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Chinese Astrology – Year of the Ox
Posted In: Space and Astrology  1/26/12
By: Yona Williams

The Ox is found in the second zodiac location in Chinese astrology. When compared to Western astrology, it is seen as the equivalent of Capricorn. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics associated with the Ox in Chinese astrology.

The hard-working and persistent Ox is known to stay with any task longer than anyone else and attack a project harder than the next man or woman. They look at situations as either being good or bad in life. Holding to a high standard, they are quite judgmental of those that do not follow in line with their way of thinking. While they may appear to be calm, they can become quite impulsive when they get upset.

Other traits associated with the Year of the Ox include:

•    Oxen are observant people and have memories that can recall some of the minutest of details.

•    Their creative nature allows a person born under the sign of the Ox to excel in the arts. Other careers that may appeal to the Ox could incorporate intelligence and tasks that require them to be good with their hands.  

•    It is not uncommon to find an Ox as being stubborn. They tend to believe in all of the decisions they make and don’t regret the choices they make.

Traditional associations of the Ox zodiac sign include the north-northeast direction, the winter season, the month of January, the element of water, the gemstone aquamarine, and the color violet.

Are You an Ox?

You are born under the Year of the Ox if your birthday falls within these dates in relation to your birth year:

1901: 19 Feb 1901 - 07 Feb 1902 (Metal)
1913: 06 Feb 1913 - 25 Jan 1914 (Water)
1925: 24 Jan 1925 - 12 Feb 1926 (Wood)
1937: 11 Feb 1937 - 30 Jan 1938 (Fire)
1949: 29 Jan 1949 - 16 Feb 1950 (Earth)
1961: 15 Feb 1961 - 04 Feb 1962 (Metal)
1973: 03 Feb 1973 - 22 Jan 1974 (Water)
1985: 20 Feb 1985 - 08 Feb 1986 (Wood)
1997: 07 Feb 1997 - 27 Jan 1998 (Fire)
2009: 26 Jan 2009 - 14 Feb 2010 (Earth)

Compatibility with Oxen

The most stable and steady relationship that an Ox can look forward to is with someone born under the sign of the Rat. They can also establish a solid relationship with a Rooster and a Snake when they find the right person. Monkeys are also compatible with the Ox and can bring stability to a relationship. The possibility of love matches can be found in a Rabbit, as well as with another Ox, who will create a mutual desire to protect and provide for their mate. A relationship with a Dog can be difficult, but is possible to stand the test of time. Oxen have a slightly better chance forging a union with a Pig. The likelihood that an Ox and a Goat would get along is low. A relationship with a Dragon could bring a future filled with constant arguments. The worst love matches for the Ox is the Horse and Tiger, which is nearly impossible to have a good relationship with.


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