread might be just a shot in the dark. Is the weather causing the distribution of the sulfur smell or could this be connected to the other natural phenomenons happening in the area.
9/10/12- Russian River Mysteriously Begins to Boil  
A river in Russian has mysteriously started to boil and evaporate in front of the local residents very eyes. While authorities are searching for an explanation as to why this is happening, people remain perplexed by the phenomenon. With rivers turning in red in China and now rivers turning into steam in Russia, people begin to ask if these incidents are related.
9/9/12- Largest River in China Mysteriously Turns Red  
The Yangtze River in China has mysteriously turned red and leaving officials baffled. Many thinks its pollution but they have had pollution before but it never produced results like this. While scientists are left with a more questions than answers, people wonder could this be a sign?
9/8/12- Scientists Believe In 40 Years We Will Know If Anyone Is Truly Out There  
Scientist believe that in the next 40 years, an alien presence will be discovered by our technology. Now whether they mean full on intelligent alien visitors with interstellar vehicles capable of transversing the universe in little time is yet to be seen, but he believes that we will have the technology to spy on other worlds and see if there is anyone out there. But till then, all we can do is leave it to our imagination on what is out there.
9/7/12- Homeland Security: Be Prepared for Zombies  
The Department of Homeland Security urging the American people to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. Well, not exactly. With the world facing the threat of nuclear war, pandemics, or terrorist activities, the DHS just wants the public to be prepared for whatever happens. Or do they know something we don't?
9/4/12- Yellowstone Supervolcano to Blame for Recent Earthquake Activity  
Recent earthquake activity has certainly rattled most people in the Western United States but the source of these earthquakes might make these same people think about relocating. These swarms of earthquakes, ranging from minuscule tremors to house shaking movers, might be the consequence of the Yellowstone supervolcano reloading its magma chambers. But does reloading these magma chambers mean it’s going to erupt soon? Most scientists say no. But these same scientists also say that there is also really no way to predict a supervolcano eruption.
9/4/12- Ancient Pyramids Found in Antarctica  
A team of explores have discovered, what they believe to be, ancient pyramids on the continent of Antarctica. While much information is currently being withheld, a few pictures have been leaked that show 3 man made looking structures protruding from the ice. Could these be the remnants of a ancient advanced civilization that has been lost in the annals of time? And if these structures are true, what was left behind for us to find?
8/31/12- Mexican Documentary Will Disclose Mayan Extraterrestrial Connection  
The Mexican government is cooperating with a film crew that is set to disclose that the Mayan people were in contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life. By allowing access to secret Mayan rooms and artifacts, never displayed to the world, the documentary will present probably the most controversial evidence about alien life. But despite an attempt made by a woman to steal the footage, the documentary is still moving as scheduled to be released by the end of 2012. But will this evidence bring us one step closer to the truth or will it move us one step closer to our end?
8/24/12- Brain Eating Amoeba That Kills 99% of Cases Found In Tap Water  
An amoeba that has been found in everyday tap water that can kill you with ease. Two people have died from this amoeba just by simply using neti pots filled with their faucet water. Only 1 in every 123 survive. How can you know if your water has it? You can't.
8/24/12- The New Aids  
Researchers have identified a new mysterious disease that has the same attributes as the disease AIDS. It's an autoimmune disease that leaves the body unable to defend itself from germs and other harmful affects to the body. But so far this disease seems to only effect Asian people and its not caused by a virus. But the question remains, what is it?
8/24/12- Parasite Might Be Responsible For Suicides  
People with a particular parasite might be more prone to taking their own life. Recent studies has linked a once thought of harmless parasite to cause subtle brain changes that might lead to suicide attempts. Do you have this parasite?
8/24/12- Baltic Sea Anomaly: UFO or Natural Phenomenon  
Deep sea divers have visited the underwater anomaly that resembles a UFO in the Baltic Sea and have revealed a very detail description of the object. With features that include a staircase and a runway, could this Millennium Falcon looking object be the real deal? Or is this UFO simply a natural phenomenon?
8/23/12- Police: Man on Bath Salts Took 'Combative Stance' And 'Growled' At Them  
The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call of a man that was high on marijuana and bath salts. After a cooperative altercation, the police decided to take the man back to his motel. But only a few hours later, police returned to the same motel responding to a traffic call of the same man running into oncoming traffic. When police confronted the man, a bizarre altercation took place.
8/14/12- Mystery Illness Leaves Woman with Fingernails Instead of Hair  
A Memphis woman is going through an unusual illness. Instead of hair growing in their usual places, fingernails are growing. From her scalp to her arms, tiny hair follicles are leaving patches everywhere around her body, and doctors couldn't be more baffled.
6/24/12- Meteorite Water Furthers Potential for Mars Life  
Once upon a time astronomers believed the Earth to be the only planet capable of sustaining complex life for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons was the ample supply of water on our own planet. Now with evidence gathered from the red planet, there is ample evidence that Mars may have once had the same sort of water resources as our own planet located deep underground in the Martian mantle. Is this an indicator that life could have developed on Mars just like Earth?
6/24/12- What if Time Stops Completely?  
