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The Empowering Benefits of Zodiac Crystals
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  4/21/09
By: Stephan

When you hear the word crystal you may refer to a gypsy, fortune teller, a cave with raw crystals hanging from the top or that engagement ring you have been saving up for. In this article we will use crystals for divination, crystal water and many other uses. The benefits for using crystals:


1.) Discover instant solutions for your problems and questions

2.)Discover what the future holds

3.)Know what sort of day you can expect


And many more uses that you will self discover


A Little History of Zodiac crystals:


Crystals have been used for fortune-telling throughout the history for their subtle vibration nature, which is thought to be linked to the vibration powers of the cosmos. Crystals open a path to self discovery, wisdom and inner deeper knowledge and intuition. They can be thrown in a zodiac circle to protect you from negative energies, be spread out like tarot cards or you can pick one out of a pouch to help you with your day.


A small dictionary of the most common crystals:


Amethyst-The crystal of passion


* How you use the Amethyst crystal can benefit you in different ways, when using by carrying it with you all day you will have more passion when doing things that you are good at or vice versa. The Crystal is always active which means that you will have full effect of the crystal.


Blue Lace Agate- The crystal of Vision


*Vision have many different meanings but the most commonly accepted meaning is Vision as seeing things. No not any paranormal things but things that other people wont notice as easily as you would. This can be deeper meanings of what people say or things that you realize about your own life. This crystal is always active


Clear Quartz Crystal-The crystal of clarity


*The crystal is usually very clean and clear, it looks like those crystal balls the gypsy uses. Clarity is when you can see through something or a situation. This crystal enhances your ability to think through a problem or see the real Sam that someone is. This crystal is always active


Lapis Lazuli-The crystal of wisdom


*A blue crystal with some gray in it. The crystal is not going to make you as smart as Albert Einstein, no wisdom will teach you life lessons and true meaning of intentions that could make or break you. This is also a great help for problems and where wisdom is needed. The crystal is passive which means that is is not always active.


Tourmaline-The crystal of Compassion


*Tourmaline is not a crystal that you will find in any shop but be assured that if you get the opportunity to buy the crystal, do so without hesitation. Many of us find it hard to forgive a person that hurt us in any way, small or big.Compasion will help you find inner peace and forgive others that have sinned against you. Beware that this crystal can also make you more sensitive. The crystal is passive


Now that you have the 5 most common crystals,you can start each day with a smile on your face and not having the fear of no sollution.The crystals can also be used with meditation for a excellent relax therapy.
Choose a crystal for the day
(#You can create your own Zodiac circle with thread and stones)
1.) Place your crystals in a draw string or bag
2.) Gently shake your pouch then take a crystal out and place it in a small cloth piece.
3.) Study it,fell it and what the meaning of the crystal is to you
4.) Next,take the crystal in your hands,slode your eyes and attune yourself to the crystal vibrations.Allow the energy to flow free through your hands,throughout your body,invite the good qualities of the crystal into your life to empower you.
5.) Carry the crystal with you all day to activate the power
Here is the list of oracle crystals and interpretation:
# Red Carnelian-Activate
# Rose Quarts-Love
# Citrine-Communicate
# Moonstone-Embrace
# Tiger's Eye-Inspire
# Peridot-Discriminate
# Jade-Harmonize
# Malachite-Transform
# Turquoise-Travel
# Obsidian-Materialize



 !!!Remember to cleanse your crystals by washing them in cold water or bury them in salt for a day.


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