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Are You a Libra? Strengths and Weaknesses

By Yona Williams    1/29/08

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Those born between September 23rd and October 22nd – possess the pleasure of being referred to as a Libra – the zodiac sign represented by the set of scales. In this article, you will encounter some of the strengths and weaknesses often linked to this zodiac sign, as well as how they typically deal with emotions and situations when under pressure.

5) Since Libras are born with an undeniable artistic nature, it is not uncommon to see this sign take up a musical instrument. Music of all kinds usually brings a smile to the face of a Libra.

6) Pressure to make a decision is an instant stress-maker for most Libras. If it comes down to the possibility of hurting someone's feelings – it is no surprise that this sign may insert a little white lie or two. For instance, if you want an honest opinion about a proposal or idea at the job – stray from the opinion of a Libra, as if they don’t think it is a true winner – they may pacify you anyways.

7) If a Libra tells too many little lies and a situation transforms into something they did not want to take place – they well fess up to their actions – as back and forth bickering and deception eventually becomes too tiring for a Libra to continue.

8) Emotions are a tricky thing for a Libra because if it wasn’t for love – you may never see an individual born under the sign really expressing themselves.

9) While the sign isn’t known for becoming a jealous partner, they instead develop insecurities and thoughts of insufficiency if any outside source seems to threaten the happiness of their relationships.

10) One of the biggest strengths of a Libra is their capacity to meditate and exercise impressive powers of negotiation. They are generally able to calm down matter between people they know – taking on the role of a peacemaker. Finding the middle ground for a Libra has never become an issue. If you're looking for a balanced atmosphere in the workplace or amongst a group of childhood friend – it is the special ability of Libras to come up with the glue that holds bonds together.

11) As for the weaknesses of this sign, Libras often strive for perfection. This means they may overlook certain details that could greatly adverse the outcome of their decision-making and actions. Any problems that arise – they are usually not taken into consideration with the greatness of care or concern. Of too many compromises are made, then a Libra is often left with a great sense of dissatisfaction. In other circles, indecisiveness can lead to failed opportunities.

12) If there were ever a time that Libra felt at ease when left alone, it is when they are in the company of nature. This is the one place that they can find happiness in the company of themselves. This is why moving to destinations that are close to windmills, barns, mountain regions, hillsides, and any site with clean air or open fields is favorable.

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