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About Planetary Ruler: Mercury
Posted In: Space and Astrology  3/29/10
By: Yona Williams

Mercury is often seen as the messenger and as a planetary ruler, it is connected to Gemini and Virgo. Because of this, communication plays an important role in the lives of individuals born under the above zodiac signs. In this article, you will encounter some of the common associations regarding Mercury as a planetary ruler.


Mercurial people are known for having a deep connection with various methods of communication. It is not uncommon to find them jotting down thoughts in a personal diary. The planet breeds inquisitive people who spend a great deal of time communicating with others. Mercury is also associated with the mind, intelligence, reasoning, and memory. Writing, publishing, telecommunication, and the media is also linked to the planet.

Connection with the Mind

The placement of Mercury in the elements has an effect on the way the mind works. It can make the difference between a person who is more creative in their way of thinking and one who follows a strict set of viewpoints. Mercury is a fast thinker when paired with an air or fire sign. As for a water sign, Mercury brings out the dreamer in an individual and their thought processes tend to be irrational.

Traditional Correspondences

·    Since Mercury is known as the winged messenger of the gods, the planet is also associated with roads, transport, taking trips, the Internet, and commerce. Mercury is known as the patron of safe passage for people who are traveling.

·    Tuesday is the day of the week most connected to Mercury.

·    If you are interested in possessing a crystal associated with Mercury, choose agate or tiger's eye.

·    Mercury is also linked to travel, learning, knowledge, thought, logic, perception, writing, writing instruments, hazel, mulberry, myrtle, speech, parsley, lavender, valerian, licorice, fennel, hazelnuts, mushrooms, carrots, memory, and coordination.

·    Wisdom is often seen as a virtue with Mercury, whereas they are often prone to gluttony.

Mercury – Zodiac Sign Connections of Communication

When Mercury is associated with the various zodiac signs, the planet often has an effect on the way one communicates. For example, when Mercury is connected to Pisces, their communication is seen as intuitive. Individuals are full of imagination, but can easily become defocused. Mercury causes Pisces to face obstacles with boundaries and often confuses emotions with their thoughts. Other associations include:

When Mercury affects Sagittarius, they often display communication that is on the philosophical side. Individuals are typically broad-minded and tactless, and could possibly exhibit tendencies of bigotry and being hypocritical. When Mercury comes through in Sagittarians, they tend to crave intellectual challenge. They are the kind of people that wish to find the answers to some of the biggest questions in life.

When Mercury affects Leo, communication tends to become creative. The planet encourages an individual to become confident and strong-minded. It is not uncommon to see Leos as natural performers and show-offs. The planet often causes the Leo to form solid opinions quickly and usually hold onto them.


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