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Chinese Astrology – Year of the Dog
Posted In: Space and Astrology  1/28/12
By: Yona Williams

The Dog is found in the eleventh zodiac location in Chinese astrology. When compared to Western astrology, it is seen as the equivalent of Libra. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics associated with the Dog in Chinese astrology.

With honesty and sincerity, Dog people embrace tradition and uphold the value of honor. They tend to be quite righteous and like lending a helping hand to others. When injustice is in their path, they are the first to speak out against what they see wrong. In friendship, you will find a loyal, faithful and honest confidant. They are good listeners and can keep a secret.

Other personality traits of people born under the Year of the Dog include:

•    Dogs tend to enter a relationship and give a lot to their partner. Usually, their mate is the taker. In love, they are quite loyal. You can expect a Dog sign to be honest and straightforward with their companion. However, they will endure many romantic problems. It is their worrying that can cause a lot of emotional imbalance with their relationships.

•    Professions that are good for a Dog include a doctor, educator, priest or leader in industry.

•    Dogs tend to take things very seriously.

Traditional associations of the Dog zodiac sign include the west-northwest direction, the month of October, the autumn season, the element of metal, the gemstone diamond, and the color yellow.

Are You a Dog?

You are born under the Year of the Dog if your birthday falls within these dates in relation to your birth year:

1910: 10 Feb 1910 - 29 Jan 1911 (Metal)
1922: 28 Jan 1922 - 15 Feb 1923 (Water)
1934: 14 Feb 1934 - 03 Feb 1935 (Wood)
1946: 02 Feb 1946 - 21 Jan 1947 (Fire)
1958: 18 Feb 1958 - 07 Feb 1959 (Earth)
1970: 06 Feb 1970 - 26 Jan 1971 (Metal)
1982: 25 Jan 1982 - 12 Feb 1983 (Water)
1994: 10 Feb 1994 - 30 Jan 1995 (Wood)
2006: 29 Jan 2006 - 17 Feb 2007 (Fire)
2018: 16 Feb 2018 - 04 Feb 2019 (Earth)

Compatibility with Dogs

Dogs are the happiest when they pair up with a Horse. Tigers and Dogs can create a relationship filled with balance and harmony – they make a good match. Because they are able to share their feelings and thoughts with a Pig, the Dog is rather compatible with this sign. As long as they are able to keep their emotions in check, a Dog can have a good relationship with Rabbit.

A relationship with a Monkey is iffy, and the Dog may feel a bit suffocated. While a relationship with a Goat, Ox, or another Dog is difficult, it is possible to make it work. Other possible matches that a Dog may want to consider includes the Rat and Snake. Before you enter a union with a Dragon, a Dog may want to think twice. Also, getting a relationship with a Rooster should only be taken on if it is absolutely necessary.


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