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Karma Clraring

Category: Simply Unexplainable

2/4/14  Demon Picture In Hospital Bed Debunked

7/14/13  MythBusters Denied RFID Study By Elite- VIDEO

10/27/12  CNBC Published Eric Holder and Bankers $43 TRILLION Lawsuit and Kids Get MURDERED!!

10/27/12  October Surprise- Hurricane Sandy Conspiracy To Delay Elections

10/5/12  Scientists Discover A Bacteria That Turns Toxins Into 24-Karat Gold!

10/5/12  5,000 Year Old Vimana Flying Machine Discovered In Afghanistan

10/2/12  Paranoid Man Kills Entire Family Over Fear Of Obama Reelection

9/30/12  Earthquake Expert: Something Is Seriously Wrong

9/29/12  Alien Mummy Found In Egypt

9/28/12  Dinosaurs Named After their Heads I

9/18/12  WikiLeaks: Osama Bin Laden Body Was Actually Flown to US, Not Buried at Sea

9/15/12  "Zombie" Attacks Woman and Gnaws On Her Head

9/12/12  The Smell of Sulfur Suffocating Southern California

9/10/12  Russian River Mysteriously Begins to Boil

9/9/12  Largest River in China Mysteriously Turns Red

9/8/12  Scientists Believe In 40 Years We Will Know If Anyone Is Truly Out There

9/7/12  Homeland Security: Be Prepared for Zombies

9/4/12  Yellowstone Supervolcano to Blame for Recent Earthquake Activity

9/4/12  Ancient Pyramids Found in Antarctica

8/31/12  Mexican Documentary Will Disclose Mayan Extraterrestrial Connection

8/24/12  Brain Eating Amoeba That Kills 99% of Cases Found In Tap Water

8/24/12  The New Aids

8/24/12  Parasite Might Be Responsible For Suicides

8/24/12  Baltic Sea Anomaly: UFO or Natural Phenomenon

8/23/12  Police: Man on Bath Salts Took 'Combative Stance' And 'Growled' At Them

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