What would happen to the universe if suddenly time stopped? Would it be exactly the way things were before time started? And can an abstract concept like time actually stop? Scientists Jose Senovilla, Marc Mars, and Raul Vera working from the University of Salamanca and University of Basque Country in Spain have proposed that there may be a day in our distant future where time will stop.
6/18/12- Are We Witnessing the Birth of Real AI?  
Technology has provided us with many facsimiles for human life. Computer simulations, artificial intelligence programs, and automated chat-bots all give us the illusion of a communicating thinking being. But what is intelligence? Is it the ability to take pre-programmed information and run through a series of responses in a predictable but human manner? Many believe that life isn't simply a series of programmed responses, but rather a complex system of learning and adapting to new situations. And now one robot - a three foot tall open source research project called iCub - is drawing on human psychology as it not only adapts, but actually learns like a human baby.
6/18/12- Electro-Sensitivity - An Anachronistic Nightmare  
Technology has made the world a much easier place in some ways. Where once we had to travel by foot to get very far, or communicate via written letter now we have a world of information available to us with the click of a button. It's impossible to ignore this world of high technology even if it seems at times to be more trouble than it's worth. But what if you suffered from a condition that made technology not only difficult to live with, but actually harmful to your health? What if you realized one day that you would have to live by candlelight in conditions very similar to the 1800's simply because you could not medically be around technology? This is the basic premise of a controversial disease known as ES or Electro-sensitivity.
6/18/12- The Limits of Cryogenics and the Future  
Cryogenics in science fiction is a process that allows people to pass through long periods of time in what seems to be the blink of an eye. After weeks or sometimes years of being cryogenically frozen, subjects then emerge into a world unfamiliar to them and interesting. The process has been a staple in science fiction mythologies ranging from the Planet of the Apes series to Ridley Scott's Alien series. But will it be possible in our own lifetimes? Could we one day enter a booth and then emerge centuries later completely unharmed to see the world in an advanced state of technological development?
6/14/12- Lungs Discovered on LA Sidewalk  
A mysterious mass of tissue discovered in a sidewalk in Southern California has authorities scratching their heads. The mysterious tissue, originally thought to possibly be a pair of human lungs was discovered on a back sidewalk on Sunday night. The lungs were reported to police and they've been trying to figure out where they came from ever since. And believe it or not, mysterious cases of the spontaneous appearance of remains are not entirely unheard of.
6/14/12- Unidentified Blue Figure in UK  
In a case of extreme bizarreness, the UK is beset by an unknown figure dressed entirely in blue from head to toe. The figure, which has yet to be identified beyond simple witness descriptions is refusing to show his face after several incidents. The figure described is completely shrouded in what appears to be a blue "morphsuit," like those used in film and theater productions and follows people, but has not been apprehended by police or identified. As a result, several of the witnesses are refusing to return to May Hill where the figure was first spotted until the whole ordeal is sorted out.
6/14/12- Zombie Cells Discovered that Survive Death  
With all the gruesome news of people waking up at funerals and cannibalism in the spotlight, researchers have made a discovery that may take zombie-phobes one step closer to revising their zombie apocalypse escape strategies. Researchers have found stem cells in cadavers that survived for more than 17 days. The incredible discovery has some potential for medical applications - and some people are wondering if this is going to enter into the dorm room zombie conversations on campuses around the nation.
6/6/12- Sun Transit Turns Eyes Toward Venus  
One of several major rare astronomical events to happen this year occurred between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning calling astronomers and sky watchers out to take a look. Using special equipment to block the sun's powerful rays from overpowering the lens, astronomers observed the rare event, not scheduled to take place again for another century.
6/6/12- The Man Who Claimed the Universe  
It was an unusual morning on New Year's Day in 1949 when James T. Mangan rolled into an unsuspecting courthouse to make the largest legal claim ever to cross the desk of a judge. Space exploration was just beginning to become a reality with big plans on the horizon for the USSR's "Object D." Unaware of these developments, a strange man went to court in Cook County, Illinois and laid claim to the entire universe, which he said would henceforth be known as Celestia. Mangan's story is the tale of a man who attempted to sue the Universe into his own pocket.
6/6/12- Staked Bulgarian Vampires Discovered  
Two vampires with iron stakes in their hearts have been discovered in Bulgaria. The vampires, which had the stakes implanted in their chests were found at the center of an ancient ritual site intended to keep the vampires from ever leaving their grave. And now it seems the practice is at the heart of why the vampires are now leaving their graves. These are the hundredth vampire skeletons discovered in Bulgaria leading all the way back to the middle ages.
6/2/12- The Singing Colossi of Memnon  
Some of the greatest mysteries of the known world surround objects whose history is not fully known. As the sands of time whip around ancient statues, causing the edges to become worn and cracks to appear on their gaunt soon featureless faces, so too do the stories of their origin become difficult to determine with any accuracy. Historical accounts become worn out and soon unrecognizable from their originals. Only the stories of what others saw in their presence remain. Ruins, like the history surrounding them, soon become what they were crafted from originally - sand and dust. But some say there are certain statues in Egypt that not only stand up to the ravages of time, but will once in a great while even tell their own story to those fortunate enough to gain their favor.
