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Solar Events, Social Unrest, Financial Collapse - Cosmic or Conscious?
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  8/10/11
By: Chris Capps

It's difficult in times of uncertainty to truly grasp the big picture, but one of the strangest elements to it all is it's unfolding precisely as some had already predicted.  Just as so many predicted, the world seems to be going through a massive transition.  And while the mainstream media panics, not all of the changes have been exclusively bad with no possibility for positive change in the future.  And amid it all, the Schumann Resonance - the force that has been often referred to as the "heart beat of the Earth" by scientists, has also started exhibiting some strange behaviors.

So is it any coincidence that the sun and Earth are changing in such similar ways?  With the periods of intense solar activity we are seeing spontaneous riots, fear in the marketplace, people generally acting strange and an intense but general feeling that something is about to change in a big way.  And it is doing so long before 2012, when so many say it will.  Why?

The idea that we could one day soon see an incredible transformation occurring on our planet has gone from unlikely to almost inevitable in recent years.  But these prophecies seem to be rapidly increasing.  Let's go back in time to the year 1955 and see what terrors lurked on the horizon for those reading the newspapers.  Indeed there would be a moment when the world would come close to an intense and overwhelmingly negative change with the Cuban Missile Crisis, but this wouldn't actually take place until the early 1960's.  And then there is the general animosity toward the Soviet Union and the ongoing recovery from the largest war the US had ever been involved in, but this was quickly becoming a memory.  In 1955 there was no impending set date for a coming change, nor was there a general assertion that change was in the air, despite having come out of an incredibly Earth changing time leading up from the 1940's.  In the 1960's, even amid a presidential assassination and impending nuclear war with Soviet Russia the doomsday prophecies were understandably less rare, but few communities existed that made it a focus.  And preparation was more a way of life than something that would change everything we knew about society.  But these perceptions gradually shifted with time until the late 1990's when preparation for a global catastrophe was all that was on anyone's mind.  And these catastrophes, as if beckoned by perception, came and went.

Now as we face the year 2011 with 2012 and an even bigger catastrophe on the horizon, we cannot help but ask ourselves what will be coming next.  And the theories have become ever more varied even as they grow more numerous - with several calling upon the accepted realm of science to validate their claims.  One - a possible catastrophe from the sun - has even been validated by NASA as it publicly warned the White House to safeguard against the very kind of solar activity we are seeing unfold before us.  So is the cause from the cosmos or consciousness?  Perhaps in time we will see.

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