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Chinese Astrology – the Element Signs I
Posted In: Space and Astrology  1/30/12
By: Yona Williams

Chinese astrology is represented by 12 animals, but there are five elements that are also used to provide a more in depth profile of the personality traits associated with the zodiac signs. In this article, you will learn some of the characteristics that are linked to the element signs of fire and earth.

The Element Sign of Fire

People that are born in the years of the Fire element usually turn out to become leaders who that confident in the decisions they make. People of the same sign are not as position and aggressive as someone associated with the Fire element. With a love of adventure and advancements, Fire people are constantly in motion as they enjoy exploring new opportunities that can be just around the corner.

An attractive quality associated with the Fire element is the bright personalities and warmth that draws people in. Blessed with the gift of speech, Fire people can easily take control of a conversation and overcome others with their original, clever thoughts.

Fire people are equipped with all of the right traits to make them victorious in life, but before they make a move – they need to show compassion for the views of others. To avoid obstacles in life, Fire people need to remember not to attempt achieving their goals by force. They also need to watch how they express their emotions. As they are often full of ambition and the tendency to become forceful, they need to make sure they do not come off as being selfish, impatient or inconsiderate when things don’t go their way. To go further in life, Fire people that learn how to stay patience and compassionate can control the impulsiveness that can rub others the wrong way.

The Element Sign of Earth

With a tendency to be serious, logical and methodical, the Earth element shows through in people by equipping them with the ability to effectively deduce and better see what it ahead of them. With an intelligence that works in their favor, Earth people have a good idea where to place their resources in order to arrive at the best outcome. Because of this, they make excellent administrators and planners. Their abilities translate into a better use of resources that can come in quite handy in matters of finance. Outside of the work setting, they also handle their own funds well.

The conservativeness of Earth people keeps them grounded – they are not likely to overreact and they like keeping things in perspective. A flaw in their personality does come when they place their own interests in front of others. After an Earth person finds themselves, they can begin to tap into the adventures that life has to offer. It's still easy to get along with someone born under the sign of the element Earth – even if they do seem to lack imagination. They still manage to impress with their reliability and steady habits.


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