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Shadow People Abduct Pennsylvania Man
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  9/4/10
By: Chris Capps

Shadow people have been reportedly been making appearances to several people in recent years, lurking in corridors and passing through walls in a disturbing macabre waltz of the dead.  These beings, entirely different from ghosts in many respects seem to simply generate from thin air with various explanations claimed for them.  One witness from Uniontown Pennsylvania claims he encountered these beings during an encounter that shortly followed a UFO sighting.

It all started at approximately 4:30 AM in late August as the witness was walking his dog.  The dog walker looked up and had their attention drawn skyward as a mysterious cigar shaped object hovered across the sky in their back yard.  As the witness watched, they eventually decided it was too late to stay outside watching the object, and returned to their house.  As the witness laid down to go to bed, suddenly they lost all control of their body's muscles and remained fastened to the bed.  The witness' dog leaped onto the bed and laid down next to them.  As they looked down into the room the witness spotted several mysterious shadowy shapes dancing through the room and down the hall.  Trying to overcome the sudden paralysis they felt, they pushed with all their might to make their muscles move, but found they could not.  The shadow people started approaching the witness in bed with their jerky arms moving toward his face.  Unable to push the small figures away from him, they congregated over him for a little over a half hour before finally disappearing.  

Though the incident could have easily been considered incredibly terrifying, the witness reported that there was nothing particularly unusual feeling about it aside from recognizing that to an outsider it would have been incredibly so.  Still, to the witness the incident held a reported sense of familiarity as though it had happened before.  with the incredible events surrounding the incident, it's difficult to imagine how this sense of familiarity permeating the event could have felt as the mysterious shadowy figures started reaching for the witness' face.

There was one other note.  While walking his dog, the witness reported that a strange green flash of light had emitted from the cigar shaped craft, and he had almost immediately heard a strange language being uttered in his vicinity.  The language was one he didn't identify, but there was once again no feeling of terror associated with the mysterious incident.  It was almost dreamlike, how many people report remembering events from dreams that would be considered incredibly traumatic and these events share with them no association of fear.  Was a similar mechanism responsible for the witness' general lack of fear in this occurrence?

While it may not be typical of the shadow person phenomenon, this incident points fingers in a mysterious direction of the phenomenon.  Could these creatures be related somehow to UFO phenomenon rather than ghosts?  Or is there another connection between the two that has remained elusive until now?  Though it's possible the witness could have been suffering from sleep paralysis, he is convinced it was something more.


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