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Strange 'Eerie Lights' Spotted Just before Earthquake
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  3/5/10
By: Chris Capps

Lights, similar in description to ones seen in Chile during the Earthquake.
The magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile, according to several witnesses on the ground, was preceded by a mysterious light in the sky in much the same way that two other earthquakes had witnesses come forward.  The Haiti earthquake within the past month, and the Earthquake in Sichuan China in 2008 both reported mysterious "eerie lights" above the sky, one of which was videotaped and broadcast on national news.

The lights seen in the sky prior to Earthquakes have been reported for years, but no one has ever been able to explain exactly what they mean.  They have no name, but are surprisingly common before and during particularly major Earthquakes, of which Earth has been seeing a considerable number in recent weeks.  The lights are commonly described as being similar to the aurora borealis in structure, appearing as a sort of amorphous pinkish and/or white or deeper blue collections of rays and energy.  The lights have appeared before, during, and shortly after several high profile Earthquakes in the past hundred years, but have been reported in antiquity as well.

In 1975 the Kalapana earthquake saw a such an occurrence.  In the early moments shortly before the earthquake struck, witnesses turned their gaze skyward at a sudden formation in the sky that appeared above them and wondered what it could be.  Moments later chaos erupted in the streets as the area was hit.  By the time the chaos was gone, the strange lights had dissipated.  Normally the lights are visible for only a few seconds, but occasionally they can last up to almost half an hour.  There is no known correlation between the location of the sighting of the lights and the epicenter of the Earthquake.  They range from almost directly over the epicenter to up to 400 kilometers away.

The Chile earthquake additionally saw a great deal of press regarding this incredible phenomena as it was directly observed at 3:00 AM by several independent witnesses and later corroborated by a freelance reporter who indicated that as she awoke the sky had changed a different color and, "it looked like the apocalypse was happening."  The reporter then turned around and indicated that the lights were so bright and apparent that she was able to independently see them from inside her bedroom window.  Other witnesses reported that the lights appeared shortly before the earthquake struck.

Some have suggested these lights in the sky may be the result of high energy particles being beamed down into the Earth's crust via some high frequency energy transmission system such as HAARP either by accident or design, but no satisfactory motivation has been posited as to why.  In addition, these lights in the sky prior to Earthquakes have been seen for hundreds of years, long before systems such as HAARP were implemented.  Still others have indicated the lights may have been a UFO related phenomena, but disagree on the true nature of such a visit.  The most likely, and unfortunately boring explanation seems the lights could be a natural phenomena as vast amounts of energy are released from the Earth's crust.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much of an explanation in that way either.


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