6/2/12- Swarm Psychology and Wall of Bees in Hampshire  
A small town in Hampshire is still recovering from a sudden migration of bees that filled the sky, blotting out the sun with thousands of their stinging brethren coming from parts unknown to settle in on the small community. Whereas the buzz from a few years ago indicated bees would be virtually extinct by 2012, those looking at this sudden swarm were reminded that bees are here to stay.
6/2/12- Metamaterials to Bend Definition of Possible  
When we think about meta-materials and what they may be able to do, it's difficult to imagine them in practice. It's only when scientists actually develop the material that these possibilities suddenly become more concrete and eerie. What if there was a material that expanded when it was supposed to compress - or a piece of paper that folded itself long after you were done applying pressure to it? What might the world's top engineers and inventors be able to do with something that could appear to defy the laws of physics? One day soon we may hold in our hands raw materials that seem to have a life of their own thanks to recent breakthroughs.
6/2/12- Former SETI Director: Aliens Won't Eat Us  
In a talk possibly directed at Hollywood, former SETI director has joined the chorus of scientists suggesting that visiting aliens would be unlikely to consider humans for their menus. The press release comes in the wake of decades of films and video games capitalizing on the idea of antagonistic aliens interested in the consumption of human flesh as their primary motivation for invading Earth.
5/23/12- Future of Private Space Flight Reboots  
After a "no-go" mere days ago at the launch pad, the private space industry is giving the industry another shot as they carry their dragon supply craft up into space. The trailblazing SpaceX company fired its shuttle from the Space Complex at Cape Canaveral and made its next foray into space without incident. The launch once again raises the question about government's role in space travel.
5/21/12- Twin Intuits Brain Tumor - In His Brother  
There's no doubt that the bond between siblings is extraordinarily strong in certain individuals, even lending them the ability to sympathize and intuit beyond the level of ordinary friends. And yet one story from twins Craig and Benton Gurney suggest the bond may transcend what we currently understand about the physical world. They have made a habit out of detecting when the other is sick, even intuiting an incredible life threatening brain tumor from miles away.
5/21/12- NASA Cautions About Asteroid Detection  
As the planet's first Annular Solar Eclipse in 18 years passes over us, NASA is still examining the findings of a recent survey of our immediate orbit. In the exploration, the space agency noted that there could be up to 4,700 potentially hazardous near Earth objects in our vicinity. Of these, only a fraction have been detected. The objects, zooming around our orbit in the space around the Earth could have very real consequences if they ever actually struck the planet, but how concerned are the experts?
5/21/12- Scientists Develop Genetic Code Rewriting Virus  
When we think of the length of time any of us will be on the planet, generally it's in the context of the current abilities of medical science. But imagine if there was a treatment that could be given to a person that allowed them to live much longer. A recent discovery by scientists has allowed them to extend the lives of mice significantly by applying simple gene therapy. But could it work for humans? And what unforeseen consequences may arise? Will we soon begin infecting ourselves with viruses in the hopes of reversing our age?
5/16/12- Scientists Generate Electricity from a Virus!  
Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkely Lab have demonstrated that not only algae and bacteria can be genetically engineered to generate electricity, but so can viruses. The demonstration opens new doors for incredibly small and cheap electric power generators. If the idea is further developed, it could mean a whole new generation of electric generators from man-modified viruses. Is this a form of "common cold fusion?"
5/14/12- Man Resurrected at Own Funeral  
In the tradition of the ancient Greeks, a significant number of men and women were resurrected by forces beyond our understanding. But as far as mythologies go, few ancient traditions had the concept as more of a cornerstone than the Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian customs had a number of royals resurrected in the lands beyond on the other side. And now one waiter from Southern Egypt has demonstrated that he is keeping that tradition alive.
5/12/12- The Incident at Falcon Lake  
Stories involving unidentified flying objects often include accounts where the objects appear and leave physical evidence behind. These incidents, while rare, do carry with them a higher level of credibility than the simple eyewitness accounts in the eyes of skeptics. One such account to enter into the history of UFOlogical studies was the Falcon Lake Incident of May 20, 1967 which included not only a physical object seen by a witness, but an unexplained radioactive material left behind.
5/12/12- The Long Lost Treasure of Cocos Island  
The idea of pirate gold is still alive with us today even as legends of the findings are lost to antiquity. The idea that somewhere beneath the waves or buried on an obscure island a mountain of gold could be hiding is something that has taken pirate lore from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island all the way to the modern Pirates of the Caribbean series still plundering the box office. But the real treasure is still said to be out there, and the legendary gold rumored to be on one island would make even top paid Hollywood actors take a second look.
5/12/12- A Curious Roman Artifact  
The wealth of archaeological artifacts left behind by the Roman Empire throughout the world has answered many questions burning about the ancient civilization. From the writings of Livius Andronicus to the philosophical musings of stoic philosophers like Seneca the Younger, the limits of Roman conquest and innovation was an unparalleled story of early civilization for centuries. And yet some of the artifacts left behind leave more questions than answers. Among some of the strangest unexplained Roman Artifacts are the Roman dodecahedrons.

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