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Unidentified Light Stalks Pedestrian
Posted In: Simply Unexplainable  10/8/10
By: Chris Capps

Perhaps it is when we are alone, left only with our thoughts and the sounds of crickets chirping in the distance that thoughts of what may be come most frequently.  Such was certainly the case with one witness to an unexplainable event in Texas as he was walking home earlier this week.  Fortunately for him, however, he was not alone.  The witness described the event as -in a word- baffling.

The witness submitted his report to MUFON the Mutual UFO Network, and is most likely curious about any possible explanations of what the strange object, craft of phenomenon could have been.

It all started on October sixth as the witness was walking home from his Girlfriend's house.  It was late in the evening, and the witness was with friends when the brief encounter occurred.  The object itself looked at first to be a star shining brighter than any other object in the sky in the distance.  As he started crossing the street, however, he looked up once again at the object and by chance noticed that it was also moving parallel to him in the sky.  As he stopped on the sidewalk, so too did the object he was watching.  Then, after twenty seconds the object suddenly dropped off and fell out of sight.

The witness describes the event as moving along with him as though the object were somehow mimicking his every movement.  And as he saw the mysterious object suddenly fall from the sky no doubt the bafflement only compounded.  And though the entire event took only twenty seconds it no doubt would have a lasting effect on the witness' perception of the universe and mankind's place within it.

And though it was described as a UFO to a UFO reporting organization, the strange movements seem odd even among UFO reports.  For the object to have followed his every movement so precisely it would have meant one of two things.  Either the object's movements were directly related to the witness' movements, or the object was observing the witness and then reacting to him.  Given the vast distance between them, it's hard to imagine such a short distance would have been important for the object to move.  Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the light needed that exact distance relative to the witness' position.  Additionally, in order for a distant object to follow a witness, had it only moved the same amount as the pedestrian it would have been virtually imperceptible to him given the distance between them.  Therefore, the object clearly moved much farther than the witness had.

The thought that it could have been an optical illusion also must be addressed.  In fact its mimicking the witness' crossing the street seems to weigh in on this possibility.  But even this is fairly difficult to imagine as no known optical illusion will make an object suddenly appear in the sky and then drop out of sight based on the movements of someone on the ground.  And while it was certainly not evidence enough to suggest an alien interaction, the light could have been any number of unexplained possibilities.  But one thing it most certainly is, is unexplainable both to the witnesses and anyone listening to the report.


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