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Mysterious Nuclear Radiation Blankets Europe
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  11/18/11
By: Chris Capps


Trace amounts of nuclear radiation have been detected in several places throughout Europe, but no one knows precisely where it's coming from.  Experts are suggesting it is likely not related to the Fukushima disaster - possibly because wind currents would have to travel across most of the globe before reaching the Czech republic where it was discovered.  The IAEA has stated that the levels are not nearly high enough to cause health risks any time soon, but they are curious over where the mystery radiation could be coming from.

The radiation, discovered as iodine 131, was first discovered over the Czech republic by the State Office for Nuclear Safety.  Shortly after they announced the discovery, the IAEA came forward revealing that they too had detected the mystery radiation in various parts of Europe, although the exact locations are still unknown.  Why is radiation coming from the skies now?  Some have proposed they consider it likely the cause could be traced to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, although this is hotly contested partially because of the length of time between the Fukushima radiation leak and also the unlikely route it would have had to have traveled to reach the Czech Republic.  So if it's not radiation, then what is it?

The truth is, no one seems to know.  And if they do, they're not telling.  Is it possible that a nuclear test recently went on underground somewhere unnoticed on the surface?  The testing of nuclear weapons - even in enclosed underground environments has been outlawed by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1996.  This treaty was designed to follow the partial test ban treaty of 1963 and the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty of 1968.  And for the most part forensic seismology is used to detect whether a nuclear weapon has been detonated or not.  At the moment, there have been more than a few countries that have not actually signed the treaty, or who signed with the intentions of not participating.

So if it isn't a nuclear weapon and it was not the result of the Fukushima disaster, what else could it be?  The radiation doesn't seem to be tied to one spot, but rather a collection of several areas throughout Europe based on what the IAEA said.

Is it possible the radiation source could be something more terrestrial?  Or could it have something to do with the recent failure of the Russian "Grunt" probe destined for Phobos, to exit the Earth's atmosphere?  While theories of activity on the surface of the moon Phobos still have some of the most compelling evidence on their side, the idea is generally too sensational for the mainstream media to entertain.  It's certain some will suggest the link between the failed probe and the sudden mysterious radiation seen all over Europe is too much to be ignored.

Of course there is another possibility.  What if one of the objects recently destroyed in the skies over Europe had a nuclear component, such as an experimental miniature nuclear engine.

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